Monday, August 7, 2023

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Update

I have three projects ongoing this year, one of which has all the blocks done, and two nearing completion. Here's where they all are at present! Then read on to find out who won a copy of Cheryl's new book, Just Two Charm Packs Quilts.

Project 1

Makes me think of ketchup and mustard! I plan to make four more blocks in aqua (I'm thinking that will be the September colour) for a total of 30, set five by six. This will make a nice-sized throw as they are 10" blocks. This will most likely be a comfort quilt.

Project 2 Dancing Stars
This was in the same magazine as Project 1, Quick & Easy Quilts, Aug/Sept 2022.
More ketchup and mustard!

There are 20 blocks in this quilt.
Here are the red ones again with turquoise and light blue

The designer did her stars all black and sewed the blocks together as mine are here. Looking at mine on the design wall like this, however, makes me feel nauseous, so I think I'll be sewing a 1" finished frame around the blocks to give them room to breathe. Thoughts? Each block uses 28 2.5" squares so it's been a great way to chop up some of these leftovers. This will also be a comfort quilt.

Project 3 Slab Star
I wrote a tutorial for this block here. Full disclosure: it doesn't use up near the scraps and strips I thought it would! But oh, do I love this one; it's become my favourite of the three.

One more aqua block to make and I can sew the top together. These are large blocks, 16", so it will be a nice 48" throw. I know where it is going too, and that excites me no end.

In the quilting department, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve been making steady progress on my 150 Canadian women quilt. Here are the latest few.
These are from rows 6 - 9

I am currently on row 10 of 13. It is a real thrill to be approaching the end of this quilt after five and a half years from when I made the first block. You can see more progress on my Instagram @mmmquilts

Now for the winner of a digital copy of Cheryl's book! Rafflecopter picked Kate of Arts and Socks. Thank you to all for leaving inspiring comments about taking care of our precious planet.


  1. How exciting to be nearing the end of the quilting of your 150 Canadian Women quilt. :)

  2. I'm quite awestruck by the 150 Canadian Women quilts. The blocks and the quilting is beautiful.

  3. Thank you so much for the book! What a lovely surprise.

  4. Kate, congratulations, you will enjoy this so much. Slab Star is my pick too.

  5. I think I am on the same page as you are with putting some sashing in the dancing stars quilt. The other two are wonderful and will be sure to make someone happy. Lots of work being accomplished at your place!

  6. My first thought on seeing dancing stars was ''oh, my, that's way too busy", so I was relieved when you said you thought so, too. A narrow sashing will calm things down and make each block more visible. The other two are great as well. I can't wait to see the Canadian Women quilt finished.

  7. I think the dancing stars would benefit from some sashing, it is just a bit too busy for me. Good use of 2 1/2'' squares.

  8. Yes, those dancing stars need a little something! All your RSC projects are great. I love seeing your Canadian Women quilt and the quilting you are doing. So fun that soon it will be done.

  9. I agree with the idea of sashing around the dancing stars. I think it would highlight the stars, make them stand out in the crowd! 😉 I love the plethora of scraps used! Way to go!

  10. You are certainly busy and I love seeing the quilting on your Canadian Women Project. I do love that Slab Star the best of all the projects. So glad you are thinking of a lattice around the other star blocks. Admire the way you are using up scraps.

  11. Yeah, you for all that progress. Have a good week.

    1. oh, PS this is Laura in Victoria