Monday, May 6, 2024


Rainbows symbolize many things: hope, wonder, peace, the LGBTQIA+ movement. When I'm working on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects, I am happy. I love the variance in just one colour, and I love the joy I get when I start putting my blocks together. It helps calm my mind and soothes my spirit when I see and feel the plight of the Palestinians, the current bombing of Rafah—again, where the people were told to go for their safety ends up corralling them so they can be murdered and hospitals bombed yet again. The amount of war crimes Israel has committed and continues to commit are heinous. Kudos to the universities, kudos to the protesters and may all of us who condemn Israel and are doing everything we can, be it signing petitions, writing emails, boycotting Israel products, finally be heard. 

Up until April this year I have had just one RSC project which is unusual for me. Well, I now have two! Here are May's pink blocks for Project #1, the bricks quilt.

These are 10" finished, so I am making two of each of nine colours which will give me a 40" square quilt.

I haven't shown April's yellow ones which I got done just before I left for Alberta. Rather than give them their own photo, I put them in with the other three months.

So my second project that happened is thanks to Anne Marie of Stories from the Sewing Room. She is doing my Strippy Slab Star quilt I made last year as her RSC quilt for this year. That link takes you to the free pattern. I am tickled that she is making it. Well, it really is a fun block to make, and seeing hers gave me the idea to put them on a black background. I continue to make a valiant effort to reduce the strips that I accumulate (with limited success). I think in some colours like blue and green and pink I have enough strips that I could make an entire nine-block quilt in one colour!  Now there’s an idea… The 10” block that is needed for the star points is made of strips; the centre is made of crumbs.
Regardless, here is my yellow one for April and pink one for May.

These will have a light and dark grey four-patch in the corners. There's no right way up, so they can be rotated to get the four-patch colours in their light and dark spots. 

My leader/ender project is nearing completion. Although I am doing this one in rainbow colours, it is not an RSC project.

Here are the orange ones I did the first week of April.

I continue to make these blocks as leader/enders, though once in awhile, as with yellow, I feel the urge/need to just sit and finish the two (or four!) left. These are 6” finished, and I am doing eight blocks of each colour. I have turquoise to do which will give me eight blocks by eight blocks for a 48” square quilt, or perhaps will do  eight blocks by nine blocks for a 48” x 54” quilt. That’s would mean doing grey or black or brown or white 2.5” squares. Decisions!

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  1. Oh such wonderful projects! I really love them all! Your wonky pinwheel 9 patches make me smile!

  2. I continue to be heartbroken at the news coming out of Gaza. I don't think I can be more eloquent than that at the moment.

    Your RSC and leader and ender projects look great. There is something about rainbows that makes me very, very content and happy.

  3. I so admire where your mind takes you with scraps. Those strip stars with the slab centers are quite lovely and the strips in different colors is are going to make a great quilt. Looking forward to seeing more of these and the leader/ender blocks as well. I am so angry at Israel for the violence and ruthlessness of their actions. I simply cannot understand it.

  4. Very fun scrappy projects. Your pink bricks are very pretty. Happy scrappy stitching.

  5. Such pretty projects. I'd like to see a stop to the hostilities. It's heartbreaking.

  6. Great scrappy projects. Once all is put away, I need to focus on this a bit.

  7. I like all your projects. I find working with colors helps lift my mood. Thanks for the shout out, too. I'm having so much fun with the blocks.


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