Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Stretch for Sewists #17 - Dragonfly Variations

First please accept my apologies if I don't respond in a timely manner to your comments on my last post...eeep! where I was published in Modern by the Yard.  We are on the road for a few days here, heading back home so I have limited access to wifi.

Last month we did Dragonfly. At the end of the post I said I'd give some variations on it for this month, variations that feel SO GOOD after hours in a car, ha, or at your machine.

Dragonfly Variations

Sit as we did before, resting your sit bones on a quilt to elevate your hips and help tilt your pelvis forward.  Check this post for more detail.  Rmember you do not have to have your legs straight; you can bend your knees as much as you need to.

Variation #1 Upright twist

A twist is one of the best favours you can do for your spine.  Twists release tension.  Orient your body over your right leg, inhaling as you twist.  Place one hand on either side of your thigh, and turn your head, looking over your right shoulder. You can make this an eye exercise by looking as far as you can out of the corner of your eye.  Then let your eyes fall softly shut and relax into the twist; don't pull; find the 'yin-side' (get it?!) of the twist.

Remember we are concentrating on working our connective tissues, not the muscles, so feel and enjoy that tug.  Where is it? How does it differ along the length of your spine?  the sides of your waist? your hips?  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Hold here for 1.5 - 2 minutes.

Inhale as you unwind coming back to centre.  Exhale.  Inhale as you twist now to the left.

You can keep your hands on either side of your thigh or you might like to wrap your right arm behind your waist as you twist to the right, placing your left hand on the outer edge of your thigh.  This is taking the twist a bit deeper; as long as you aren't using muscles to pull or push yourself further into a twist, then you might like this.

Variation #2 Side bend

Once again inhale, first of all lengthening along both sides of your spine.  Then start to bend to the right, feeling how the connective tissues are getting a lovely stretch all along your left side.  Think of bringing your ear to your shoulder, and notice how this brings a great stretch along the side of your neck.  You can wrap your left arm behind your waist.  Your right arm rests just inside your right leg, either on the floor or on a block.

Alternatively, you may like to rest your left arm on the side of your head, as shown below.  This gets nicely into the triceps and underarm, and is very good for the lymph nodes.

Remember your breath, counting to 3 or 4, even inhales and exhales.  Relax as you exhale, not forcing your arms lower, just letting gravity have you.
Come up on an inhale.  Exhale.  Take another inhale and exhale in the centre if you need to, noting the sensations.  Then repeat on the left side.

Variation #3 Chest Expander
A final incredible stretch for the shoulders and arms, and probably a favourite of mine, is chest expander.  You can do it standing upright, lifting your arms away from your spine, but I like to add the forward bend with my legs apart.
I had a coach during these photos!

Clasp your fingers behind your sacrum (low back) and lift your arms up and away from your spine.  If you are doing it as I am here, then gravity does pull in a most delicious way on your arms.  As Kino MacGregor says, "Don't fight with your body."  I like to say let gravity do the work.  You just need to breathe.  This one isn't a Yin pose but it sure is a good 'un!  Hold here for 5-10 breaths, and come up slowly on an inhale.  I love this stretch; I have been known to do this upon getting out of a vehicle after a several-hour stint of travelling, much to the embarrassment of my family...😂's a shot I put on Instagram.  You know I have a thing, a profound thing, for trees, and I love quilts in trees.  Well, as MacGyver said, "We drove an extra 80 miles for a freaking tree..." with a wink at me, and yep we did.  Not just any tree.  This tree.

This is the Angel Oak Tree on Johns Island just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  It is truly wonderful, awesome, breath-taking.  The things this tree has witnessed, sheltered, housed, the air it has cleaned over the centuries, give pause for reflection.  That it has withstood 400-500 years of weather, humans, pests, human pests, ha, boggles the mind.  It was quite the zen moment to be able to see it and take in some of its majesty, wisdom and just 'being'.

A note about the DrEAMi! linky: it is the last Saturday of the month, which was yesterday, but since A) I am travelling and B) there are another 6 days left in the month, I will have the linky next Saturday, April 1.  If you are new here and wondering what the heck is a DrEAMi! then click here.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Coins of the Atocha

One of my goals for this year was to submit a quilt design to a magazine.  Well I did.  In fact, it was the first design I created for the #30quiltdesignschallenge2017 that I, along with Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts, hosted on Instagram from Jan. 2 - March 15.  I submitted it to Modern By the Yard, Benartex's e-zine.  It was accepted!
I am so very happy that my first published pattern is in a 100% environmentally friendly e-zine! Not one tree was killed, YESSS! AND the magazine is free.  Just head over to Sew In Love With Fabric where you can click the link in the sidebar and view it on your computer, or download it and view it at your own pace.

So!  This quilt comes with a story.  Do any of my quilts ever not? 😉 Refill your coffee or tea, and read on.  This fabric is deserving of a little of your is every bit as vibrant, if not more, than what you see above! And such a unique pattern.

It started with this January 2 design, my first, as I mentioned, in the design challenge, called "Plus Surrounded".
Lisa Ruble, the editor of the e-zine, really liked it and asked it I could make it a rectangular quilt, and send it to her by the second week of February.  A little over a month to make a quilt?  No problem.  Meanwhile, Lisa and I had already talked about a totally different project, my Freefall Quilt Along, which I was planning to start about the third week of January and have it end on the Spring Equinox.  I decided it might be prudent to move the QAL.  Thus was born the idea of starting the QAL on March 20.  You can see the first post with the fabric requirements for that entirely separate quilt project here.

Back to Coins of the Atocha!  Lisa recommended two different fabric lines, and I chose this one, Masterpiece Mixers by Kanvas Studio.
Don't you want to, oh, I don't know, bite into one or all of these?!
The drama started when a couple of weeks went by and my fabric had not arrived.  I contacted Lisa and she did some investigating...the warehouse somehow misplaced the order and it hadn't been filled.  Lisa was wonderful and said no problem, we can put it in the next issue.  But I was pumped!  Well, I said to Lisa, I work well under pressure, so yes, I believe I can still meet the deadline.  That photo above is of the fabric just after it arrived on February 1.  I had already written up instructions to make my design so I set to work.

More drama ensued when I felt that the blue I had chosen for one of the 'surrounds' around the plus wasn't quite right.  I was drawn more to the aquamarine I had chosen for the backing.
Left to right:  the two blocks together; a couple of original choice blue surround, pretty good; a couple of blocks with the aquamarine, better

Both blues would have been fine, but I felt the aquamarine kept pace with the fuchsia's and golden's intensity.  So I started cutting like a whirling dervish:

...all the while thinking, hmm, backing...plan B...think!

This pattern sews up like a dream, and in no time at all I had a flimsy:

Now to make a backing.  Did you notice the borders on the fabric?  Cool, right?!  However, I didn't incorporate the tassel-like borders on the fabrics within the blocks as that pattern was quite different than the bubbles pattern of the rest of the fabric.  Inspiration struck along with a long-held love of interesting quilt backs, and this happened:
Yes!!  Borders in the centre, borders on both long edges--love!  Test block with lighter blue incorporated as well, woo hoo!

And now for the quilting!  If you know me, you know how I love to free-motion quilt.  A LOT.  Time was of the essence, so I reined myself in and here are the two designs I quilted in the plus
It was at this point that my good friend Julie, at Pink Doxies, coined (lolol) the name of the quilt.  I must admit I had never heard of the Coins of the Atocha, so I had to look it up.  Fascinating stuff!  Go here to read about it!  Basically:  1622.  Spanish galleon loaded with treasure.  Hurricane in the Florida Keys.  Struck a reef.  Sunk.  Undiscovered until July 1985.  Well, I am in Florida for the winter, check.  These vibrant tropical colours abound.  Add the bubbles or round motifs in the fabric, the 1" diameter pebbles in the pluses, and yep!  That is the name of this quilt.

Bella loved the quilt--when does she not love a new or in-progress quilt?!
Ain't movin' Sandra, nope. You can drape, push that quilt on me and I'm staying put.  Right here.
And relatively soon, it was done quilting.
Grabbed it off the Bernina, trimmed edges, and threw it on the cement driveway in the setting sun's rays to catch the quilting.  I did a water ripples back and forth in the 'surround' part of the pluses.  Then I did X's through the white squares as I outlined the four 45-degree angles of the block edges.  It gives the quilt an almost on-point look.

Here are all the threads I used.  I love 'em all, as does my beloved Bernina.  I pieced it with the Gütermann 100% cotton, and quilted with Sulky rayons, Aurifil 100% cotton, Mettler 100% cotton.

Here is the finished quilt:

A shot of the quilting.  Not quite in a tree but against one, a palm tree, of course!

The back:
That was February 12, the day I mailed it.  I think that may be a record for me for making a quilt from start to finish!   The drama did not stop there.  I mailed the quilt up to Lisa in Michigan.  Tracking showed it to be delivered on the Wednesday.  No quilt showed up, and Lisa even met her post-lady at the mailbox.  Naturally, I freaked when she emailed me...About an hour later she emailed me back: her post-lady had returned; the package had fallen behind her seat so she hadn't seen it until later in her route!  HUGE sigh of relief, from Florida to Michigan.  This quilt definitely has that Spanish 'flair' for drama, si?!

To add to the under-the-gun drama of this quilt, I only found out that I had to write a post about it this morning.  On today of all days...we will be on the road somewhere in northern Florida by the time this post goes live.  Today was the day before departure when there is not a minute to spare.  However, we, meaning I, have been very organized this year, and so I am finishing this up right before heading to bed.  Hmm, a really organized quilter should have had it written up a month ago ready for when the magazine would be published....ah well, all good. 
I will add the usual Quilt Stats once I have ... ha...A. access to wifi and B.  some time!   Meanwhile I am going to be floating above the SUV as we drive, knowing that I have been published!

Just click the cover below to view or download your copy!
Hop on over to Sew In Love With Fabric and check out the other gorgeous projects!

Do remember two things:
First, Angela Walter's show, Midnight Quilter, is coming back in a few days! Check out her announcement here.  Second, while you're there, you may want to hop over to the Craftsy site (affiliate link) for a sweet sale on supplies this weekend! Have fun shopping -- I will, sniff, miss this one.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Freefall Quilt Along - Step 1 - Cutting

Welcome to the first installment of our Freefall wallhanging QAL!  I am so pleased that you are here.  Happy Spring Equinox, First Day of Spring, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Autumnal Equinox, First Day of Autumn, to those n the Southern Hemisphere.  Who knew quilting would have me using so much geography and math!

I am even more pleased to announce that I have got yet another prize for finished flimsies or quilts!  Lara of Buzzin' Bumble has offered a copy of her book Crafted Appliqué (that takes you to her book on Amazon; I'm not an affiliate, just a great book and technique to check out) to one lucky winner!  

I got to know Lara through Pets on Quilts at LilyPad Quilting; we love all animals, but dogs especially.  We love good literature, from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling to the poetry of Mary Oliver. She lives at the northeastern end of 'our' lake, Lake Erie, I live at the southwestern.  I was so happy to be a part of her book launch last May.  This brings the total value of prizes to a little over $250!! Wow!

Here's a reminder of our quilt stats:

Quilt size:  38" (note that it has no borders; you can always add some if you prefer!)
Block size:  7.5" finished
Number of Blocks: 25

WOF - width of fabric 
BG - background


Background Fabric
1.  Cut an 8.5" X WOF strip.  Cut this further into two 8" squares.  Look at the bottom lefthand corner of the quilt photo where there are four squares; two leaf blocks and two blank blocks.  These are those two blank squares.  

Note! Set these two squares and the remainder of this strip aside for now; you will use it in Step 3 when we construct the big shadow leaf point in the top right corner of the quilt.

From the remaining fabric cut:
  • (1) 4" strip by WOF; subcut into one 4" square, and (8) 3.5" squares
  • (1) 2 3/4" strip by WOF; subcut into 9 rectangles 2 3/4 x 3 3/4"
  • (2) 2.5" strips by WOF; subcut into (31) 2.5" squares
  • cut (2) 2" strips by WOF; subcut into 14 rectangles 2x3.5" and (4) 2" squares
You may want to label each of these sets, as it will be over the next several weeks that we pull from them.

Shadow Leaf Fabric
  • (1) 4" strip by WOF; subcut into one 4" square, and (10) 3.5" squares
  • (1) 3.5" strip by WOF; subcut into 18 rectangles 2 X 3.5"
  • (1) 2 3/4" strip by WOF; subcut into 11 rectangles 2 3/4 x 3 3/4"
  • (3) 2.5" strips by WOF; subcut into (37) 2.5" squares
  • (4) squares @ 2" 

Individual Leaves (multiply the following pieces by 20, for 20 leaves)
The pieces for each leaf can be cut from a scrap approximately 7x11" OR 10 different fat eighths will yield enough pieces for 20 leaves, two of each colour.  It is important to plan a bit here.  Lay out your 20 leaf fabrics atop the background fabric and atop the shadow leaf fabric.  Six leaves float on the background fabric and eight leaves float on the shadow leafSix will float on half background/half shadow leaf.  Remember the photo from the previous post that shows is what I did:
I still moved a few around after I took the photo!

Cut the following for each leaf:
  • (1) 3.5" square
  • (1) 2 X 3.5" rectangle
  • (3) 2.5" squares 
  • (1) 2" square
  • (1) leaf point - you will use the template made in the paper-piecing tutorial which you will find here 
You may want to organize your sets of leaves into ziploc baggies.

See you in two weeks. 😊

A PDF copy of this post is available here for free in my Crafsty store. (affiliate link)  

Freefall Quilt Along Schedule

March 14 - Fabric Requirements and Tips
March 20 - Step 1 Cutting
March 27 - Link-up #1
April 3 - Step 2 Construction of Leaves that Float on Shadow Leaf
April 10 - Link-up #2
April 17 - Step 3 Construction of Leaves that Float on Background and Shadow Leaf point
April 24 - Link-up #3
May 1 - Step 4 Construction of Half and Half Leaves  
May 8 - Link-up #4
May 15 - Step 5 Quilt top Assembly
June 15 - Final Link-up for Flimsy or Finished Quilt  

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Freefall QAL - Fabric Requirements

In order for you to begin planning for the start of our Freefall quilt along on March 20, here are the quilt stats, photo of the flimsy, fabric tips and requirements.  This quilt could most likely be done entirely from your scraps and stash; you could even go super-scrappy with the background fabric as long as the fabrics all read one value, probably light if your leaf is a medium or a dark.  I would recommend keeping the shadow leaf all one fabric.

Quilt Stats:

Finished quilt: 38" square
Finished block:  7.5" 
Number of blocks: 25 total.  20 of these blocks are small leaves, 3 blocks make the big shadow leaf's point and there are 2 blocks that are plain.
*The quilt has no borders; you are welcome to add some if you like, but there is no yardage for this in the requirements.
Steps:  will be released bi-weekly with a full month allowed to quilt your top.

We will be making a wallhanging in Spring colours.  Of course, you may make yours in Fall colours if you wish and get a jump on Fall.  You could go totally modern and wild!  Maybe totally scrappy.  Patriotic for Canada's birthday!

Fun and poignant anecdote:  When I was planning out the dates for this QAL, I realized I should allow a full month for participants to finish up flimsies and hopefully quilt their quilts.  The final step will be given May 15, so that meant June 15 is the final reveal and parade of quilts.  June 15.  This is an auspicious day for me, because it was my dad's birthday.  He would have been 91.  Each year, he would flip ahead in our family calendar on the wall and write on the square for that date, "Birthday of a famous Canadian."  All us kids would love it, my mum giving a wry grin and eye roll with an, "Eee, I don't know."  Yet it made an impression on me. He was a very proud Canadian.  Birthdays were special days, happy days, a reason to celebrate.  So I feel he's had a hand in this, my first QAL  Thus, our parade of quilts will be held on the birthday of that famous Canadian. 😄

Fabric Tips

Think of this quilt as having three colour 'families': 
  • the background (BG) fabric--mine is the mottled pink/yellow/turquoise
  • the big shadow leaf fabric--mine is the green.
  • the various leaf colours
The photo below shows how I laid out my fabrics.  I had 18 colours altogether; because there are 20 leaves, I cut two leaves out of two of the fabrics.
The fabrics (two are missing in this photo oops) on the far left float on the green big shadow leaf.  The fabrics on the far right float on the background fabric.  Those in the middle will float on half background/half shadow leaf blocks, so that is why I laid them over both green and BG fabrics.

Fabric Requirements

Background Fabric:   3/4 yard
Shadow Leaf Fabric:  3/4 yard
**Remember that you want good contrast between these two fabrics.  Also note that these yardages are minimal and won't leave much left over; if you prefer to allow extra for error or to add to your stash/scraps, then getting a yard of each will be more than plenty.

Individual Leaves:  There are 20.  Each leaf can be made from scraps; you only need an approximately 7 x 11" scrap for each leaf.  If you prefer yardage or precuts, either 1/8 yard or a fat eighth is enough for two leaves, so you would require 10 fat eighths, but if you want all 20 leaves different, then you need 20 fat eighths, since that is the smallest amount one can buy.  You could also use a layer cake, which is a stack of 10" squares.

So gather your fabrics and I will see you here on Monday for Step 1 Cutting! I have started a hashtag on Instagram, so feel free to post your fabric pull there:  #freefallqal  To see the original quilt, in Fall colours, Windfall, click here.

Tish made me two wonderful colouring pages which you can download here.  This may help with visualizing your fabric choices and placements. 

Any questions, just ask in the comments or email me. 

I am super duper happy that I have three more wonderful sponsors.  Three more prizes! 

First is Cindy of Stitchin At Home who contacted me to offer a copy of her just-released pattern, God's Eye, which is available in her  Craftsy store. I met Cindy in the New Bloggers Hop in 2015.  It was such fun to discover another quilt blogger who lives only a couple of hours away from me, also in a little town, also on Lake Erie!  Cindy and I have cooked up a few things together over the past couple of years.  She has quite a few patterns in her store, lots of freebies...

Second, I also am so pleased to announce another fabric gift certificate! This one is from Fat Quarter Shop, probably the first online shop I patronized regularly, and still do!
They have the BEST Flash sales which have had me cave on many occasions...and of course one adds more yardage because well, it would be rude not to right?  They are generously offering a $25 gift certificate to one winner.  They just might have a Riley Blake roly poly on for 70% off today, March 14, only...

Third is another Canuck, my good friend Joanne of Canuck Quilter Designs.  Joanne and I have been friends for a couple of years now too; I've pattern-tested for her a few times (fantastic designs btw) and participated in her Snow Along two years ago.  She is offering a free PDF pattern (check out all her beautiful designs here) from her Craftsy shop.

 This brings the prizes total to 12!  Woo hoo!

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Revving Up the Red for RSC2017

My grandson's favourite colour is red, or it always used to be until this past year when he has changed it a couple of times! Funny how that goes: both my girls were the same, Brianne loved pink up until around age 12 when she changed her mind; Dayna always loved purple, until around the same age when she, too, decided upon other favourite colours.  I, too, changed my favourite, blue, over the years. However, they both, like myself, came back to their first love, so I suspect Brady will too.  I believe the vibrations of a favourite colour do resonate deeply with a person, on a level we don't even comprehend.
The first 50 blocks, 1-25 on the left grouping, 26-50 on the right, in order
I don't consider red among my favourites.  Pink, also burgundy, yes, but I haven't ever felt an affinity for red.  Until lately.  This year I am taking part in the 150 Canadian Women quilt along, a project designed by Kat Tucker of Next Step Quilt Designs.  I have fallen in LOVE with all the shades and tones and hues of this rich colour.  These 6" blocks have been made almost entirely from my scraps.  I did buy a few fat quarters of white. I am so happy that I am keeping up with the 3 blocks per week.
Here are the two latest sets:
#46 Kathleen Parlow, "acclaimed as the world's greatest woman violinist", at age 15 she played with the London Symphony Orchestra; #47 Katherine Ryan, aka Klondike Kate, well-known to Edmontonians from our Klondike Days Festival, I knew of her Gold Rush fame, but not that she was the first female gold inspector, the first woman NWMP (Canada's famous Mounted Police), and a dear friend of the poet Robert Service; #48 Charlotte Small Thompson, wife of the famous David Thompson, she travelled more miles, over 3.5 times the amount, in fact, than Lewis and Clark.
That was taken in sunlight; the reds really sing! Sometimes I do a special fabric, both as a commemoration of what the woman accomplished, or as a pnemonic device to help me remember the person's name or accomplishment.  Here I chose the music fabric (I was pretty sure Kat would pick at least one from amongst Canada's many many fine female musicians) for Katherine, gold in all three fabrics for Klondike Kate, and the black background with small red flower print to remind me of  Charlotte Small Thompson and her husband, David, sitting outside watching the stars in their last days together.  That image gives me such warmth in my heart.
#49 Dr. Sylvia Fedoruk, one of four team members who developed the Cobalt-60 unit and one of the world's first nuclear medicine scanning machines, and she also developed a device that could tell whether a thyroid was cancerous; #50 Rachel Zimmerman Brachman, at age 12, yes 12!, she invented the Blissymbol Printer that allows physically disabled people to communicate (I immediately thought of the book Karen, she currently works for NASA, tailoring their innovations for people with disabilities; #51 Maud Lewis, painter, a folk artist, who I'd never heard of (look her up!) whose whimsical paintings and tiny whimsically painted house where she lived have captured my heart.

Again, I used some à propos fabrics here and there.  For Rachel, I wanted a text print, and when I saw the bicycle print in my 2.5" squares tray, I thought I'd include it because she was hit by a car while riding her bike which forced her to drop out of obtaining her Masters in Astronomy.  For Maud, the painting of hers that I just adore is of three black cats, and so I used two cat prints, a red and an ivory. The whimsy of the daisies and the tiny floral remind me of her fascinating house.

On to red in RSC2017.  This is project #3, turning out to be a bit more complicated than just adding the colour of the month to a few opposing sides of the centre strip, ha!  It meant I had to make another purple corner so I can get at least a square of each colour where the corners meet.
I also have started, again mostly as a leader/ender, making my red strip of migrating geese.  You can see that it is a fair bit bigger in scraps size than both the CA Women and the strippy project.
I love the combo of very old scraps, such as David Textiles and VIP by Cranston, with brand new, such as Paintbrush Studio and Zen Chic.

Red in my yard...
MacGyver transplanted 'my' bougainvillea, and threatened to yank it after it lost all its leaves and looked dead for a few weeks.  I wouldn't let him, thinking, no, knowing it was rejuvenating from the roots up.  He also did see that the stems were green.  Just look at the marvel it is becoming!  The bougainvillea everywhere are stunning in their glory, maybe because it has been unusually dry here in Florida this winter?

Red in some Canada fabric I ordered from Sew Sisters that my friend brought down for me!
Both Moda and Northcott lines are here.  The turquoise, I think, is going to be the 1.5" sashing pieces for my CA Women quilt...though now I've got it, it is telling me it needs to be a star in its own quilt.  We shall see...

For those who are going to , or those who are thinking about, joining my first QAL, Freefall, I'll be back tomorrow with fabric requirements and tips, and wow, more prizes!

PS I finally found the tiny clothespegs for my Quilter's Laundry Day mini-mini quilt on the line! Don't even ask...right under my yup IN the sewing room closet.

Speaking of right under your nose...
Craftsy Classes for $20Yup.  Every.  Single.  Class.  This is a fantastic deal, and it is usually when I buy mine. 😉 (affiliate link in the rainbow words there.)  But hurry; it ends tonight at midnight!

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilter's Laundry Day Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on Jen and Jan's Mini QAL!  It's no secret that Tish of Tish's Adventures in Wonderland and I are great friends, and that we get each other into trouble, like all the time... This one is on her. 😃  She showed me the beginnings of her version of Quilter's Laundry Day, and it was just SO adorable...  I could NOT.  Well, it's a mini....maybe?  All right, I'm in.  So, with hours to spare to the sign-up deadline, I committed, and came through!
Haven't had a finished quilt in a tree for a few weeks!  This is Jen's of A Dream and A Stitch, and Jan's of Color Creating and Quilting, second mini quilt along.  I wanted to be a part of their first one but timing was just not good.  I'm so glad I got in on this one!  There are lots of us participating; you will find the list of the two days of bloggers at the end of this post.

When I signed up, Jen told me that the hardest part would be choosing the 4" finished block to be the mini-quilt hanging on the line.  She was right!  I wanted something that could actually be an entire quilt, and after a fair amount of deliberation, decided upon this one, Hour Glass, from this site.
I was pretty tickled with how it turned out, all Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and put it on Instagram.  And then, realized, nooo..... there was a mistake! 😫 Ah well, a little time reverse sewing and it was fixed.  Layered it with more Kaffe leftovers from my Three-Quarter Patch Tote, quilted it, and bound it, ready to be inserted into the quilt.

Wait.  This little quilt isn't sewn as part of the mini?  Nope!  I had a brainwave to make it 3D.  If my idea didn't fly, I"d just make another mini-mini, right?  Here is the flimsy:
Not readily apparent that the mini-mini is not sewn into the mini on all four sides....

It worked!  I made the little quilt without batting, bound it on three sides, and sewed the top side in when I pieced the big sky section.  Now I have the perfect teeny clothespegs to attach here but do you think I can find them?  Went through (twice) all the Christmas stuff because that is where they are. I have a tiny 'presents' quilt I hang on a tiny hanger with said tiny clothespegs...ugh!  I'll find them next week, guaranteed.)  Anyhow, can you spot my little secret under the mini-quilt?  I almost always add a little surprise in my quilts, and beneath the free-hanging mini-mini quilt, I quilted my initials!  You can see I also used a couple colours of green threads for the grass.

Of course I couldn't have met the deadline without my feline supervisor keeping those baby blues on me all during the quilting of it.
This is the best photo I've ever been able to get, I believe, of the sparkle in Holoshimmer metallic thread!
I used Sulky Holoshimmer metallic on the window panes, and quilted the cat and butterfly with it too.  That's a Laurel Burch kitty cat, a scrap sent to me last year in with many others, by one of my sweet readers.  I love the sparkle the Holoshimmer adds!  The door is a scrap of wood-like batik, as are the clothesline posts.  The roof is a scrap of black.

I used scraps from my Freefall quilt for the house, sidewalk, grass, sky, backing and binding.  These are such wonderful fabrics by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, the sponsor of my own upcoming quilt along. 😉 For details on how you can participate in that, see my previous post.
Even had a strip of leftover fabric from Freefall for the hanging sleeve.

Here is the label:
You can see I did the binding by machine.  Quick!  You can also see the brick pattern I free-motion quilted on the sidewalk section.  I had fun with various quilting designs and threads.
Swirls and loops and clouds and wavy lines in the sky with variegated Essential thread.  I also used Essential thread for the sidewalk, door, and the lines on the house brickwork.  For the grass, I used two greens, one a Sulky rayon, the other an Isacord polyester.  For the roof I used a black Gütermann cotton.  The mini-mini is quilted with an Aurifil variegated.  My Bernina loves 'em all.  As do I!
No, those Paintbrush fabrics are not batiks, but they sure read batik, or hand-dyed, don't they?  They are now available in an LQS near you!
Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Quilter's Laundry Day
Size:  16.5"; 16.25" after quilting
Fabric:  scraps
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 scrap
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Essential: variegated Ocean, Bark, Violet and Parchment; Sulky: Holoshimmer variegated, rayon 1177; Gütermann black cotton 50 wt; Isacord polyester 5324.

I am in love with this little quilt and cannot wait to hang it in my sewing room in Ontario. That hanger usually holds a snowman embroidered wallhanging, so this will be a great one to switch out.  If you would like to make your own Quilter's Laundry Day you can find the tutorial here.
Thanks so much to Jen with help from Jan and from Kate at Smiles From Kate for creating this adorable pattern, and for hosting this fun blog hop/parade of quilts.  To see other versions of the mini, you can visit the blogs below over the next two days!

Oh!! Prizes!!  Yep!  If you visit, and leave a comment on each of Jen's and Jan's blogs, (Jen's today, Jan's tomorrow) you will be entered into a drawing for some sweet prizes!

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