Sunday, February 16, 2014

Charity Quilts

Although I'm not a member of the Bradenton Quilt Guild, I took home two charity quilts that needed to be squared up and bound.  I finished them both last night.

I bought some royal blue fabric on sale at JoAnn's yesterday that I thought would work for both quilts, and it did.  Love that!  These are for trauma victims. The police officers keep a couple in their cars for use in an emergency situation.  Someone in the guild volunteers to sew the tops, some quilt and others bind.  They are small lap quilts.

I really like the all-blue one.  Very calming. I did the binding completely by machine and it worked out very well.

Today, I'm sewing over at a friend's house, working on fabric bowls.  We each bought the book and saw a demo at the Sarasota Quilt Guild Show last year.  It will be good to cross another project off the 26 Winter Projects List!

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  1. Those are a wonderful comfort to someone in need, and beautiful to boot!


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