Friday, February 7, 2014

Self Round Robin Round 2

I avoided this because I didn't think flying geese would go with the feel of the appliquéd centre block.  However, I decided it was next on the list, so today here is what I accomplished:

Sorry for the darkness of the photo; I have very poor lighting in here, especially for picture-taking.  Now that I just did it, (I should remember that phrase, 'just do it') I am quite pleased with the result!

Add some appliqué was the directive for January.  So that is next.  I feel that the whole quilt wants to go on point right now, so I'm thinking I will sew four triangles onto each side so that it can, in fact, do just that.  Then I will appliqué on those triangles.

I do not know what the directive is yet for February.  I intend to get caught right up and not to fall behind anymore!

I found the coolest website that shows the coolest way to make flying geese units with no waste.  I think this might be an Eleanor Burns method, as she is famous for this kind of thing.  I love that someone did all the quilt math, and I love that they turn out so very well!

This will give you an idea of how wonky they seem during construction:
Step 1 two squares atop a large one; sew 1/4" on either side of drawn diagonal line

Step 2 sliced on the drawn line, and pressed open

Step 3 sew another square on remaining corner, 1/4" on either side of diagonal line
All you do after this step is slice along that drawn diagonal line and press the remaining triangle open, square it up, and voilà! a flying geese unit.  This method yields 4 units.  Here is the link.  It's much better explained than I did here!


LOOK what arrived today by Priority Post!!!  And I got free shipping too!!

This is my first order from Pink Chalk Fabrics, but I feel certain it won't be the last.  They had some a LOT of great sale fabric, as well as this scrumptious set of fat quarter solids they call Northwest Sky.  I have a quilt in my head that I've sketched out, as well as a few that are germinating, now that I've seen this beautiful run.  Just below Northwest Sky is a gorgeous Lonni Rossi fabric that will be the backing for a set of 3 wall décor quilts featured in "Quilts 'n More" Winter 2013.  We have a huge bare wall in Kingsville in need of some art.  Joe sketched what he thought I should make, and lo and behold, in the magazine I got in my stocking, there they were!  So similar to what he drew, it's uncanny.

Valori Wells and Tula Pink complete the pile.  Tula's Acacia line is one which I've loved since I first saw her quilt that Angela Walters quilted.  I've ordered the main fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  It might just be here tomorrow.  Saturday post seems such a luxury!

I want to give a plug for Pink Chalk Fabrics.  I ordered this pile Tuesday night.  It was delivered to my doorstep (Priority Post) right about noon today!  Wow.  Not only their fast delivery impressed me, but their guarantee of any promotion: that they will honour it for a week before and a week afterwards.  When I realized I was one day late for their free shipping promotion, even with the one week grace period, I decided to email them, explaining it was my first visit, and I'd read how they honour their promotions, yada yada.  They credited me with $12 for the shipping!  How wonderful.  Customer service at its finest.

Okay! On to the next project!  Will it be sewing the triangles onto my Self Round Robin or tackling some of my charm square packets? Or finishing a Stack 'n Whack?  I'm beginning to see that the main reason for all these UFOs (unfinished objects, Linda) is that I have trouble making decisions.   I either can't decide between 2 or maybe 3 options, or I don't trust my gut, or I don't have the confidence to just plunge in and DO IT.  It's time to stop all that nonsense.


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with the Pink Chalk Fabrics stuff! And ya, that's odd regarding Joe's vision and the magazine.....must be meant to be.
    Are they kind of a series of 3? When you said the huge wall, I instantly got a mental image of 3 quilts that kind of join into one continuous picture. You know, like art you can get for your wall of 3 separate pictures, but they are really all one.

  2. Exactly. A triptych, I believe it's called. But the one I'm going to make is more abstract art, so they do go together, but they won't form one big picture. I have always loved stuff like that, a picture that's split into 3 pieces and only is whole when they are side by side.
    As for the Pink Chalk Fabrics, I have sketched an idea involving the Rail Fence block but in a modern feel pattern. I aim to do it and enter it in our September show.


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