Monday, March 31, 2014


My friend Janette, who blogs over at Old Wooden Palette, wrote a great post yesterday about her bargains at a craft store.  She is an incredibly talented painter, has sold several of her works, so you need to check out some of her work.  Reading her post about her Travel Art cases bargains made me want to write a short post about my bust-out-smiling bargains today!

I spent a pleasant hour and a half at Bealls Outlet, taking advantage of the Monday Fabulous Fifty (or whatever it's called) Club for my 15% off everything.  The prices are always fabulous at Bealls Outlet (pronounced Bells as in ding ding) but getting stuff on their Clearance racks is even better, and getting all this stuff for 15% more off?  Divine.

I was mainly looking for pickleball apparel, lol, for both me and for Joe, but I always check out their décor section too.  I scored some great deals in both areas.  Here are my best ones:

So, left to right is
1.  a rayon scarf, Bealls price of $9.99, in clearance at 70% off and then 15% off, ended up 2.57!
2.  Champions zippy for pickleball layering (and it's dryfit too) $12.99 70% off + 15% = $3.31!
3.  my all-time best deal I think ever!  Champions yoga top (I already have a couple of these and they are great) Bealls price $12.99 95% off (yep you read that right) + 15% = 0.55c!!  55 cents!  Too funny.  God I love American sales.

And no, Linda, I'm not planning on layering the yoga top, zippy jacket with the scarf to play pickleball!!  The scarf was me getting sidetracked.  Like that's never happened, I know.

Here is the bill for proof!  I also thought it cool to show the Bealls pricetag...Did you notice the tag in the first picture with the original price of $26.99?!

Got Joe some good deals on shirts too, and a cute outfit (Calvin Klein jeans and long-sleeved skateboarder style t-shirt) for my grandson, all at great prices.

And, I found this for our Mettawas Lane home.
It will go on the table in our front foyer, a perfect lake touch!  It had no price on it, and it was the only one of its kind, so they marked it at $4.99!  Of course I got my 15% off that too!

Between this Bealls shop, and my fabric purchases the other day, I think I've blown my first month's yoga paycheques before I've even gone back to teaching!! Good grief, there are too many exclamation points in these last few sentences.  Period.

Thanks, Janette, for the inspiration for this post.  ;-)

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