Monday, September 15, 2014

4-patch Round

Here it is:

I really really like the turquoise zinger I added just before the 4-patches.

I was once again reminded of the importance of value and the effect it has in quilt design.  My deep purple chain does not pop like I thought it should because the green triangles are the same value as the deep purple.  Instead, the pale pinks and mauves jump out.  Still, I'm happy with the border.  Ninety-two 4-patch units made up of 8 pieces each made for a lot of piecing.  That's just about 800 pieces, no? Egad.

One more shot:

It's getting quite large, measuring 70" square at this point.  The marks all over the patio are from the very lovely, very old, but very messy black walnut trees behind us.  The leaves drop early, and leave a mark where they lie on the cement (or on freshly washed sheets) as do the beloved-to-the-squirrels walnuts themselves.

I plan to add a 1" piece of the green around it before adding my final (can't believe I actually have got to the final round) border.  I didn't get it on because I spent a couple of hours searching through books, magazines and online for a trellis pattern.  I have it in my head, but don't want to draft it.  There is a ribbon, sort of trellis pattern in Martin & McCloskey's Pieced Borders book, but it isn't quite what I have in mind.

Downton Abbey saved the day!  Downloaded the pattern for the Trellis Quilt made with Lord and Lady fabric by Kathy Hall from Makower.  Gosh, I love the blue words fabric, "Downton Abbey"!!  I made a test trellis block and it went together beautifully.

Believe it or not, this baby will create a trellis effect

So now I 'only' have 52 trellis blocks to make!  As I inserted this photo, I see 3 squares, as opposed to 3 half-square triangles that compose the 3 squares, (a dark green, a light green and a cream)...wonder if I can make this block a little differently...that sounds confusing, but I know what I mean!  I think...

I snapped a couple of pictures of Bella with her new toy from Jennifer at The Cat Ball.

And of course, the classic Bella pose:


  1. Sandra, this is coming along beautifully! You are almost there!! Turquoise was the perfect zinger choice :) your four square border is beautiful! Can't wait to see your final trellis border. . . I followed you exactly on the three block thing. . . I think ;) haha

    Bella is adorable as usual :)

  2. Your latest border is fabulous Sandra - all 800 pieces of it! So, I was wondering if you ever would consider starting a "Loan-a-Bella" program. I had to ask - she's too adorable!

  3. Oh this is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Great work - again!! Man I love Bella, just want to run my fingers through her furry belly! :D


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