Friday, September 26, 2014


So I'm writing from my dismantled sewing room/guest bedroom in our Florida condo.  We are down here for about 10 days to pack up, put our stuff in storage and do some house-hunting.  Easy-peasy.  Lemon squeezy.

So far so good; all is going tickety-boo.  And guess what was sitting, waiting for me, smiling in the Florida sunshine at my door when we arrived?!


I won!  Woot! Woot!  At the beginning of September, Sept. 2-13, to be exact, Moda ran a blog tour,  "The Moda Love Blog Tour" where each day three designers wrote a post about things they love.  They also showed off their newest fabric lines by making the Moda Love quilt.  You can download the quilt if you click on "Stephanie's post" below.  Each designer had a giveaway.  This was during the week Brady and Brianne were visiting, but on a couple of the mornings before I heard his little feet padding along the floor, right after he oh-so-carefully-and-quietly closed the door to the bedroom he and his mommy were sharing, I was able to visit some of the blogs.  I visited Stephanie's blog on the very day they arrived, Sept. 3.

Each designer asked a question about what you love, or what your favourite pre-cut is, etc. Well, on Stephanie's post, that day, I wrote:

And I was chosen!  So Brady brought me good luck. Stephanie wrote me such a nice note inside the pretty card.  Very personal touch.

I just think this is so "wee-ooh, wee-ooh" because my round robin quilt I have been agonizing over all spring and summer got named "fleurs" (small f) and here I've won some fabric named "fleurologie" and it was on the day Brady arrived.  Now... what to make??

And yet another most splendiferous event happened:
I'm being quoted (I wanted to bust a gut laughing that someone would want to do that) in the introduction of my friend Lara's (BuzzinBumble) first and upcoming new book.  Wait for it....sit down....swallow if you are chewing something, or having a drink so you don't spit it out when you read what my comment was about...


Too hilarious.  I guess she loved what I wrote on August 28:

3.  My friend, Lara, who blogs at BuzzinBumble, has just found out that a book she has been working on is going to be published by the American Quilters' Society!  Congrats, Lara!  It's a new method of "aaaack"-pliqué, so I will have to check it out and turn the way I say it in my head to "ahhh-pliqué", said with a sigh of contentment.  Normally, I don't mind appliqué, but this quilt was pretty intense.  So, I'm interested, as her method is raw-edge appliqué, whereas mine was all edge-turned, except for the "fleurs" word.

and she's incorporating this into her book introduction!  EEEK!

Speaking of loving what a blogger writes, check out this post from The Bitchy Stitcher.  I LOOOVE her made-up review of the book "A Quilt to Remember". Laugh-snorted out loud, and I needed to do that as I'm having a bit of a panic attack with all that's going on in my usually peace-filled condo.  Sniff.  Headed to the pool for some vitamin D, sweat (it's 91 and humid), cool waters and a read.


  1. That jelly roll is beautiful! What a wonderful surprise to be waiting to greet you :) SO funny that Lara is putting you in her introduction! You are gonna be famous! ;)

    Instead of replying to this - I request that you go down to the pool and soak up some more sun!!

  2. BAHAHAHA! I often quote you too, oh profound older, wiser sister of mine......ok, nope, I lie. LOL Don't think I've EVER quoted you HA! Never had anything worthwhile quoting I always thunk. Gasp! Did I just say that??!! LOL ;p

    GOOD for you on winning AND being quoted!

  3. Woohoo Sandra! That is one lucky Brady you have! What a nice surprise to find waiting for you on the porch. I love what you wrote about his little feet padding along the floor and how he closes the bedroom door so quietly.
    Yes I could not resist your "AAACK-plique'" - it was perfect and you are so funny! I still laugh every time I think of it.


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