Saturday, October 11, 2014

Snowflake #1

Many trees turn colour from the outside in here, almost as if Mother Nature dips her trees in orange and red frosting.  This is just my little iPhone; imagine this in person!
I'm NOT in the mood for real snow, been there, done that, too many long, cold, dark winters in Alberta.  However, I have always loved making snowflakes out of paper, such a surprise to open up the folded paper after I've cut various designs into it.  Combine paper and fabric, and you get Canuck Quilter Joanne's Snowalong.

I didn't get my snowflake #1 done in time for the linky party (it was a week from hell; tacked on to a month of craziness) but here she is today:

I decided to use some silver-sparkled white I've had for centuries for another Christmas quilt idea.  I wanted to put it on a batik background, and this one, another relic, was in my stash.  I don't think you can see how sparkly it is, but I'm really happy with the result!

This block is paper-pieced, something I've done many times in the past.  However, Joanne's method is new to me, and I was really intrigued with the idea, because it omitted the very annoying step of removing the paper after you've sewed through it.  You don't sew through it!  I also liked the idea of printing the pattern onto freezer paper, so that the pieces will adhere to the waxy side of the paper, helping to avoid any distortion.  And, you can re-use the patter 3-4 times!  I have to say I loved this method for all of those reasons.

Here is a little gadget from years past of paper-piecing.  It is well worth the money (a few dollars).  It has a lip at the 1/4" mark.  You simply place the ruler over the folded back paper of the line you are about to sew, letting the lip catch on the paper. This measures the 1/4" exactly, so you simply trim.  No slippage possible, thanks to that lip!

Love my tiny 6.5 X 8" cutting mat for this!

Sewing the first sections left me with 6 intriguing triangles.  I could not, for the life of me, see a snowflake at that point.

Another gadget, whose price is free, and every household already has several, is a business card, (or a recipe card for longer lines).
Update: (duh, it would help if I explained what I do with the business card...)  Place it on the solid (aka sewing line) and then, as you fold back the freezer paper, it acts as a brace so you get a nice sharp fold!  Kind of like using the edge of a table to tear a paper straight?

This block seems daunting, but Joanne has a super-organized system, which I followed to the T.  It simplified things very much.  I did variation 1 of Snowflake #1.

I am going to make version 2 as well.  However, I am also going to make Snowflake #2 next so that I can join in the linky party on Monday!  I might just turn these into pillows, so festive.

I am in love all over again this year with the vibrant colours of Fall.  I continually suck in my breath at the sheer jaw-dropping, eye-popping display that surrounds me wherever I go.  I've been known to stop the car on the side of the road on more than one occasion to snap a pic with my phone. Example from yesterday:
Note how it's still green in the centre

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  It is such a joy, despite the cold wind, to walk Rocco in this gently changing but oh-so-glorious season of Autumn. 

One more shot of my route this morning


  1. Umm, I did variation one too and did not catch the background fabric thing. . . Mine has a lot more white LOL I need to get one of those add a quarter inch rulers! I know they have them at the LQS. . . put it on the list ;) Unfortunately I don't have a jet printer and if I mucked up the laser printer I would be in big trouble... So I didn't do it that way but I'm thinking I might have to go buy a cheap laser jet! LOL

    The trees are fabulous! Miss changing seasons. . . a LOT!

  2. I have downloaded the pattern s but haven't found time to sew them. I was intrigued with the freezer paper method too and am anxious to give it a try. Hopefully this week!

  3. Autumn never fails to stop me in my tracks :)

  4. I'm enjoying gorgeous fall colours here as well. I love fall! Walks are so lovely in the crisp but not yet frigid air.

    Thanks for letting me know about the oops in the pattern. It's all fixed now :) Your block is gorgeous. I really like the white on the batik background. And feel free to share any week's snowflake in any of the weekle linkies!


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