Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Stash--a little more loot

Just when you thought, she did pretty good at Miller's Dry Goods in Amish Country, yep, there is more!

Not including the brushed cotton in aqua on the bottom of the stack, this was a kit at Millers' Dry Goods to make a tree skirt.  I am going to turn it into a quilt, possibly with the Moda "Storybook" by Kate and Birdie 4 yard cut incorporated in the front and as the backing. Love these colours together.

One of Julie's of Pink Doxies all-time favourite yellows, which I very nearly didn't pick up, as I didn't have any thought as to where/what I'd use it (like that has EVER stopped me in the past from a fabric purchase, I'll admit), I'm so glad I went back and got a yard.  I love it.  Okay, to be honest, all 3 of these fabrics I have no clue as to intended project, but they will grow up into quilts, have no fear.  Love the Robert Kaufman ivory on the bottom, a great neutral. Love that aqua.  I'm working on getting more aqua shades in my stash. Oh, I also snagged five spools of Coats' Dual Duty thread at 75c for a 250 yd spool.  Ahh, I miss Miller's...

At Zinck's I also picked up some flannel at a great price, still all within my $200 total, remember; there are two other posts, here and here, about the wonderful trip.  Julie has tested it, and found that it has pretty low shrinkage.  Flannel is ideal for tablerunners, and smaller lightweight projects and quilts.  As well, I haven't shown, nor will I until I use it, a 2 1/8 yard roll of a wide fleece product I want to try in the wheelchair charity quilts.  Those should be being quilted soon (yes, I said those; there are 3 more flimsies complete with a fourth one being laid out all on the design wall.  I need a second design wall!
More on these various projects in another post

I also miss Boyd and Wurthmann...
The very best homemade pecan pie with homemade ice cream I have ever tasted
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  1. That yellow fabric is fab and those aquas! I just love red and aqua together - I need to obtain some reds.... I have none in my stash! I know!! I must have gone on an aqua jag because I seem to have. . . ummm. . . plenty for a quilt or two ;)

  2. Not a bad haul at all! I do love a good yellow and aqua combination. But, I'm really eyeing that Royal Peacock piece...interesting! I'm sure you will come up with a good many project for all this new fabric!

  3. I also love the red and aqua fabric! What a beautiful Chirstmas quilt that will make! What about you and Avril? Rift mended? What was the solution?

  4. I love that yellow fabric. I wish i could find something like that from my local fabric store!

  5. Wow, all beautiful....but that pie takes the cake! Lol

  6. The aqua and red fabrics look like they are in perfect harmony with each other. OK that does it I want them, just send them on over they can grow up into a quilt here.

  7. Missed a couple of your posts . Busy weekend here . Love your yellow fabrics . Sometimes the fabrics we nearly didn't buy turn out to be the must useful .

  8. That yellow is one of my favourite colours at the moment (though I am fickle) and I love the fabrics you have put it with for the photo too. And your Christmassy bundle is very pretty too.


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