Sunday, December 13, 2015

Craftsy is a Preeti Awesome Website!

Nope, that's no typo in the title.  I have loved Craftsy since I signed up in July 2013, and took my first two classes, Free Motion Fillers with Leah Day and Free-Motion Quilting With Feathers with Angela Walters.  To date I have bought several more classes, downloaded several free classes--if you did not know that there are free classes, then simply enter "free" in the search box and you will get a pop-up that lets you select "free classes", and voilà! There are a plethora of them (167 to be exact) from which to choose, in all sorts of subject areas--I've also bought several patterns, downloaded several freebies as well, and, as of two weeks ago, finally succumbed to the temptation and bought some fabric.
In such a pretty plastic bag too!

And it's all Preeti's fault.  She has a terrific blog, Sew Preeti Quilts.  I love her sense of humour and her Paul stories and conversations.  I love the stories behind her quilts, and I am so impressed with how she can often find an easier way to do a technique, for example, check out this post!  Well, in her post on her two hexie quilts (btw where she simplified making a thousand and one hexies lol), she told of her fabulous score on fabric from Craftsy.  ELEVEN beautiful yards of it.  All for under US$50.  Okay, when I see $5-6/yard, (or in this case LESS!) I go running to check it out, literally and figuratively.

Although I did not buy the hexie fabric, I sure did buy another 10-yard bundle.  It worked out to  CA$4.90/yard.  That's no typo.  Canadian funds.  Blue is my favourite colour, all shades and hues of it.  Oh, I love a rich burgundy and most pinks, a soft green, or a deep purple, but if I had to pick just one colour, it would be blue.  You would know this in a heartbeat if you took a look at my stash shelves. I have more than double the amount of blues as compared to other colours.  So of course I need to ramp up my blues palette, right?!  Here's what was in that bundle:
My least favourite is the bottom one, but it still works with the palette
and these
I am itching to make something with these; it will be my own design.  Just look at the stack from this angle!
Blues and seafoam greens and even a Kelly green
This was a real score.  I've been being bugged by my sister, brother and daughter to open an Etsy shop and sell some of my quilts.  This is what has been percolating on the back burner of my mind, and now with this purchase, it might be going to happen.  Thank you so much Preeti for the tip!  If you've been paying attention, you know I didn't stop with the bundle.
This was less than CA$20!  Prior to purchase, I googled the line under images to see what the prints looked like, as you don't get much of an idea from a jelly roll, and I really liked what I saw.  Here's another angle:
I really enjoy making quilts designed by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I have two of their books, and used another of theirs that belongs to the guild to make two wheelchair charity quilts, Stardust and Fairysteps.  I plan to use this roll with some stash yardage to make another one of their quilts...or maybe a jelly roll race even, as I haven't done one of those.

These were delivered to my door within 36 hours from the time I place the order! Unfortunately, they do not ship for free to Canada...something I didn't realize at the time...  However, I do want to tell you the fantastic story of what happened the day after I placed my order.

One of my mum's oft-used expressions is "eeee, gifted with afterthought" and I am the epitome of that saying!  I suddenly realized, 'Crap! (or some other bad word) I did not order through my own link!'  Yes!  You can do that!  Give credit to yourself for ordering through yourself.  Are you still with me?  ;-)

So I emailed.  At first my request was politely refused; 'Once the order has been placed, they can't go back in' kind of thing.  When I filled out the survey the next day and stated no, sorry, I wasn't completely happy with my Craftsy experience and explained what had happened, someone again got in touch with me.  They told me they wanted me to be 100% happy with the entire transaction.  They put my request through to Melissa, who is in charge of the affiliate programme. Melissa initiated a process, I had to fill out a short form, and I was then credited with my commission.  Melissa was so helpful and friendly.  I was left one very very happy customer.  I think the commission was just about $5.  In the grand scheme of things, that is a pretty paltry amount.  Yet it made for a happy customer.  Happy customers go back, and happy customers spread the word.

I'm spreading the word once more about another terrific sale on now at Craftsy: time to pick yourself up some supplies or a class to watch over Christmas, I'd say!  Remember, clicking through to their website via the button on my sidebar and purchasing will give me a little compensation from them for your business. Thank you!  And thank you Preeti.  :-)

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  1. Oh dear, I too was weak when it came to the Craftsy sale! I love all those greens you picked up.

  2. I had no idea you could use your own affiliate link when ordering through Craftsy - that is food for thought! And I love happy customer service stories. :) Congratulations on such wonderful deals, that is fantastic.

  3. What great fabrics!! Glad you were able to get great customer service. Way to go, Craftsy.

  4. Wish I'd known I could use my own time. Craftsy had some great deals!

  5. Congratulations on your scores! Shipping to Canada is often outrageous!

  6. I think I need to start shopping on Craftsy. I love the classes, but haven't checked out the store part. I have to say you landed some pretty sweet bundles and jelly rolls.

  7. I've gotten some GREAT deals thru Craftsy...trying to stay away right now :) I love that IKAT fabric...I have some. Glad to hear stories of good customer service :)

  8. You expressed perfectly how I feel about Preeti and her blog! She's so fun and so talented... like someone else I know... Sandra!
    Craftsy is a great company and that is great information about being able to buy things and still get a commission. Thanks for giving us the scoop!

  9. I love Craftsy too, I got a great package from them from my Black Friday shopping :)

  10. Dear Sandra, Thank you for sending the giant quilty hug across the internet :-)
    There is something that I have been meaning to send to you. Now, only if I knew how to send it to you - like an address, may be...

  11. Yes, we HAVE been bugging you to open an Etsy shop, just like I (and I imagine others) bugged you to start this WONDERFUL blog!......
    What are you WAITING for, sister??!!


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