Monday, May 23, 2016

Winners and a Flimsy

There were 133 comments, plus 2 personal emails from friends who don't feel comfortable writing a comment but do follow me.  I assigned numbers to those friends based on the time their emails came in.  One was #1; she immediately sent me a comment via email the night before the post went live when I told her to watch for the giveaway the next day.  So she was #1.  That meant everyone from comment #1 on was bumped ahead a number.  My other friend's email came in at 2:41 PM on May 17, so I assigned her #54.  Therefore everyone after #54 is bumped ahead by two numbers.  Follow?

The first winner of a signed copy of Lara's book was #77, which, because of the two emails meant I'd go to #79, which is Helen of Midget Gem Quilts! I had to draw a couple of times for this as the first draw was a no-reply blogger.  :-(

Helen wrote:
We'll let you, the reader, figure out who her sassy bloggy friend is...

The second winner of the pattern for the dogs/cats wallhanging or pillow if you do like I did, was #125, but I went to #127, again because of the two email entries.  Congrats Marly of Marly's Quilts! We've read each other's blogs many times and each thought we were following the other, but nope we weren't, but now we are, LOL.

Marly wrote:

I've emailed both Helen and Marly.  Thank you to all who entered, thank you to those of you who are now following me, and woot! woot!  early Sunday evening I got an email from bloglovin' (drum roll).... mmm! quilts now has just passed 200 followers!  Holy Dinah!  I feel another giveaway looming.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of gifts, I recently received two fat quarter bundles.  TWO!
This 'n That by Nancy Halvorsen and Fleurish by Maria Kalinowski, two designers whose previous fabrics (and  book of Nancy's) I already own!

I was blown away.  A couple of months ago I had downloaded and read the first edition of Benartex's new e-magazine, "Modern By the Yard".  Love it.  If you do not know about this GENIUS idea for a totally green magazine, go to their blog, which I love, Sew In Love With Fabric, (because I am, ha...aren't we all??!)  Click on the link on the sidebar.  Anyhow somewhere they asked if you would send them five friends' emails who you think would love the magazine, they'd send you a gift.  I sent them seven in the blink of an eye.  Totally forgot about it.  Then these arrived with a lovely note of thanks.  My mouth fell open in amazement.  I am so grateful that they would DO that!

Now to dream up a quilt or project with these beauties...  Thank you Benartex peeps!  (Sidenote: did you take part in their Find that Fabric contest this past weekend during Market? I did faithfully.  Found a ton of new fabrics I'm itching to get my hands on...but no, sniff, I didn't win, even though I correctly named each swatch.)

Speaking of Nancy Halvorsen, a piece of her early fabric, the pink berries on green leaves one, is in my aunt's quilt that my mum asked me to make for her to take with her to England.  Here is the flimsy, measuring 31.5X37.5".   The border fabric and the parchment-coloured triangles were bought at O' Susannah's Quilts and Gifts in Watkins Glen, when my good friend Janette and I were quilt shopping while our husbands, along with dear friend John, were at the racetrack.  See Janette?  I knew it would find a home somewhere down the road!  It's Provincial by Iron Orchid Designs for Clothworks, and I have enough left for another project. ;-)

Not sure I will mail this to my mum in Alberta (it has to get there by Friday) or to my mum care of my uncle in England.  The flimsy is done and I'll be quilting it up tonight on the longarm.  Bella will be ECSTATIC to have me back downstairs in our basement sewing/cat heaven.  I let her perch on the plywood that MacGyver clamped to the dining table for my OTT-lite today for a little bit, as she so loves to sit beside the machine.
She didn't stay there too long, but I think I'll move her cat pouffé there and she might change her mind.  She's not allowed on the table, so this might not be such a good idea...

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  1. This feels like a lot of celebration in one post. I'm eating some reese's peanut butter chips to celebrate (mmm!). :) I'm excited to hear you passed 200 followers on Bloglovin' that's really awesome, and the quilt top looks great. I hope you have fun quilting it.

  2. Congrats to the winners and to you on your followers. :) Your quilt top is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your quilting magic (Monkey's new favorite word) on it.

  3. And to think your humble sister was your first (and only bahaha) follower for....a while. :) Congrats on 200!!
    Auntie Joyce will LOVE this quilt ❤
    Nice mail surprise!
    Maybe Bella thinks the hum of your machine is a giant mother cat purring LOL

  4. 200 followers congrats. Beautiful quilt that will only get better with your quilting.

  5. Congratulations on such a great response to your giveaway and on 200 followers! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your bundles!

  6. I must say I'm delighted to have won a prize . 200 followers ! That is fantastic . Take the zero off for my total !!

  7. I want those bundles! I can email you my address ;) haha They are gorgeous! Umm, but that flimsy stole the show on this post - it is most beautiful! I hope you got it all quilted up last night! Cannot wait to see it come to life even more after you work your magic on it :)

    Congrats to Marly and Helen!! And congrats to you my friend for reaching the 200 mark. It won't be long and you will be celebrating 300!

  8. Lots of things to be sew excited and happy about here! Congratulations to Helen and Marly for their fun wins! And to you for your two bundle surprise too! Also for passing that 200 mark! And that's just on Bloglovin'. There are many more ways people follow you - Wahoo!
    Your Aunt's quilt is beautiful, both in design and in it's scrappy richness, and I'm sure she'll love it!

  9. Congrats to Helen and Marly!! It's good to see Bella's smiling face beside your machine. I'm glad you bent the rules for her a little bit. But give them and inch they take the whole planet so be careful :)

  10. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check out Modern By The Yard. I didn't have enough ways to spend time on the computer. :D
    Is Bella giving you the evil eye or is she trying to hypnotize you?

  11. This is a party post! :) Congrats to the winners and congrats to you for receiving so much happy mail!! And 200 followers - whoop! Thanks for celebrating with Main Crush Monday!


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