Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sunny Days

There has been a dearth of them around here of late...

Sometimes words pop into my head from who knows where (probably from a book I read) and I think, "Hmm is that really the right word?"  Enter Google, and yep, the brain was actually right: dearth means "a scarcity, lack."  So that might explain why I needed, like really needed to make this easy-to-piece flimsy instead of working on my Crafted Appliqué project for the hop that is going on right now! Click here for Lara's intro post and the schedule.  Thirty, count 'em, 30 bloggers are helping to promote her book!  And yours truly is one of them.  On the 17. And there are tons of giveaways of her book!

Today I have the companion to Blue Skies, which named itself before it came into being.
Blue Skies

I was sort of thinking baby quilt with Blue Skies, and then, hmm, blue for boy, what about girl, pink with yellow...bought that Windham fat quarter bundle in pinks and yellows (note this link takes you to a different bundle--which I think would look AWESOME in my or anyone's design--the one I got is no longer in stock), made that pink and yellow Three Quarter Patch Tote both items from Craftsy...
I added in a few more fabrics, because when it comes to fabric, more is always better.

Cut off a 2.5 strip of each, added in some LOVELY white on white from Connecting Threads, called Leaf Lines, and eventually had this flimsy.  I added one more row to make it rectangular because some people, (hello Jasmine!),  prefer rectangular quilts, and also to show another possibility.
First layout on the design wall
I liked the idea of sprinkling the yellows and pinks throughout the quilt.  However, I thought I'd just see what a little more order would do...
Nope...besides I'd have had to ditch 3 pink blocks and make 3 more yellow ones
Decided against the order.  However, this design would lend itself well to a rainbow effect n'est-ce pas?  Tuck that idea away for the future...  Tweaked a few spots as some of the really bright pinks needed separating a bit.
Final layout
Spent a little quality time sewing with my darling friend Tish on the weekend, okay and Bella too, who, shocker, loves this new quilt:

and then finished this up on Monday.

Love the shadows created by the Black Walnut trees, and some sunshine!

This will go in my Etsy store, which is almost open!!  Apparently I have to have at least one item for sale before it is official...but it has a name! Big reveal when the quilts are in the store.  This quilt is on the Avanté about a quarter quilted. :-)

And!  I am writing up the pattern for the quilt, in both size options, with two cutting options for the white background as well. It is perfect for jelly rolls.  I hope to have the pattern for sale (yes, this one I am charging for) in my Craftsy pattern store in the month of May for May Makers, see sidebar for button.  Both quilts should be in the Etsy store within a couple of days.  Eeek!

Another eek! The sales of Pocketful of Sunshine are up to 2121 as of today!!  Holy wow! (it's a freebie from moi for you, mwah!)

May is for Makers.  Great post on this concept, here at LR Stitched, one which I have LIVED. Basically, choosing NOT to look at Blue Skies and Sunny Days and say, "Ha, I can figure that out," (we've all, myself included, been there, done that) but support the designer who spends hours upon hours designing, making, and writing up a pattern (that makes this designer want to throw things, like the laptop, out the flippin' window at times).  Skip the Starbucks one day and spend those $$ buying a pattern from a designer.  :-)

had to sneak in another shot of those fab potholders ;-)
Speaking of making...I follow Pinch of Yum, and made this dish, Healing Bowls, on Monday, because I saw it that day on her blog, and was like, uh HUH! We have almost everything on hand.  I substituted spinach for the arugula, and fried, rather than poached, an egg in just a smidge of butter.  To DIE for.   Sweet potatoes, brown rice and quinoa, spinach, egg, lemony-herb dressing drizzled over and sprinkled with almonds.  I need to make this again.  Like now.
'k bye. (as only Brady can say so very well!)
Linking up with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts who has a wonderful runner to show you that she created with Lara's Crafted Appliqué technique...and a giveaway!


  1. That is a lovely quilt. Your cat is gorgeous. Is it a ragdoll? Because Bella looks a lot like our Biscuit.

  2. I am excited to see both of these quilts in an Etsy store for you (and I am sooooo curious about what name you chose!). :)

  3. Yes, what name did you choose?? Inquiring minds want to know ;) They are both beautiful quilts. Congrats on the store and the finishes and the productivity!

  4. When I read your post title, I keep singing the Sesame Street theme song. Where did that come from???? Congrats on your finish and your Etsy store. I need to figure out which patterns I'm going to buy for May is for Makers.

  5. I love this pattern...both ways...and well, I have a tone of fat quarters so book marked your post! THANKS for the inspiration Sandra. V

  6. Looks like Bella and your rectangular-quilt-loving-friend love this quilt. ;) It is great seeing it in the more feminine colors. You are right. It would look pretty awesome in rainbow as well.

  7. I really like both of these quilts. Are you going to quilt the second one the same way? Those feathers in the blue one are stunning. Simple piecing is what I like so get that pattern posted! :-)

  8. The pink and yellow is adorable. Congrats on your Etsy store.

  9. I think that is the most serious look I have seen on Miss Bella's face. Are you sure she can't keep this quilt? Get that Etsy store open so we can all know the name :)

  10. So glad (after so much pestering about it from your dear younger sister, lol) your store is almost ready for its grand opening!! Oh Bella!❤

  11. This rectanglar quilt lovin' friend also loves your Sunny days quilt. We gotta have some sun sometime don't we! I woke to sunshine today and thought oh it is gonna be a great day. Hmh now where or where did that sun go-cuz I sure don't see it anymore!!

  12. I too love rectangular quilts and this one is no exception. Will be looking for your pattern coming out Sandra. And who could not love Bella. Looked up the Healing Bowl recipe and just might have to make that for dinner-Yum!

  13. Blue Skies and Sunny Days - a perfect pair in every way Sandra!
    Congratulations on 2121 downloads for Pocketful of Sunshine! That is absolutely amazing!
    Thank you for the Blog Hop shout out too. :)
    Now I want to go make a Healing Bowl too!

  14. How exciting about your Etsy store! Congrats! I love the pink and yellow version of your quilt. Looks fabulous!


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