Thursday, October 13, 2016

Q4 FAL List

First of all, how did I do from Q3?
The first goal was finishing Dayna's grad quilt.  Done!

The second was finishing the Rainbow Rose QAL which I named Rainbow Kitty Rows.  Done!

Third was a half hexagon quilt which I called Fall Resplendence.  Done!
Fourth was making a walleye potholder/hot mat/mini quilt for MacGyver.  Done!

The next five did not happen.
4/9 is not so good.  However I am still very very pleased with these four.  Let's not forget I finished my mini round robin which wasn't on the list, although it was on OMG for September.  I finished it Oct 1 LOL.  I also made a few little fabric baskets, another rounded edge bag, a mini, and two pairs of pj bottoms.


Here is what I hope to accomplish by the end of 2016!
1.  A secret project for a blog hop sponsored by Paintbrush Studio.
2.  A second small giveaway project with the above fabric leftovers.

3.  Radiance

4. Midnight Mystery - the top is done and I have the backing; just need to throw it on Avril and quilt it up fast.

5.  This other secret project

And I will stop there.  I know!  I always have 8-10 items (in reality there's about 20 probably; who am I kidding).  This next one is not going to count, as in order to qualify for the prizes, the item has to be a finished, usable project.

Finish the flimsy by the end of 2016 for the Cows quilt, but this one won't count for the Q4 FAL.
Ten done! An eleventh is 3/4 done! Getting close...
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  1. Well, I needed to have 26 blocks done for Autumn Jubilee, I did, they are all done, ironed and trimmed, hardly needing any off to give that 6.5 inch square. Photo shoot, Boris helped, and poster to Flikr. You have managed to finish so much, lovely rainbow colours.

  2. Sandra, all of your projects are always lovely, but the quilting in Dayna's Quilt as well as your Rainbow Kitty Rows is just magnificent. You should definitely enter them both in a show!!
    Pugs and kisses,

  3. You have got a lot going on there Sandra. And, crazy as you tend to be, I suspect you will get it done! :-)

  4. I love your finishes from last quarter. I wish you the best on reaching your goals this quarter. :)

  5. At first I was like, a second secret project?? Girl, we can't have secrets! Then I realized, I in fact know what it is :P I have complete faith that you will have these projects tackled in no time at all. I'm over here cheering for you!

  6. I am obviously biased but definitely excited to see Radiance finished. :) It will be lovely watching you make progress on all of these goals.

  7. I think that's an entirely doable list as long as you resist the temptation to even look sideways at anything else . Can't wait to see your secret projects . They look fun

  8. A nice long lists, should be enough to keep you out of trouble...maybe. Secret projects hmmm.

  9. You did really great in the last quarter. We always hope to get more done, but life happens and we have to go with the flow. Can't wait to see what you finish in the next quarter. Your cow blocks are so cute, by the way!

  10. Such beautiful finishes, I am in love with the quilting you have done on each.

  11. These quilts are all so beautiful! Wonderful finishes ♥

  12. My goodness - you are a powerhouse working away like that! Lots of projects, but also lots of finishes. Love the idea of secret projects - why not?

  13. Wonderful.... so busy as always and you managed to get such a lot finished. Your quilting is so beautiful as always... looking forward to Q4 accomplishments😀 hugs from over the water xxxx

  14. Wonderful.... so busy as always and you managed to get such a lot finished. Your quilting is so beautiful as always... looking forward to Q4 accomplishments😀 hugs from over the water xxxx

  15. Congrats on your Q3 finishes and good luck for your Q4 - you have some wonderful projects in there Sandra!

  16. A few secret projects on that list. Looking forward to hearing more about them. Good luck with your goals.

  17. Holy cow!!! That is a lot on your plate. Regardless, you have to find time to listen to my whining:-)
    Ooh those fall fabrics are so gorgeous. I have designs on those Kaffe fabrics.

  18. Those cows really caught my eye, they are so fun! What pattern are using for them?

  19. so soft looking.. they look like little wash cloths.


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