Friday, December 8, 2017

Rainbow Vibes Finish

This little quilt has been all done for a couple of weeks, and actually has gone to a few yoga classes with me. I just haven't sat down to write up the finish post.  It was one of my Q4 goals for the 2017 Finish Along. My list is here.

This is my own design, Ribbon Stars, no revolutionary block, but a bit of a fun setting. This is the fourth time I've made my pattern, each version a bit different. You can get it for free in my Craftsy store. (affiliate link) I hope you're remembering (gulp, I haven't every day) to check the deal of the day with their Twelve Days of Christmas specials. Today is 60% off Boundless Lily and Loom; I actually bought some in a previous sale that I am going to get my hands on tomorrow when it arrives!

Like the majority of my quilts, this one has a bit of a story, one of the 'full circle' kind.  It begins with me reading Benartex's blog, Sew In Love With Fabric. Last summer, 2016, they announced that they were going to be putting out an ezine, Modern By the Yard, and if you subscribed, and then sent them emails of five friends who you think would also like to subscribe, you could win some fabric. Well, I did! To all three of the above! They sent me two bundles, 15 fat quarters in total:

and asked me to let them know what I made with the lovely fabrics. I used some of the yellows in various projects here and there, and some of the purple and orange in my Uncle Frank's quilt, con fuoco. The bundle of Fleurish, by Maria Kalinowski, sat in its stack, (despite being cut into, I always folded it back up all purty) for some time.  I don't know exactly when, but I decided to remake Ribbon Stars, with no borders, using Fleurish. I decided I'd do three stars with cool colour star points, and three with warm, and run the ROYG in the ribbon centres. Outside of the no waste flying geese, I sewed the top on Billie, my 1947 Featherweight.

This was before I'd bought my Little Foot (which I adore --that is an affiliate link btw, and I see it's still on sale), and was using the seam guide you see there. The seam guide works great except for sewing on either side of a drawn line... And thus, I made Rainbow Vibes. There was no red in the bundle so I used one from my stash that blended really well with the others.
Finished flimsy back on October 8 in the hedges
Does anyone know just what this hedge and vine is? Our neighbour doesn't. It's amazing how it grows so densely around the chain link fencing; you would never know the fence is there.
So strange to flower in October! There are red berries in another place, but our neighbour says there are two bushes along here, a trumpet vine (of which there is extremely little, drat) and wisteria (but I thought it was purple). I am pretty sure I've determined there are three different plants along the fence.
Anyhow, the quilt top got set to one side while other projects took a front seat.

At the end of November I popped it on the frame and spent a couple of days quilting it.

Judi Madsen's star motif - love this, third time I've used it. Such fun to quilt. Here you see my blue lines marking the square shape I created in the background.

The white space was calling, so I had some fun! I tried very hard to emulate Kathleen's Onion Peel quilting motif. It looks simple... I drew it several times... but it's harder than one thinks! Maybe doing it for the first time on a 45° angle was not such a good idea... Meh, this is my quilt, and overall I like the effect, and hey, one has to start somewhere right?
You can see some of the Onion Peel motif on the right, some ghost pinwheels in the top left corner, and the dot to dot motifs I did.

I used an older rainbow stripe from my stash to bind it, (it matched perfectly!), machine stitching it for speed.

I tried to get the sun to show the quilting texture, hanging it off a tree branch of course:

But I actually got a better see-through pic there, LOL
Love it! We had a gorgeous November, as you can see from the healthy green grass. This was the 24th.
I actually (gasp!) forgot to sew on a fabric label before quilting it, so I did one in the corner, Jasmine-style.

I had barely finished writing on the label, when someone made herself comfy on the quilt. Cat-approved, as always!
The backing is a piece I snagged at JoAnn's in Detroit on a good sale, knowing I'd need a few rainbow-type backings for my RSC2017 projects. Here's another look:
Yes, that shot is after it was all washed up, nice and crinkly texture.

Would you like to see the front all crinkly?
I actually think the first shot, of the unwashed quilt, shows the quilting a bit better. I am happy that I did get a kind of "squares" effect in the centre row. I also like the effect of the ghost pinwheel blocks in the top two corners.

So this quilt happened because of my win of Benartex fabric with the launch of their ezine, Modern By the Yard. By the end of this year I will have had three of my designs featured in various issues of this ezine! Kind of comes full circle, doesn't it? And the third quilt, the latest is...another rainbow quilt, 😊🌈 but because it's coming out in the next issue, I can't show you. I do think you will like it! I can show you the fabric:
Dot Crazy by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, should be in stores now

I designed another shadow quilt, which I plan to run as a Quilt Along in the spring of 2018, like I did Freefall, so watch for the ezine. You may want to sign up for email notifications for the Sew In Love With Fabric blog, so you'll know when the issue is out and you can download your copy!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Ribbon Stars mmm! quilts design here on Craftsy)
Size: 36X39" pre-washing; 35X37 3/8" after washing
Fabric:  Fleurish by Maria Kalinowski for Kanvas Studio
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 cotton/polyester
Quilted: on Avril my Avanté;
Threads:  pieced with GĂŒtermann cotton; quilted with Superior Threads So Fine! #401 50 wt and Aurifil 3817 50 wt

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