Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Like/Love #12

Sometimes it's hard to write I Like/Love posts when you're feeling blue. However, there is always someone worse off than you, and I know in these times, it can be a way to remind oneself that there are still positive good things in one's life.

1. I like blue and green together; it's my favourite colour combination. I didn't think at first of that when I took the picture below, but writing a caption on Instagram was when I realized, ha.

2. I like cats. Even though they are often a PITA, my Bella, no exception. Her nickname, and should've been her real name, is Sassy, because she IS. But they are just the best. My good friend Linda sent me this link:

Wonderful photos of these wonderful beings who add so much to our lives.

3. I like quilt alongs, both hosting and participating.  I'm hosting Postcard from Sweden beginning February 14. You can find the schedule and details here.
A selection of Kona that Helen and I are sharing.
I participated in Yvonne's Wayward Transparency QAL.
It is done! Before we left for Florida, hence the snow pics.
I hope you'll come back tomorrow when I'm hosting TGIFF (Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday) for the first time! You will also be able to read more about the meaning behind my quilt and see a couple, haha, more photos of this quilt.

5. I love yoga. I'm looking forward to practising this morning with Liana, my teacher in Sarasota at Rosemary Court Yoga.

Linking up with LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color where you can read several more gratitude posts.


  1. Love that spiral quilting, and snow? Florida must seem so tropical after the northern cold.

  2. And bloggers worldwide like/love you, your great blog, and pics of your beautiful cat!

  3. I guess reminding ourselves of what we love when we're blue is a good habit.
    And, by the way, Bella... she is just a hoot!
    (Watch for the mail delivery man on Saturday...!!! Maybe something to make you feel "red" instead of blue!)

  4. A sweet, gentle reminder to always look for the good. :-)

  5. Love the colors in the wayward transparency quilt. Great quilting too. Love the colors with the palm tree green and gorgeous blue sky. I started to comment then had to go look at the cats...and forgot what I was doing. The building your yoga instructor is in, is fabulous. Love the colors.

  6. Enjoy the warmth and sun. Letting it melt your blues away.

  7. Aargh, wish I had known you were hosting TGIFF..... because Yvonne delayed her deadline date, I delayed my finish (always did work to the deadline!)

  8. Love your Bella photos and the link to the cats and their bed choices- those were hilarious! I've never lived with a cat, but recently was sewing at a friend's house who does have a cat and was so entertained! I had batting laid out on the floor to measure it and the cat crawled in underneath it. She was so funny!

  9. I didn't know you lived in FLorida? I'm from Tampa. I love Sarasota. Being stuck in this ice flow of a state at the moment, I enjoyed seeing the lush greenery of Sarasota. Thanks as always for linking up. If I ever finish anything again, I want to link to your party!LeeAnna

  10. What a great giggle looking at those cat photos! It's a good lesson to find the positive even when we're feeling there isn't any right now.


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