Monday, March 25, 2019

Beothuk Star Quilt Along

Mark your calendars for the commencement of the third annual QAL here at mmm! quilts. Once again, you will be making one of my own original designs. This year's quilt is not a shadow quilt; however, it does have a wee surprise, which, if you know me at all, is something I love to incorporate in my quilt designs.

This is the graphic for this year's QAL. Feel free to grab it and put it on your sidebar. I'll be starting a hashtag for Instagram too: #beothukstarqal
This year's quilt is 42.5" square. What does the quilt look like? Read on to find out!

The quilt is mainly made up of lots and lots of triangles. Aka HSTs! Therefore, it's pretty simple, with colour placement being a key to getting that centre star to pop. Surprise! All 16 blocks are identical but for strategic colour placement. There are two more colour options, see below, but be sure to check back on April 3 when I'm back with more details and the list of my amazing and generous sponsors.

This will once again be a fairly relaxed QAL, with two weeks between steps, and the final linky party open for a week on, as per the first year, my beloved dad's birthday, which was June 15, 'the birthday of a famous Canadian,' as he was wont to write on the calendar each year. While continuing to work through cleaning out my parents' house, my younger sister, Linda, found this calendar from 1964:

I just love this. So much.

Basic deets:

The QAL will officially start on April 3 where you will get the official list and bio of my much-appreciated sponsors. On June 15, the final linky party opens for finished tops or fully quilted quilts. It will remain open for one full week. (so technically you have until June 22 to finish up your quilt😉)

I am super-excited to announce that my main sponsor for this year's QAL is Bernie of Needle & Foot!

Briefly (more next week on the main post), Bernie and I were in the New Quilt Bloggers group back in 2015. She writes a very informative blog, and very actively gives back to her community, both near and far. She also has a most lovely shop. Last year Bernie asked me if I would like to be one of the eleven quilters who curated a Blogger Bundle for her shop. I was so honoured to have been chosen. Here is my bundle:

and the project I made:
You can check out this post to see the other side of the bag, which is different, and to read more about the making of the bag. The bundle was very well received and I think I may have mused to Bernie that I should do a QAL with it, or maybe it was Wendy or Roseanne who mused... Any-who. Bernie jumped at the idea, and well, here we are.
Ahh! The bag travelled with me to Cuba at the beginning of March.


Now there is a minor problem. The bag used six fat quarters, which is what the original blogger bundle contained. The original Beothuk Star only uses three fabrics, plus 1.75 yards of background fabric. Have no fear; if you want to use the sand coloured fabric you see along the top of the bag as your background, you can order some more from Bernie. Or, you could use background fabric from your stash. Then, here's what you can do:

1. Use the remaining five fabrics from your original bundle (remember the sand is background). You will need to make the stars in different colours rather than all out of one, like the mottled purple/gold batik I used. There is enough fabric in one fat quarter to cut out two star parts. Here is one possibility using the fat quarter bundle plus extra yardage for background:

2. Option 2 is to make all four stars different colours, which means you would need six fabrics plus background. I chose one more fabric, just a fat quarter is all you will need, from Bernie's shop for this option. This updated kit is now available in Bernie's shop. It contains 1.75 yards of the sand-coloured fabric, as well as a fat quarter of the new addition, the pink/purple triangles print.

Here is what the quilt might look like:

Of course you can move the fabrics around wherever you like!

3. I've curated a new kit with which I'll be sewing along with you for this QAL. I am thinking sweet little girl baby quilt on this.

This kit is now available in Bernie's shop. It contains binding as well as 1.75 yards of the hap-hap-happy Sunny Side Up print for background. We won't be starting the actual cutting until April 17 so you have lots of time to get yours. Check back here or on her blog, or on Instagram for either of us, @mmmquilts or @needleandfoot as we'll post  as soon as they are available.
UPDATE: Both kits are now available.

Here is what the new quilt will look like:

Of course you can always sew your stash as well. Remember one fat quarter will do two stars.

If you plan on sewing along, be sure to grab the graphic at the top of this post for your blog. I'd love for you to spread the word. I am working on getting a Canadian quilt shop to curate a kit, so check back on that too, if you are a Canadian quilter wanting to participate! Not that you can't order from Bernie, but it takes longer, and Customs...etc...

See you back here next week, April 3 for the kick-off! In the meantime, I'll be busy designing more quilts for the 30 Quilt Designs Challenge (still lots of room for more peeps; just click the graphic below to read the post. Then just email or tag me on IG with your first design and I'll get you into the private FB group)...
...and I'll be busy this week continuing to work on Design #1 for the Island Batik March challenge!


  1. This QAL is going to be a lot of fun!! I LOVE the photo of your father's handiwork on the calendar. Wouldn't it be fun to print a picture of the calendar (as you posted here) and frame it next to your very famous Canadian? How cute!

    Can't wait to work with you on the QAL - if anyone has questions about the kit or using the bundle you may have purchased last fall, feel free to email me. Listings are up for the kits and there is yardage for the background if you need it. My contact info: Happy Sewing!

  2. I can’t resist this star quilt! Plus, your new colorways really inspired me to make a baby quilt. Thanks for sharing the calendar photo with your dad’s note — so great! It brightened my morning.

  3. By the way, I love the design sketch. All. The. Heart Eyes! Can’t wait to see the quilt and I would be in line to get the pattern. Nice work!

  4. Your QALs are fun and I always get a great quilt and use it! Oh, and have lots of fun too!!

  5. You know I'm in on the QAL -- can't wait, and the timing is perfect since the fun begins after I'm back home on the 17th. Your dad had a fun sense of humor, and I understand how precious seeing that note is to you. (That's why I can't part with my grandmother's handwritten recipes!)

  6. YIPPEE! I've been waiting and waiting for this QAL and my fabrics are saved as well. Woohoo. Now to figure out which layout to use. Good thing you've given us a little time to figure that out. OH, I love seeing your dad's handwriting on the calendar. ~big smile~ I am very sentimental that way. You'd be amazed at the things I've saved just for the handwriting. Someone will be annoyed at me when I'm gone and have to clean out all those important papers. Can't wait for more details! Happy Monday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I'm in, of course. Not a fan of lots of HST, but a big fan of playing along with you! I too love to find and keep little remembrances of the past. I have this cookie jar from my maternal grandmother and often look at the recipe cards written in my mom's hand.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this email. Count me in. Love the calendar with your dad’s writing, I bet he had a great sense of humour.

  9. It is that time of year again! Woot! Woot! I'll have to dig through my stash and see what I can find

  10. The possibilities of fabric choices is endless with this one. A beautiful quilt!

  11. I am in!!! I have resisted so many QAL lately, BOM and more,in trying to move some projects to the finish line. Meantime Healing Hearts took over, and have 21 blocks appliqued, 6 of the 9 patch squares done, 15 to go, and all the other greens cut out. What a birthday, and a wonderful find. That is a keeper.

  12. I'm in again. Love the different settings you've shown...especially the 2nd. Mostly, I love working on one QAL at a time and just finished the last. Love your Dad's sense of humor. What a way to enjoy the difficult task of cleaning out a lifetime of memories.

  13. Did you know that 3 is my favorite number? I think you are going to have a fun and wonderful QAL and I am excited to see all the versions that are created!

  14. My mother's roots are 8n Newfoundland. I also subscribe to Bernie's Needle and Foot blog. Just curious how you arrived at the name Beothuk Star? And please sign me up for the QAL.

  15. Ooh, so tempting! That bundle you put together with Bernie is just gorgeous! It's going to make a beautiful quilt!

  16. I'm in!! Love both collections of fabric. But will you provide fabric requirements if we want to do a three-colour version like the original?

  17. This one will be so fun! Such a great design, and you always give such detailed and accurate descriptions of each step. Thanks for sharing your talents once again, oh you daughter of Canadian Fame :)

  18. Such fun! What a beautiful design!

  19. I'm very interested! I've clicked on the link you provided in a previous post for the Beothuk Star pattern, but it isn't on Bluprint. Did I miss the link in this post, or will you provide it next week?
    Love the nod to your Dad's birthday, and I love his sense of humor. :)

  20. Don't know how I'm going to find time but I am doing this QAL!

  21. I couldn't comment on your last post so it is here...Stunning colours and those interlockings show up so well against the paler surrounding space. Love it. By the time the Beothuk Star starts, I hope all my other WIP are done!!!