Thursday, March 28, 2019

I Like/Love #26

This month is jam-packed with gratitude, which is good because it's had some angst as well! I link this monthly post up with LeeAnna each month at Not Afraid of Color where you can find many other like-minded peeps writing about likes and loves. It's a weekly linkup but you join in whenever you want.

1. I like Cuba. A lot. I loved our trip there the first week in March. The media gives it, like so many other things (pitbulls, immigrants) a bad rap, and I have a post planned to help put these not-such-a-great-country thoughts in the BZZZT! Wrong! category.
Both MacGyver and I were pretty much speechless, me with a big ol' lump in my throat, at the beauty of the beach in Varadero, which we had almost all, miles and miles of it, to ourselves:
Stunning, breathtaking water colours

It was the first time we've ever stayed in a resort. It was nice to be pampered! I wish they'd had more Cuban food, but MacGyver said he ate some of the best pork and beef he's ever tasted (and he's a carnivore so he'd know), and I loved the Cuban yogurt, especially the drinkable kind! I also loved the way they do their butter pats!

 Our maid was sweet on a few occasions and took extra time to fashion the extra blanket on our bed.

2. I like PBS. My mum did too, and was an avid supporter. I watch them as much, if not more than I watch CBC. Recently, I learned about The Blacklist, a list that screenwriters want to get on! Basically it's a way for budding screenwriters to get in contact with filmmakers. Kind of like a place for budding quilt designers to get in touch with magazines! I was surprised to learn that several recent Oscar winners have come from this list, only two of which I can remember, "The King's Speech" and "Slumdog Millionaire" both of which I've seen and loved.

3. I like Jann Arden. I've seen her twice in concert and she is AWESOME. She has a new show, 'Jann', on CTV. I've watched the first episode, and it was freaking hilarious. Rufus was quite taken with it too!
A like within a like: I like homemade Caesar salad dressing which is what is in the blender there!

4. I just finished my sixth book of the year, Full Disclosure by Beverley McLachlin. It was really good, so good, in fact, that I read it at breakfast, lunch, and then sat with my afternoon tea and finished it, when I should've been pedal to the metal finishing up my Island Batik March challenge flimsy. Here's a sneak peek:
5. I cannot say enough about how incredibly intense these batiks are!! I love seeing something I sketched on graph paper come to life! This is my Design #1/30 in the 30 Quilt Designs Challenge that I'm hosting in a private Facebook group this year. If you want to join in, there's plenty of time, just email or message me with your first design and I'll invite you into the group.

4... (I interrupted myself there, ha) Anyhow back to the book. I found out about it on International Women's Day when CBC did an article, 15 Canadian Women We're Looking To This International Women's Day. Beverley was the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, and the longest serving chief justice in Canadian history. She only retired in 2017, and this is her first book. It's a very good read, about a young criminal lawyer. I went to my library site and put it, and another, a YA (Young Adult) one on hold, Ayesha At Last. It's written by Uzma Jalaluddin, and has already been acquired for film by Hollywood. I really like YA Lit.

5. Speaking of my library, when I went to pick these two books up, they'd switched out a couple of my quilts, so I took a photo. I like seeing my work displayed like this! It's quite a rush, and I think, 'wow, I did that?!'

And, guess what? They've asked me to return in the fall as a guest artist.

6. I love seeing the spring flowers popping up everywhere. We've had daffodils up for a couple of weeks, but no buds yet. These snowdrops I spied a week ago, and just this week there are bunches of adorable small yellow flowers in my neighbours' yard. I think it might be Winter Aconite, but I'll have to ask her. Here are the snowdrops. We have a grassy, woodsy lane down the centre of our neighbourhood loop that goes straight down to the lake.

7. I love Lake Erie. A few days ago I took my latest quilt finish down to the end of my street for a photo shoot. I soaked up the sights and sounds of the water, in the sparkling sun.
Isn't that a gorgeous colour? Those are chunks of ice bobbing around, the latest we've seen ice, but then February was a brutal month.

8. I have a post started on quilt inspiration. I find it everywhere. Last weekend we went to the Fox Theatre in Detroit for a Jimi Hendrix tribute evening, a Christmas gift from Brianne. We thought it would be a tribute band, but no, it was a collection of big name artists paying tribute to Jimi's work. I'm not a fan, but my husband is. We were blown away by the theatre, and by the huge names that performed: Jonny Lang, Taj Mahal, Joe Satriani, Los Lobos... and on and on. It was mind-blowing, both artists and venue.
It was also ear-blowing... I said I should've worn earplugs and MacGyver scoffed at me, but even he said it was too much for his ears by the end! It took until after lunch the next day for my ears to lose the cotton wool feeling. Haven't had that since we saw Melissa Etheridge back in the late 90s.  The theatre was originally built in 1928, and fully restored in 1988, and it is breathtaking.
I think I could go to ten events here and still see new things each time. I wasn't the only one taking lots of photos of my surroundings! Stay tuned for the inspiration post.

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  1. Good Morning Sandra! Wowee - the ceiling of that theater is just gorgeous. I can definitely see a quilt inspiration there. You have the lake right at the end of your block?? Lucky dawg. Look at how dark blue it looks - signifies cold to me and of course the ice chunks floating about doesn't help. Ahh the snowdrops in bloom are so nice and surely are a sign of Spring. How cool that you get to be a guest artist in the fall at the library - will they want another three quilts? They have a lovely display space for everyone to enjoy your quilts. Oh, and thanks for the book recommendation. I popped right over to the library website and requested it - I had to laugh right out loud at how you interrupted yourself. HAHA! Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh, protect your ears! As one who has pretty severe hearing loss, I can't say this enough. Anyway, loved your post and all the photos. That water is just stunning! Seeing your quilts in all their eye-popping glory is so cool! How fun! So many good things to celebrate!

  3. I am with Wendy. My hearing is terrible - I don't understand why the concerts are so incredibly loud. I went to one about 10 years ago and no more for me. Plus it gave me a migraine (as everything does LOL)
    I love these posts. It is a great way to keep a positive perspective. Maybe I should jump on board and write one each month or so. This one was a lovely read. Thanks Sandra.

  4. You always have the most interesting likes, and I like them all! Sounds like a fascinating and wonderful trip to Cuba. Beautiful snowdrops and Lake Erie and quilt designs, too!

  5. Wow, open water, lol! There's none of that around here. Our bay is still frozen solid enough for snowmobiles to drive on. Your quilt blocks are looking great so far :)

  6. So much beauty in your post from the Cuban beach to the gorgeous theater! How amazing it must be to see your quilts on display. Love all the spring flowers blooming. Lucky you living next to one of the Great Lakes. We just visited Lake Superior last summer and my family almost left me there as I didn't want to go home. Adding your beautiful lake to my "some day" places to visit list. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Enjoyed your pictures and hearing about Cuba, the ocean looks so clear. Congrats on being a guest speaker next year.

  8. Wow! That is one like and love packed post! Everything is stunning and so much fun. Like you, I really love vex Cuba! The resort we stayed at was older and staffed by sweet, funny people! The beaches, water and sand were breathtaking! So was coming out of the water when a boat pulled up beside me to catch the barracuda that was swimming right beside me! I’m looking forward to returning next winter with friends. They go twice a year! Can’t wait to see your next Island Batik project! Happy Spring!

  9. What a fabulous post! I loved everything...a beautiful vacation with deserved pampering; spring having sprung already in your neck of the it; your lovely quilts on display; gorgeous ceiling- inspiring too.
    I went to one Jann Arden was in St.John's Nl, besides her voice she is funny. The power went out for about 10 minutes and she kept us laughing the whole time...all off the cuff humour.Such talent.

  10. Wow, Sandra! Great photos!
    The Cuban beach looks amazing! Love that you have Lake Erie at the end of your road ..... such an excellent backdrop for all your photo shoots, I am so envious!
    Oh, wow, that’s great having your quilts on show at your local library. You deserve it! Your quilts are amazing! Are the cushions yours too?
    Barbara xx

  11. WOW! I love your Island Batik start, can't wait to see the finish. Love those water shots! I am tone deaf so music and I don't mix so well, hubby loves music though. As for Jann I watched it and thought I don't know about it.

  12. wow, Cuba! We went to an exhibit on Cuba at the Denver Science museum and I got a book of posters that is so inspirational. I love Cuban food, being from Tampa it was daily for us. Miss it. Rufus is so cute, all sitting still for a minute and not chewing up the tv and all. Your Island batik is sure interesting... I like their intense colors but their batiks are some of the most strong smelling ones, can't use them even after several washings. Oy.
    What a great list of likes Sandra! Thanks for joining us... pets to Rufus if he lets you!

  13. Snowdrops are pretty! I don't think I've seen any around here. We used to live down the street from a Cuban restaurant (the chef was from Cuba - she was wonderful!). I miss it, terribly. It sounds like you had a good time! Congrats on your quilts at the library. They're gorgeous!

  14. Definitely lots of fun favorites this week. My Guy is a big Jimmy Hendryx fan, unfortunately I never developed a taste for his music.

  15. A lot to like this week! No flowers springing up here, so I like seeing yours. We lived in Detroit for a time and it was a nice memory to see the Fox again. Always looking for a good book, so thanks for the Full Disclosure recommendation. Joining you from Wandering Camera.

  16. A very lovely collection of love/like in this post, Sandra. The water body photos of the beach and Lake Erie are beautiful. So different, and both so appealing. I love seeing your quilt collection at the library. Snowdrops - my favourite flower. It's too warm where I live for them to grow, but I seek them out in our travels.

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


  17. Great news about the library display. I wondered if CJ's book was good. I'll have to check it out.


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