Saturday, January 30, 2021

DrEAMi #48

Welcome to another year of chasing squirrels, of all things Drop everything And Make it! The photo below is one of several on this great (pretty hard) quiz on CBC Kids. I scored 2/8 so clearly I don't know nearly enough about squirrels. I do know that I have as many quilt projects either on the go or planned for this year as the leaves in this squirrel's mouth!
DavidBarber - Flickr
I haven't really had a DrEAMi this month, unless you count the Project Quilting makes. It's not for lack of temptation, but so far I have kept my head down and been a good girl. Boooorrring. Says the squirrelly part of me. Oh I did pull out some 2.5" and 3" squares and actually cut some 3" ones and made a few bear paw blocks with 4-patches for the paws, but shhh, it wasn't a DrEAMi because it was only two blocks, and 'just to see' and 'so that I remember this' and maybe it will be another leader/ender project if I finish my pinwheel binding triangles leader/ender one... Do I sound like I'm avoiding declaring a new start? I may be. It's all Yvonne's (Sew Yummy) fault. I saw her scrap project, and well, ding-ding-ding! I have lots of appropriate fabric to make that... Betcha can't resist...

So, last month Anne Marie at Stories from the Sewing Room made this fabulous reindeer cushion. I want one!

And Pat @we10mom made my cup cozy and a matching potholder (great idea!) with the remainder of the fat quarter! Just adorable.

When I went to screenshot this, I discovered she didn't make just one....she made two!
Nothing makes me happier than when people make my patterns. This is a free download on my blog under the Tutorials tab.

Well let's see what squirrels you've chased over this past long month! Thank you so much for linking up your fun projects! I really think that especially now, quick little satisfying makes help lift our spirits.

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  1. I'm also looking at Yvonne's quilts. She's got so many bright ones. I actually was inspired to start one with her inspiration last year. The top is finished.

  2. Oh no!! I clicked on the link to Yvonne's quilt..and I want to make one. Like now! All I can say is Sandra made me do

  3. Wow, as many squirrels as there are in Alabama, you would think I would do better than 4/8.

  4. Guess what, I was "sitting" in a virtual quilt class and your yoga quilt was shown - Stephanie from Hobbs....I will send you the screen shot...also lots of IB tablerunners - yours made me so happy to see.

  5. There is so much inspiration out there in blogland - it's hard to stop yourself sometimes! But second best is reading about and looking at the pictures of everyone's projects - squirrelly or not. Thanks for hosting us, Sandra!

  6. Hey, I did it. Your link-up was easier than Joy's. I'm counting my challenge as a Dreami because I finished it in a week, after finally getting inspired by several other posts. I'll take every little success I can get.

  7. Looks like I'm not a squirrel specialist, this test is great ;))

  8. Well, I didn't do very well on the squirrel test, only 3/8. Wasn't expecting to see my cup cozy here today. Those were quite fun to make. Finally, seemed to have broken out of my sewing funk. I finished the last of my Summer Sampler 2020 and actually made the first block of this year's BOM. Well, the BOM I joined - I know they are all over the place and I have to use every bit of resistance I have to NOT join all of them!! I think BOMs and Quilt Alongs (I also joined one of those) might be the very worst of squirrels What think you? Anne Marie's reindeer cushion is wonderful and looks very familiar. I think I may have that guy on the Christmas quilt I made a couple of years ago. And, yes, I'm itching to try a version of Yvonne's scrap quilts. Oh, my!!

  9. I've done pretty well at avoiding squirrels the last year. Hopefully I can do the same this year. I really, really want to work down the UFO list.

  10. Just added my link & do hope you like my squirrel. Can't believe I got it done in a month. Take care & stay safe. Hugs.