Friday, June 25, 2021

Rose Didn't Call Me the mmm-nabler for Nothing!

A few weeks ago I took advantage of a great sale at Connecting Threads. (affiliate link, as are all the Connecting Threads links that follow). They have some oh-so-fantastic wide backings, a few of which caught my eye for RSC quilts. So that was my focus. Wanna see?
Of course you do.

These two were my first grabs. Are they not to die for? The pastel one, Star Flower by Maywood Studio, is also available in primary colours. I cannot wait to use Smashing Atoms on an RSC quilt. There are a few colour ways: patriotic, and primary on black. I love that they are carrying more brands now, like Maywood Studio and Henry Glass & Co. These are 108" backings.

My next snag was the Moda Grunge wide backing in Pool. Be still my heart in that colour! I am not sure whether I will use it for the back of a quilt or on the front! They carry eight different Grunge wide backings.

I loved the 'Be Mindful' text print, another wide backing, and again, it may or may not be for the back of a quilt! It must be sold out as I can't find a link. However, guess what I found in Needle & Foot (no affiliation)n on sale? Yup, that friendship wide backing. mmm-nabler, that's moi!

The wide backing below is by Ruby Star Society, and, oh, it is a beautiful blue! I love the print. However, I was shocked to find out when I got it that it is not quilting cotton, but cotton sateen. They do not specify that in the description. I have decided to use it on my PHD quilt I want to finish for June. It was a bit slippery to cut, but I pinned it on to the leaders with no problems. So far it is quilting up just as any other cotton, and the tension is fine. I think it will feel quite nice as a summery quilt, which is good as I plan to send the quilt to a good friend who lives in Florida.

I did buy a little regular yardage after all and another spool of thread, Parchment. It's such a great blender of a colour.

I can see the Riley Blake Girl Pwr in makeup pouches, and just so you know, it's still on sale...and that batik, Curved Bricks, just jumped into my cart 🤷... because ya, I need more batiks, especially blue ones.😜 Both of these are still on sale. I like that CT has free shipping at certain levels of purchase amount to Canada. I also would like to again say thank you to those of you who use my link to purchase from Connecting Threads. I get 10% commission, which pays for things like postage for the giveaways in this year's QAL.

I am not an affiliate for Needle & Foot, but I do have a few items in my cart and need to get over there and check out! Bernie has lovely Art Gallery Fabrics, as well as lots of others.

I don't often talk about AccuQuilt, but they are having a great sale on now too, with free shipping in the US. I highly recommend the 2 1/2" strip cutting die, just used mine to cut 19 strips! The other dies I really like and do use, are the 8" ones in the Go! Cube. The ones for HSTs are my favourite.

A quick update on my temperature quilt which hasn't been seen this month:
Sweet and/or chill peppers! I haven't used burgundy, because we haven't quite made it to 30C (86F) although we've had several 29.5 (85) days. The huge lake keeps us several degrees cooler than Windsor or even Essex, just a 20 minute drive away where they've had a several low 30s (90s) this month. There was one weird drop you can see, just two days ago, only 19C for the high and only 8C for the low! It will be fun to see all six months together next week.

In keeping with the mmm-nabling theme, are you joining in with Gudrun Erla again this year for her sew-along? The quilt is another good one, called June, and the fun happens on Saturday. I do believe I'm going to have a DrEAMi.... Drop Everything And Make it...


  1. You make all the fabric very tempting ... but I'm trying to stick to my strict fabric diet ... :-)

  2. Okay, I went shopping. Just for you! :) The hst dies are the most useful, I think, because it eliminates the trimming step. Heading over for some widebacks now. Enabler is definitely the right word!

  3. Oh, that girl power print in particular is really speaking to me... ;)

  4. When you see fabric that will fit in now or later, do not hesitate, next time it will be all gone. Love that parchment shade, I use a similar Gutterman one for all my seams, it blends with every colour apart from the very darkest fabrics.

  5. Okay enough enabling I did buy a few, well more than a few pieces from Connecting threads after that post.

  6. Oh, you snagged some good ones, Sandra! You know I love the Grunge, and I've been eyeing that Be Mindful wide backing. I have a feeling I'm not done shopping at Bernie's site yet!

  7. Love those backings at the very top. Gorgeous. Your temperature quilt is so interesting. Our weather is woeful at the moment with wind & rain again this morning. Is that bottom photo the one in the QAL or what you've done before? It's very nice, but l think I'm a bit committed at the moment with a few others. I'm enjoying the Bedding Plants qal with Jo. Actually one of those backings would be great for it....Hmmm! Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  8. Fun to read all the goings on here! See you over at Gudrun's tomorrow!!!

  9. Hi Sandra! I picked up the atoms fabric, too, and I love that blue batik!! I didn't notice that the first time through. You cannot go wrong with Grunge!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Rose is calling you almost criMMMinal now; 18 yards, no backing.

  11. You are the mmm-enabler! I am holding back as I feel like a lot of stuff has crept in...but there is a sale next week, so hopefully I will feel energized by a few purchases from the island art walk! I love seeing what you bought and know I need to get a couple of big backs in storage but using up more of what I have is my aim over the next few months!

  12. You definitely are the mmm-nobler! I’m trying not to add to my stash; Do backing fabrics count as adding to the stash? 🤔