Tuesday, September 7, 2021

OMG and PHD: fleurs

First of all, confession: I did not get a Project Half Done, aka PHD, to the finished stage in August. However, I am one ahead so I'm still on track to finish 12 UFOs. For September, I aim to fulfill my PHD requirement and set this as my OMG: finish 'fleurs', a 'self-round robin' I made when I was part of the Erie Shore Quilt Guild.
The criteria for this was to choose an orphan block for the centre, (mine was the hand-appliquéd Rose of Sharon) and then each month a member of the executive would specify what style of quilting would be for that particular round. For example, the first round, in October 2013, was 'stripes', the second round was flying geese, and so on. It went on for seven months. I finished mine in December 2014, after I was no longer a member. It has sat, ever since. (red face of shame)
Once it is done, I will link the posts to each round, as I found just in looking back to find a date for it, that it was a wonderful trip down memory lane. In case you missed the Instagram post, here is the backing after I'd pieced the 94" square.

I just LOVE this fabric!!! So happy to finally get it out of the backing vault and onto the back of a quilt! I got this on a wonderful trip to Watkins Glen back in September 2014, where we met up with dear friends who live in New York State. While the guys checked out the track, Janette and I checked out the quilt shop.

And that's where I got the fabric, yes, in their sale bin for just $5.50/yard. I am so glad I got six yards, because at the time I had no idea just how big the quilt would end up, since I was only just working on the trellis round. I have about a yard left after piecing the back. I am using Hobbs 100% wool batting, mmmmm! I plan to custom quilt this, which is the main reason this has sat for nearly seven years, because I know it's going to be a lot of work and I don't quite know what I'm going to quilt, and I always worry about how it will turn out, but I am telling myself as I knock that annoying imp off my shoulder, "Finished is better than perfect!"

This is a busy month: 
First of all, my turn to post my quilt (can't wait) for Kelly's (My Quilt Infatuation) new book release hop is September 13.

Second, but actually occurring before it, this coming Friday to be exact, is the brand new issue of Make Modern, (affiliate link) AND I'm in it!

One of those quilts was made by yours truly! Can you guess which one? 

The prices of the magazine have gone up a bit. It still is a terrific deal, and doesn't kill one tree, something I love, unless you print it out of course. I like looking at it best on my iPad.

The best news? If you already have a subscription, your price doesn't change!😍🙌🥳🎉

If you haven't subscribed, you can head to the Subscription Options page, where you will see that
  • single issues are now $12 
  • a 6-month subscription is now $27
  • annual is $50
Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the best deal! But wait, the absolute BEST deal is the all-access which is unchanged! It's $99 for the first year, which gives you every single year, all issues (that's 41 of them) since the magazine was birthed, and $50/year thereafter.

When I wrote this post on Monday, September 6, I didn't put in the reminder of Connecting Threads' (affiliate link) Labour Day sale because it would be done when this post published.
They extended it! 15% off site wide! Just use LABORDAY21 as your code at checkout.

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  1. I like your lovely round robin quilt and that backing is yum! Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  2. The self robin sounds fun. I think the challenge of creating something within guidelines but also with freedom to do "whatever"is appealing.

  3. OMG Sandra - we used to camp every summer at the KOA outside of Watkins Glen and loved that whole area. How did I miss that quilt shop? What a beautiful quilt you made and what a great feeling it has to be now that it is in the finished pile!

  4. Whoa. That quilt is a beauty, and the backing is perfect! I recall driving by Watkins Glen many years ago, just so the guys could see the track (we didn't stop, they just enjoyed seeing it as we drove by). Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this beauty!

  5. That round robin is gorgeous and great to have the backing available. Sometimes, we do buy the right things when we are out and about!

  6. Your round robin is very well balanced and a delight to view. I like the way the clues were given monthly. I look forward to seeing your pattern in the make modern magazine. Sew happy that one of your great ideas is in the upcoming magazine.

  7. I have no doubt your quilting on this old timer will be exquisite. It just needed to wait for you to be ready for it and you are. Sadly, I think O'Susannah's has closed. Went there once many years ago on a quilt bus tour.

  8. Looking forward to seeing this UFO become a beautiful finished quilt. Sounds like a busy and fun month for you!

  9. Your UFO is beautiful and worthy of being finished - at some stage! I look forward to seeing what you do on it :-)

  10. Your round robin is gorgeous & I know you'll do wonders with the quilting. I too procrastinate over way too many things & think I'll stuff them up, but yes, better finished than not. Look forward to seeing it when done. I've still have oldies in my "tub of shame" which need quilting & can't be as good as you on catching up, but do now finish most challenge/QALs & am glad I did manage to finish The Bedding Plants qal in time for the linkup. Now I'm doing the Meadow Mist qal too. Which one? I should be able to pick one out, but have 2 in mind........Maybe I'll ring Lara or just wait to see it on Friday(giggle). Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  11. Hi Sandra! Your 2013 (!!!) round robin quilt is a fabulous project to focus on this month. Congrats on the Make Modern publication piece. Oh no - thanks for the info on the CT sale extension. I may have been looking at some fabric just yesterday and then forgot to actually order. Maybe. Gotta run - may need to confirm an order. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. The round robin quilt is just gorgeous, and I love the backing fabric, too! Good for you to get it out and get it finished. I visited Watkins Glen in the fall of 2015, but missed the quilt shop, darn it! We found other neat quilt shops on that trip, though - fabric souvenirs are the best!

  13. A blog hop and magazine coverage! What a great month for you! The round robin is lovely—I’m fascinated by the pieced border. You just took me down memory lane with your recalling your visit to Watkins Glen. We spent some time there on our honeymoon and later took our kids to the same motel. (They gagged at our reminiscing, but we sure had fun. Both times.) it looks like the quilt shop is gone. :( 6 yards of fabric is the perfect souvenir.

  14. Love your self round robin and can't wait to see the quilting you do; which will be exquisite. Love the backing too - I've just put a piece into the banking vault that I bought to back a quilt I've just finished but it's not right, so will have to wait for the right quilt.I *know* which is your quilt - I think it was also sent out in an email from Make Modern to advertise the next issue.

  15. Quite the pretty details on your RR! My daughter, Susanna, would love to visit that shop!!! The backing is super cute. My guess is the quilt on the left is yours?