Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Orange You Glad You Did?

Orange is the September colour, and I got my orange 9-patch block done and the entire quilt is now a flimsy! 'Orange I glad I did indeed! I had the orange block on Instagram, but here, dear readers, is the entire top upon which your eyes may feast!

This is from the book by Jenifer Dick, Nine-Patch Revolution. It is an excellent book. Last year's RSC was also from it, 9-Patch Spectrum.

I am very happy to have got the top together right away, but that is partly due to being in the PHD programme this year with Gail of Quilting Gail, where I have to finish 12 UFOs, and anything I do start, I have to finish by December 31 (unless it is a quilt like my temperature one, which won't have the last block done until that date).


I see that Leanne of Devoted Quilter has decided to run an Instagram activity to finish those UFOs beginning September 23, and I'm joining in as an added incentive. You can read all her deets here. May I mention that there are prizes?! Anyhow this will be one of a few I plan/need to finish by year's end.

There are 190 pieces in each one of these, some maybe a couple more or a couple less because several have an improv little slab for the 3" 9-patch. Can you spot the one in my orange block?

The entire quilt, then, has 1710 pieces, give or take a couple! I really enjoyed making these. I wish I could say they really do make a dent in the scraps, but I haven't noticed one... All that's left for my other RSC project is to make four (or is it five) orange string bowtie blocks.

I plan to donate this quilt, and I have a person in mind, just need to do some legwork, emailing, trying to find a contact, ahead of time.  It's 54" square, so I did a little digging in the Vault of Happiness and Backings Stash, and I've got two backing pieces prepped ready to sew together.  Speaking of backings, I hope you saw that Connecting Threads (affiliate link) has their backing on sale as well as batting! The one I snagged last time for one of my RSC quilts Smashing Atoms is there, and how about this Dropcloth one...

I've also bought packaged batting from them on several occasions; they carry Hobbs Tuscany as well as Thermore.

One last item of note in case you missed it on Instagram: I have updated my very first published pattern, On the Plus Side

adding in directions to make a baby quilt now as well as the throw size.

I also had Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl go over it with her tech-editing expertise.😁 A month so ago Benartex asked a few of their designers, of which I am one, to use some upcoming new lines in either new or updated patterns, so I chose to use Blue and White Elegance in a mockup version and it's really pretty! Gives it quite a different look. They promoted our patterns on their socials, so it was exciting to see it.

Anyhow, I've decided to leave it on sale, 15% off, for a few more days. I'm sewing up the baby version, so you should get to see that shortly. I'm also working away at a 7-year-old UFO, quilting it up for a September finish! I also hope to have another long-overdue pattern released by the end of the month or beginning of October (egad- how can we be nearly in the final quarter of 2021?)

Come back for tomorrow's post for more orange, (and red--may I add how very very glad/relieved I am that the Liberals with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are back in; now let's hope the opposition parties won't be so pig- or is it bull- or is it both, headed, and parliament can actually get some work done instead of just getting soundbites, a lot of which were un- or half-truths, for their socials).


  1. The orange block is so happy and bright, and the scrappy quilt top is a delight!

    Good luck getting things through parliament. I am pretty sad at the state of affairs here with Congress. Ugh.

  2. I love your amazing 9 patch block, and all the pretty ones together, too! I might need to check out that book. It is good to have more reasonable people in charge of the country, but (as in the US), the opposition often doesn't really want toward good things for the citizens, instead just spout off their nonsense. It's a frustrating time!

  3. Well, you know I like that orange block, and it joins in nicely with the others. Nice update on your pattern, too, by the way!

  4. What a great quilt - you can't help but smile when you look at it and there is so much to look at! Love it as always! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. Wonderful blocks in your amazing 9-patch quilt!

  6. What a beautiful quilt. That should brighten anyone's day. Your pattern looks good and it's wonderful when you can test it with "free" fabric. Politics...leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  7. I love the orange block, and yes, I did find the improv one. Also love the pumpkin on the right. Hope you have better luck with the politicians cooperating. We seem to be heading for not on a government shutdown, but a debt default as well.