Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Review of 2021 and Looking Ahead to 2022

2021 was my first year of not being an Island Batik Ambassador, so I allowed myself free rein to have fun and see where my muse took me. Well, the fun started with Project Quilting, and again I had fun all year with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I got a bit serious tackling UFOs through Gail's PHD. All in all I had a fun year. I had goals in mind but no pressure. Well maybe a couple of times a little pressure! Self-imposed, so that's okay.

As always PQ pushed my creativity, which I love.

My fifth annual QAL happened, and it was, once again a great success. We made Follow Your Own Path. Again, the pattern was free if you downloaded the free ezine from Benartex, and the instructions for a bigger size were provided free on my blog. I did release the pattern, so I am happy that I did that right away again. Click the photo to go to the pattern.

I had two quilt submissions published, both in Make Modern, (affiliate link) the Australian ezine I really enjoy. I've been a subscriber for a few years now, and they've sponsored my QALs, so it was thrilling to have them publish two of my designs. I can now release the pattern for one (maybe both? need to check) so that will hopefully happen this year.
Issue 44 is coming out shortly! This is a great time to sign up because new subscribers get instant access to Issue 43, after which you start your 6-or 12-month subscription, so it's a bonus issue you get!

I actually surpassed my not-written-in-stone goal of comfort quilts. Five quilts and two cushions found their way to people in need of a little pick-me-up. I also made two cat mats for the Humane Society and two placemats for Meals on Wheels.

I kept up with my at-home yoga practice, doing five and quite often six practices per week. I also read 50 books! I was hoping to get close to a book a week, and definitely wanted to increase my reads since I'd have more free time without the demands of Island Batik. It felt so good and boy, did I have many good reads over the year.

I did my own 30 Quilt Designs Challenge, and completed 29, though several have a second and third variation of the original idea and look completely different. One of them was my latest publication, The Light Within, see above.

I participated in Quilting Gail's PHD (Projects Half Done) activity. Basically, you choose twelve UFOs to complete over the course of the year, and any quilt project you start must be completed, so that you do not create new UFOs!

I only got ten UFOs complete but rather than be sad I didn't get the required 12, I am so very happy that these ten no longer languish on a shelf, or in a bag! Eight of the ten are large quilts; two are minis.
I started 25 projects in 2021! And that's not counting multiple makeup bags (I really should count up just how many...), nor the multiple tea cosies, and two tote bags. I see I forgot my ✓ on the tote bags. Three of these were actually UFOs - the black scraps box, the Suitcase Cushion and the Makeup Mat, so I guess technically I did complete my PHD, now I've read Gail's post and thought about my lists.
A leader/ender project doesn't count, so the pinwheels carry over into 2022. The Temperature Quilt only had it's last block made on Dec. 31, and that row added, so it also doesn't count. However, I'm happy to report the backing is made as of last night and quilting should commence shortly.

New for me this year was taking an online quilting course, Sea Glass, with Ally of The Exhausted Octopus, something I'd signed up for in Fall of 2020, as well as started Quilt Photography with Kitty Wilkin. I'd already done two online courses in 2020: the Indigenous Canada MOOC through the University of Alberta, and another Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark. Quilting was new, and cool to do! I am totally fine (in the good sense, not in Louise Penny's sense lol) with taking courses, especially now quilting ones, from the comfort of my own home.
Finally found the push to get this made

Now for 2022.
I am keeping the goals fairly low-key again.

I am hosting another Postcard from Sweden QAL, thanks to a gentle nudge from my friend Tracie at Riceford Streams. It will run January 15 to March 15. More details to follow this weekend; just waiting on a response from a potential sponsor.

My annual QAL will run as usual from April 3 to June 15. I have an idea as to the design, actually a couple, so I just need to make a decision! (hard for a waffler like myself)

I plan to participate in PQ 13, and I will be participating in RSC, and H2H. Both of these yield donation quilts.

I'm also doing my PHD in 2022.

Here is the UFO list for this year. I'll hopefully get 12 off this list this year!

I hope to read 50 books, maybe even 52! I just finished one today, so a great start to January! I am nearly up to date with Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache books. I just finished A Better Man, very good. Interesting to note that my first book finished in '21 was a Louise Penny! Also interesting, is that this has given me an idea for finishing off an old RSC UFO, my houses.

I plan to continue my yoga practice, both ashtanga and yin, at home.

I plan to submit to a couple of magazines again. I've had a few rejects this past year, so nothing is forthcoming for the first half of the year. Magazines are at least six to eight months ahead. I also need to focus on releasing my patterns. I failed dismally last year, not even getting half done. Of the 17 on my list for PHD (I added that myself, not a requirement) I only got four to publication.

I may do a 30 Designs Challenge on my own again. 

I hope to take at least one more online class, and finish the photography one I signed up for with Kitty Wilkin. I may offer a class; I know those to whom I've shown Joanne's (Canuck Quilter) paper-piecing with freezer paper method have been (as I was) amazed and revolutionized. I've always loved teaching pretty much anything: swimming, school, sewing, quilting, yoga, so taking this online, as I did with yoga, could be a next step.

Speaking of teaching online yoga, since our gyms have been suddenly closed (don't get me started), as of January 5, I'll be back to teaching Yin Live on Instagram at 6:30 - 7:30 am EST so feel free to join in. All you have to do is follow me, and click on the "mmmquilts is Live" little circle at the top of your screen. Don't worry; I can't see you, just your Instagram handle.😉

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  1. Being an ambassador for Island Batik takes a lot of time and dedication. It was delightful to see you play and have fun as you figured out what it would be like not being an ambassador would look like. I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoyment whatever you spend your time and energy on in 2022. And as always, it will be a treat to see what you create.

  2. You did lots of fun things. As cool as the Island Batik Ambassador gig is, it has to be a bit of a drain with the deadlines. Sounds like you thrived without those. Wishing a very laid back and successful 2022.

  3. I am glad you had fun and enjoyed the no pressure year. I enjoyed doing the 30 Designs Challenge and a few have made it into publication. Have fun in 2022!

  4. Boy, what a year you've had, Sandra! I'm sure this coming year will be just as productive for you. Looking forward to seeing your PQ13 piece - I considered jumping in, but haven't. Yet.

  5. Wowzers, Sandra, you had a super productive and busy year! Pat yourself on the back for all the good you do and keeping yourself healthy physically and mentally! I admire how you've posted all your projects and challenges in one post as it's great to keep that logged to look back on. High Five to another fabric-loving year!

  6. Well, I'm certainly glad you're keeping the coming year low-key (until the squirrels show up). I really should come up with a plan for 2022, but nothing is sparking enthusiasm at the moment.

  7. You had an awesome year, Sandra!! Congrats on all your beautiful finishes!!

  8. Wow, what a wonderful year you've had on so many fronts. Lovely quilt finishes as well as publications & all the other extra things you do. Wish I could be that organised, but I will be doing the QAL in March, one thing that is on my list, which I really must write out on paper this year. Thanks for keeping me motivated, take care & hugs. PS, will try and email you this weekend.

  9. Wow, what a fun year, Sandra!!! I really love your rainbow quilt and your sea glass quilt!!! But really I admire them all!!!

  10. Good morning Sandra! Look what I found in my inbox - what a pleasant surprise. It sounds like you've had a very productive yet stress-free 2021 as far as quilting goes. Since it's suppose to be fun, I call it a win all the way around. As 2022 begins, you have a fresh slate to fill as you desire. Your desires and plans sound manageable with plenty of holes for those squirrel projects that certainly attack. Project Quilting has already started on the 2nd - did you know that? I would love to do another Postcard quilt but the timing doesn't work - but your April QAL certainly does!! I look forward to seeing what direction you take us this year. We continue to practice yoga once or twice a week - I think of year every time we start. {{Hugs}} a bunch and Happy Happy New Year. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. A great 2021. All the best for 2022. I look forward to your annual QAL. I need to start reading more.