Monday, January 10, 2022

Postcard From Sweden Quilt Along

This is the introductory post for the 2022 Postcard From Sweden QAL. I'm so glad you are here. January in the Northern Hemisphere can be a tough slog, so I think it's a perfect time to lift our spirits by sewing something bright and simple. It's all half-square triangles in beautiful vibrant fabrics. Once again, I used Kelly's photo of the quilt as the background for the graphic.

First things first. Tracie of Riceford Streams messaged me way back at the end of September asking if I was considering hosting another QAL, since she had come across a kit for a good price, and had always wanted to make this, as she said, cheery quilt. She thought sewing with others would be a good incentive. I thought this a great idea, maybe something to make in the new year. Besides, I have a healthy stack of Kona cottons I seem to have amassed since that first QAL. Might as well use them! So I contacted Kelly Liddell in early December to ask her permission to host another quilt along. Her pattern is no longer available anywhere. If you have seen it for sale as a stand alone pattern, then do not purchase it, because whoever is selling it is a thief. This is Kelly's design, inspired by a postcard set she saw in IKEA by Tom Frazier. Her pattern was always free. If you would like to join in with the QAL and make this quilt you have a few options.
Option 1: Use your own stash. Email me to let me know you are in, and I will send you a PDF of Kelly's pattern. My email is in my Profile.

Option 2: You already have the pattern. Yay! Use your stash or go shopping.

Option 3: You've made the flimsy... or half of the flimsy... or you bought the kit but never did start...
Yay! You are good to join in.

Option 4: You can purchase a kit from either of my two sponsors. The pattern will be included with the kit.

Sponsors and Kits

For Canadian quilters, Mad About Patchwork is once again selling kits at an AMAZING price for the quilt. Ali is also offering a lovely grand prize of $150 gift certificate to the shop!

For US quilters, CaliQuiltCo is once again selling kits also at an AMAZING price for the quilt. Tayva is also offering a lovely grand prize of $150 gift certificate to the shop!

For UK quilters, I contacted two shops, suggestions from my friends Helen and Sue, and as yet have heard nothing. If you know of a UK shop who would be able to offer kits and a prize, email me please. If I have Australian quilters wanting in, then the same applies.


It's pretty relaxed, and these two-week checkpoints are just that. Checkpoints to sort of steer you. Sew faster or take two weeks off. Two months gives some leeway so that other projects can still be worked on.

January 15: Step 1 Gather your 36 beautiful fabrics. Cut and label the HSTs if you did not purchase a kit.
February 15: Second third of quilt top (link up for the first third for a prize!)
February 28: Finish the quilt top; you now have two weeks to quilt it.


Postcard from Sweden Tips for Success post - This post has several tips and tricks I used/learned when making my first PfS quilt. It's a good reference. More about some of those tips and others on January 15 and January 29.

As the posts go live I will update this page with direct links. That's it! Spread the word! See you on the 15th back here. I'll be talking about it mostly on Instagram so be sure to follow me @mmmquilts


  1. Hurray! Thanks for hosting this again. I'm going to give it a go. I look forward to seeing all the very cheerful versions of this quilt!

  2. I remember seeing postcard from greece qults poping everywhere on the internet at the time. I found it wonderfull. I was a beginner quilter and... well I thought 'maybe one day...' and downloaded the pattern. I believe it is time for me to try it! WOW, 36 fabrics, though...

  3. Oh my....I'd love to join in, but I've 2 baby quilts to do & part way through the Meadow Mist Mystery & am collecting Said with Love's Slowalong, so think I've a bit too much on my plate at the moment. I'll be free by your birthday to start on you annual QAL. I noticed the Finish Parade will be the Ides of March, which is also a certain DH's birthday here. Wonder if I can think of a shop here in Oz that would do the kits? If I find one I'll let you know by email. Take care & hugs.

  4. I know you all will have a great time. This is a gorgeous quilt!

  5. I love this pattern. It's so bright and colourful.

  6. If I actually got your email I would have sent you an email. Since my lappy is not set up to go to my email to send to you I am telling you here I will use my own stash. I would love to sew along with you all. Bright and cheery is a good for me too in these gray days of January in my northern climate. Thanks for being so sharing.

    1. Hi Rebecca, you are a no-reply so I have no way of contacting you. Hope you come back here... My email is in the About Me graphic second from the top on the right column of my blog. Just click View my Complete Profile and you will see my email on that page.

  7. I so enjoyed your last quilt-along on PfS. And I finished the quilt and quilted it and it is one of my favorite. I will be watching from here. I have leftover fabric from your sew along and a pattern that I will use it with (someday)!

  8. Hi Sandra!
    This looks like a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I just don't have the time right now!
    Have fun with your sew along ... I'll be following in spirit! :-)

  9. Okay I have the pattern somewhere - I'll have to go find it. Do I have enough of 36 plain fabrics to do it; maybe. Guess that means I'm in :-)

  10. Thank you Sandra. I cannot wait for this QAL to begin! Love these vibrant colors and a perfect pick-me-up for the upcoming colder weeks.

  11. Gosh, this looks like so much fun. I took the plunge and got a kit from CaliQuiltCo. I haven't been enthused lately in regards to sewing but this project has really fired me up.

  12. So I went digging in my downloads -- yep, I'm in Option #2! I'll probably use some prints too :) This is going to be fun.

  13. I don't know if I will have the time to finish this quilt but I'm starting with you. I enjoyed your posts years ago when you had the first QAL. Sending you an email.

  14. I've ALWAYS want to make this quilt. Honestly, I didn't know the pattern was free! I'd love to join your along, but the timing is awful for me with QuiltCon in there (for me, six days away from home). Still, I think it's great that you're offering this. Thanks to Tracie at Riceford Streams for pointing me to your blog.

  15. Excited to join although I'm starting a week late. I have kids and grandkids in Sweden and thought this would be fun to make. I've emailed you requesting the pattern. Now to choose my fabrics! My email is jules654 at gmail dot com