Saturday, April 9, 2022

Pop Star QAL Fabric Requirements and Pattern Release!

Welcome! I have been hearing from several about their fabric pulls, and/or potential pulls, and half of the fabrics pulled but in rethinking mode now... It's so exciting! I absolutely love seeing the same pattern in different fabrics, different colours, different values. It just fascinates me, always has.

There are two sizes to this quilt, baby, which finishes 40.5" square and throw, which finishes 60.5" square. You can probably make the baby from stash, and if you're like me, you can probably make the throw from stash too! But hey, it's always good to 'just check out' what the LQS has got in right now, right? Or maybe use that Christmas gc you got? 

The QAL will have four basic steps, one of which is the cutting directions. If you just cannot wait for each week to find out what you do next, well, this year I have a solution! I am releasing the pattern today! It is on sale just shy of 40% off. Yep. For just $7CA you can get your hands on it and oh, probably make it in a day. Click the graphic below and you'll be taken right to it in my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts!

Many thanks to Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl for her tech-editing skills which make this pattern that much better. If you are quilting along, or you think it is a cool design, I would really appreciate it if you would pin the pattern either from this page or from my Etsy shop page on your Pinterest board!

All right, for those still here, now that everyone else has rushed off to grab a copy, haha, here are the fabric requirements.

Baby Quilt 40.5" square

Background fabric - 1 1/4 yards
Large Background Star (turquoise on the pattern cover) - 5/8 yard
Floating pop stars (navy on the pattern cover) - 3/8 yard
Contrasting centre star (lavender on the pattern cover) - fat eighth (Note that you will have enough within the background fabric requirements to make the centre star the same colour as your background.)
Binding - 1/2 yard (cut 2 1/4" or 2 1/2")
Backing - 1 1/4 yards
Batting - 44 1/2" square

Throw Quilt 60.5" square

Background fabric - 2 1/3 yards
Large Background Star (turquoise on the pattern cover) - 1 1/4 yards
Floating pop stars (navy on the pattern cover) - 1/2 yard
Contrasting centre star (lavender on the pattern cover) - fat quarter or 1/4 yard (Note that you will have enough within the background fabric requirements to make the centre star the same colour as your background.)
Binding - 5/8 yard (cut 2 1/4" or 2 1/2")
Backing - 4 yards
Batting - 64 1/2" square

Here is the baby Pop Star which you can read about here.
If you have any questions, shoot me an email or ask in the comment section. Be sure to type out your email if you are a no-reply blogger. sandra at mmmquilts dot com is how my pattern designer email is written out.

Another one of my sponsors is returning from last year: Hobbs Batting. I got very familiar with all types of their batting during the three years I was an Island Batik ambassador. In fact, here is the original Pop Star quilt I made in 2018 for Island Batik, using their 80/20 cotton/polyester, one of my favourites of theirs.

It's every so slightly different than the one we are making, but it gives you ideas for more colours. I've used Hobbs wool batting, and absolutely LOVE it, light but so warm, washes wonderfully. Their 100% cotton is also fabulous as is their 100% polyester. Tuscany polyester is the favourite of the group of Amish and Mennonite who hand quilt in a shop in Sarasota I used to frequent. Thermore was new to me as an ambassador, but oh I do love it. It is great for quilts, for clothing, bags, placemats and lots more. It's super-thin but don't let that fool you: the texture is fantastic. They are sending me a package of it to send to a lucky participant anywhere in the world.

I'll be back next Sunday, April 17 with the cutting directions. Watch for my post tomorrow, Sunday, April 10 where I'm giving a tutorial on a super-fast and fun quilt you can make for Hands2Help.

Thank you for quilting along with me! I'm so excited to see the variety of quilts!


  1. Thank you for the yardage requirements. I'll start shopping my stash which is more than adequate for the task. The challenge: to find just the RIGHT fabric and be willing to let go of it!

  2. Guess what I've had to order some fabric! I had just the right colour but not enough. Good news is I know this company ships really quickly at no extra cost. I'm going out of my comfort zone and trying a floral as the big star - I hope it works. I think it will.

  3. Thanks Sandra & I've found a different pale blue that will do for the background, so hopefully I'm all set to go. Take care & hugs.

  4. Sandra this is going to be so much fun! I do enjoy your QAL’s so much and Star Pop is a stunning pattern.

  5. Looks like fun but I'm away from ho.e this month visiting family. May try this when I get ho.e.


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