Wednesday, June 8, 2022

You Say Pillow...I Say Cushion...Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Well no, but gosh, that's a good title, isn't it?! Welcome to the first day of the Projects Parade for A Roll of the Dice. It's Comfy Cushions Day and you are in for a treat! Whether you say cushion or pillow, this is a simple, quick-to-make project that will use up some scraps, or some saved (hoarded) precious pieces from a favourite line. Here is the original cushion I made.

Very simple piecing, slightly elaborate quilting, but guess what? I just followed the design in Amanda Murphy's background fabric! The fabric line is Free Motion Fantasy, from 3.5 years ago.

I have two terrific projects to share with you today, made by two talented ladies, so read on to see what they came up with!

Helen @helenmidgetgem chose to make the cushion. She lives in Ireland, and that's what they call small cushy squarish things you stick behind your back for support when you're sitting on your couch...sofa...settee.
Hop over to Helen's Instagram (and wish her a happy birthday--it's tomorrow, June 9) to see her project, and read about the special fabrics she's used. She hasn't had a chance to quilt this yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing it when she does. She's a knitter extraordinaire, so be sure to check out a few of her posts. You will also get to see and learn about the beautiful Emerald Isle where she lives.

Rose at something rosemade blog and @somethingrosemade was originally going to make the baby quilt. Then she emailed me to ask if she could use the pillow pattern but make it into something else. Well, I love it when my designs inspire makers to get creative; in fact I'd told everyone to feel free to make the design their own, use it as a jumping-off point so to speak, so I said absolutely! Wait until you see what she DID!

Be sure to go and read her post on it as I happen to have had a bit of insider information and know that you will love the story of her quilt.

Whether you say cushion or pillow, or like me, use them interchangeably, I hope you've enjoyed seeing these two creations. The pattern has three projects, all 'dice' block themed. Tomorrow you will get to see some rockin' runners. In the meantime, remember that A Roll of the Dice is on sale all week 30% off!


  1. All look good and when I pop onto my PC I'll take a look at the other ladies blogs. Look forward to seeing the table runners. Take care and hugs.

  2. Hi Sandra! Let's NOT call the whole thing off, okay?!! It is a fun title, though. Oh, Rose and Helen got creative. I will be happy to wish Helen a HB - it's my sister's birthday tomorrow as well. I'm so proud of you getting ANOTHER pattern released. And I'm looking forward to seeing the runner tomorrow. That's my recent wheelhouse, and who doesn't have some special "save for the perfect event" that never seems to come. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. What a catchy title. I agree it is nice to see people take your pattern and make it their own.

  4. You scared the beheezish outta me Sandra! Lol. Can’t wait to see everyone’s!

  5. I couldn't stop myself - just purchased this. I have soooo many patterns I want to make and this is now in line to be worked on! :-)

  6. Your title is the best! Mostly because I've just completed a pillow myself, and it's based on cushions (Ha!) made by Jo Avery (UK) and Anorina (Australia) who blog and Instagram. You have created a lovely pillow design that's especially suited for practicing free motion quilting. Nice work!

  7. So funny! It is a pillow or a cushion or a play mat...they all work! They are so much fun - congrats on a great little hop and a new pattern!