Saturday, August 27, 2022

DrEAMi! #65

Welcome to the dog (or dare I say squirrel?) days of summer Drop Everything And Make it party, where we celebrate those squirrels that chase us, or that we chase! I love this adorable albino squirrel named Yarrow who lives at WILD North, @wildnorthab  an animal rehab centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

They've been socializing her, and she met several kids at the Wildlife Festival in Edmonton last weekend. I've had a virtual festival of squirrels in my sewing room over July and August, and I'm looking forward to seeing the herds -correction- a scurry of squirrels aka a dray of squirrels, in your sewing rooms as well! Who knew a group of squirrels was a scurry or a dray, ha!

June was the last DrEAMi, and I did not visit all of the linkups as I took a break from blogging and was mostly off Instagram as well right afterwards for all of July. There were some, as usual, great DrEAMi projects! Holders of all kinds seemed to be a common element:

Vicki at Vicki's Crafts And Quilting made the smartest DrEAMi project - a water bottle holder.

Janine of Quilts From the Little House made this great phone holder:

Gail of Quilting Gail made this cute pouch :

And Roseanne of Home Sewn By Us made my A Roll of the Dice quilt pattern. She chose to make the pillow aka cushion cover, but made it into a game mat after she saw what Rose of somethingrosemade did. 

The mat rolls up to hold the game inside, a terrific housewarming present!

I made a scurry of makeup bags (lol), and even an entire quilt in four days which is linked up below.
I named it Grapefruit Pizzazz.

I can't wait to see what cute squirrels have been playing in your sewing rooms the past couple of months! 

Please remember this isn't an in-progress linky party, but a place to show those projects that were NOT planned, but you just HAD to 
Drop Everything And Make it!

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  1. I love your Grapefruit Pizzazz - the fun color is just so appealing to me! Beautiful! I'll have to go check out Yarrow on Instagram, too.

  2. Yarrow is super cute, and now I have a new hashtag to follow: #SundaySquirrel !!?!!

  3. Hopefully do a quick post for this today & I'll do a longer post tomorrow as a catchup of many things as I've been a bit down & wayward during August. I definitely have an aversion to constant dull days with no sunlight, but yesterday we had sunshine after a very foggy morning & today is looking good too........then tomorrow is forecast as quite bad & it's .......uhm, my birthday! Thanks for hosting this, take care & hugs.

  4. Little sewing and no squirrels in The Palace lately, due to cows and calves keeping us busy. I will leave the door open though so one can pop in if it chooses.

  5. You learn something new everyday, had no idea that a bunch of squirrels were called a scurry or dray.

  6. Wonderful projects that you shared - so many great ones. That Grapefruit Pizzazz is a fun one, those bright colors are just perfect!

  7. Yikes! I almost missed the link up. I blame it on dogsitting - haha!

  8. So many cute projects last month 😉