Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Patchy Pumpkin Farm Quilt

It's been a little while since I had a finished quilt to share, but I have one today! Some of you may already have seen it yesterday on Instagram, since I needed to post it there to qualify for the prizes for the second quarter of Leanne's #wipsbgone2022. It's an adorable design from Brittany of White Plains Quilts that I first saw on Instagram.
As soon as I saw this quilt, I thought of Brianne, my eldest. She loves the old farm truck image, and she loves fall. So I sent her the Instagram post. She loved it. As in loved it so much she asked me to please make it for her, "and Mom? (she insists on the 'o', though I am and always have been 'Mum') I never ask for a quilt, but I am asking for this one, so that should tell you how much I want it."

She did not want a purple truck. I suggested turquoise, knowing that she loves it, second only to pink. She has 'hits' of turquoise in her living room and kitchen. Pink and orange pumpkins were a given, with a couple of teal. I absolutely LOVED shuffling around in my stash to get a good run of colours. 
Fabrics from A (Art Gallery Fabrics) to W (Westminster Fibres)

As I worked through the pattern, I'd send Brianne progress pics along the way. We FaceTimed a couple of times too. She was not a fan of the AGF gold floral but I sneaked a bit in anyhow because it pulled so many of the colours together (and what's not to love about AGF?!) The soft pink with the gold flower bunches on the other side of the Blank Textiles cream background fabric is another beautiful AFG by Pat Bravo. I had planned to make a pumpkin in the Free Spirit bright pink, but it popped too much, so it got replaced by a second soft pink one. So now I have two rejected pumpkins: the bright pink, and one of the turquoise and green houses - love!!--a Free Spirit Fabrics print by Erin McMorris. That got replaced by a Robert Kaufmann softer aqua you see in the star below. I can feel pumpkin placemats in my future!

The two-pumpkin block with the AGF gold and the bright pink star.

That photo shows what a great textured cream the background is, an oldie but a goodie from the stash of background yardage.

The truck block was fun to make. Yay for a healthy stash with wood grain and wooden board fabric scraps. The windshield, hubcaps, and tires are all Benartex Designer Fabrics scraps, and the truck itself is Kona Pool, yardage from Postcard from Sweden. The fenders are Island Batik scraps.
The bit of pink pumpkin you see at the top right is one of my favourite pinks that I'm so happy to have used in this quilt. It's a Free Spirit, from "Eden' by Nel Whatmore. She lives in England.

I showed you the finished flimsy last week. I loaded it onto Avril and had it quilted in no time at all. Well, it sat, half done, while we were on our getaway to the Catskills for four days. I wanted a loose overall design because of the Minky backing and because Brianne doesn't really like quilts, so it couldn't be too quilty.😉

I thought the floppy feathers with swirl and hook design here and there would be feminine and fade into the background, just creating texture. Floppy feathers are such fun to quilt. This is the second quilt I've done them as an all-over design.

This Minky is to DIE for. It's feathery, and has kind of an hourglass texture (before quilting) to it which you can see below. I got it, as I do all my Minky at my LQS, A Stitch in Time, in Leamington, where there is an entire little ROOM devoted to Minky.

I tried to capture the feathery texture in the photo below. The quilting didn't detract from the Minky, and once it's washed, the fibres will puff out more.

'From my hands to your heart' is what the label says, as well as a few details of the quilt. I sewed in one of my new satin labels too. I bound it by machine, using Nel Whatmore's soft pink fabric.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Patchy Pumpkin Farm quilt by White Plains Quilts
Size: 62.5" x 72.5"
Fabric: stash and scraps
Backing: Minky by Shannon Fabrics
Batting: I'm not sure but I believe it's Nature's Touch by Pellon 80/20 cotton/polyester 
Quilted: on Avril: 130 840 stitches
Threads: pieced on my Bernina with Aurifil; quilted on Avril with cotton Essential Thread by Connecting Threads

Two quick announcements!
1. I have a new pattern coming out tomorrow, November 3! Five of my friends said yes when I asked if they'd like to sew the already tech-edited pattern, so I can't WAIT for you to see what they've done with the two quilt patterns.

2. Make Modern issue #49 is out next week and it's another beauty! (affiliate links - thank you for your support if you purchase a copy through my link)


  1. A very cute and fun finish! It's always fun to sew something special for family. Congrats on the new published pattern.

  2. i think the best part of this, is that she asked for a quilt! How cool is that! It is such a pretty, fun quilt, the colors are such a fun twist from the usual fall colors! It will be a good one for snuggling with that minky backing, too!

  3. Somehow I missed previously that you had planned on using minky for backing; what a delightful way to finish off this quilt. I bet Brianne is going to be super thrilled to receive it and put it to good use immediately!!

  4. Gorgeous quilt with that amazing quilting, Sandra. I can imagine how cozy the minky backing would be! Perfect for winter snuggling!

  5. Love this quilt. As I said on Instagram I didn't appreciate how big the quilt was until I saw it on the longarm; not sure why! I'm going to have to try minky on the back of a quilt. Looking forward to the pattern release tomorrow :-)

  6. It's great & hope Brianne really appreciates all your hard work. Never used minky, but rarely have seen it over here. Take care & hugs.

  7. Dang it, Sandra! Lucky Brianne. This project just might pull me out of my slump. I adore every.single.thing about this project but the Minky on the back. Seriously??!! You just HAD to share that detail and show the fabulous texture. I can literally FEEL that texture through the computer screen, and imagine just how nice it is to pet it. The turquoise truck is over the top perfect. Purple - no; turquoise - YES. Yes, yes, yes. I was about to head to your shop to purchase it right this second, but instead, I'll check out White Plains Quilts. Nice job, Sandra. I hope B enjoys it as much as I would. Hint, hint - just in case she doesn't. We wouldn't want it to fall into unwanting hands, would we?!! {{Hugs}} a while bunch. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I love this quilt - I think because the colors are so fabulous and interesting. I do like that orange floral as a pulling together the colors choice. I think it is fun to have those in the quilt. Teal has really become one of my favorite colors...maybe not so unusual for a formerly blue or purple gal! I really think it is to die for and that backing is just so cozy. She will get a warm hug from Mum every time she uses it!

  9. I love the turquoise and pinks, oh heck I love the whole quilt. Brianne is one lucky daughter. She will enjoy snuggling into this beauty.

  10. I love the gold pumpkin! How was that minky to quilt? Asking for a friend...

  11. I absolutely love the variety of colors you used for the pumpkins. And the pink star block - nice! Very cute pattern.

  12. I do love this color way and the the truck and pumpkins together are just gorgeous. Isn't it amazing what we have in our stashes? For me it is the old red truck with a Christmas Tree in the back that gives me pause. I'm sure Brianna will enjoy this. And winter is just starting so it will be well used!

  13. Sandra, this is just the most adorable quilt!! If Brianne doesn't love it, you can definitely send it my way!! But, trucks and pumpkins, what's not to love??!!!

  14. Hi Sandra, what a lovely quilt! I'm sure that Brianne will love it! If you get a chance, please come by and link up to Free Motion Mavericks - I'm on my own for a while so it would be nice for you to join the party :-)

  15. Love the cute quilt (that turq truck!!!), quilting and textured minkee back, Sandra!!!

  16. This is perfect for your daughter. I love the colors you made it in for her and the ultra fuzzy minky with the feathers. Great job!

  17. Brianne will be so happy that you answered her call for the quilt! And I love the colourway that you both chose (including the splash of gold floral!). The feathers are a fabulous touch, as is that minky. Gorgeous!

  18. Oh ho ho, your not-quilt-loving daughter asked for a quilt. Right now. That is so special, and special that you came through for her and even had some consultation sessions. All those pretty pumpkins and a turquoise truck--all enough reason to love it, but then the feathers and minky. Feathers on minky!! I don't know how you do it. But that is going to be one cozy quilt.