Thursday, March 30, 2023

Gratitude #73

Hello, and welcome to my monthly post of things I've noticed the past month for which I'm grateful. I also note simple things I just like or love. You can find more of these uplifting posts at LeeAnna's blog, Not Afraid of Color.

1. I like no, I love animal sanctuaries. They do so much good. One that I particularly enjoy is @totes.the.goat on Instagram. They are Black Goat Farm Sanctuary in the Hamilton, Ontario area. The photos of little blind lamb Paisley’s "first adventure outside" enjoying the warm spring sun was a much-needed boost to my heart today.

2. I was so very happy and impressed as all get-out, to learn on March 29 that Torontonian teen Summer McIntosh had broken a world record the previous night in the 400 metre freestyle at the Canadian National Trials. She’s amazing and already has many accomplishments and records. You can read about this latest at Just Women's Sports.

3. I am grateful for the weather gods that it absolutely poured on the way up to Hamilton to take MacGyver to the airport for his trip to Alberta, whereas it was clear sailing all the 3.5 hour long drive back home for me! I was bowled over by the kindness of a fellow Ioniq 5 driver who, at the charging station in London where I had to charge on the way up as well as on the way back, told me that the one stall he was in was free. So at just $2 of charging time, I stopped, and moved into his spot once he left! We'd seen him there on the way up to the airport so I wonder if he was doing the same thing, taking someone to either Hamilton or Pearson international airports!

4. I liked the Melia resort we stayed at on Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba. I learned that Cayo is pronounced 'Kai' (rhymes with dry)-oh. Let me just say that I am with Ernest in his love of Cuba.😎

I loved going kayaking in the gorgeous crystal waters on a perfect day.

I love the vibrant colours that are such a feast for the eyes and a boost to the spirit,

and I like that design inspiration is everywhere, from the resort lobby in  Cuba

to here at home just last week. Isn't this a cool new building in downtown Detroit!

5. I like this article on CBC News about a doctor who, at age 32, got a diagnosis of autism that has not hindered, but helped her in med school. I love that we are finally starting to accept various disorders and disabilities and just see the person. The media plays a vital and major role in this. Kudos to CBC for venturing into these territories.
Photo is from the article; Dr. MrĂĄcek is noting the weight of various organs for a pathology report

6. In that same vein, I've mentioned before the show on CBC, Sort Of, that is written by and stars Bilal Baig, a two-spirit, or non-binary person. There are several non-binary characters, as well as characters of varying age, figuring out their sexuality. Well, the first two and a half days after I got home from Hamilton airport, I was down with a horrible migraine, which I'm beginning to think is neuralgia but that I do know is TMJ related. Anyhow, while reposing on the couch on Friday night I stumbled upon a new CBC show, Push. Had my head not been in a vice, I may have leapt up in excitement to see that it is filmed in Edmonton, and stars Edmonton wheelie peeps, as Bean the creator and star calls her crew. It's the first show of its kind in Canada, a reality show that stars people in wheelchairs. Bean, whose actual name is Benveet, says in the first episode that she's not doing this to inspire, but to show that they are all just people, and to see past the disability. Each week you follow a couple of them around. I've watched the first five episodes so far on CBC Gem...which brings me to another like:

7. I like CBC Gem! I can't believe how many Canadians have no clue about this Netflix-like app that is free! I stream it from my phone to the TV. If you don't want any ads, then it's $4.99 per month. I don't mind the ads (I mute it and read my book lol) and sometimes there are no ads, maybe if the episode is in the past a certain number of weeks? Anyhow I cannot recommend enough that my Canadian readers watch something on Gem. You can download the app onto your phone or iPad or tablet, but you can also watch on your computer too. Just go to and on the upper left there is a drop-down Menu. CBC Gem is right there.

8. I like the Junos. My family laugh-snorted I'm sure at my group text to them not to bother me on the evening of March 13, quipping that I was the only Canadian to be watching them. Um no. I love live music, and watching live music on TV is the next best thing. I also thoroughly enjoy listening to the Songwriters' Circle on CBC Music that is a part of the Junos. Anytime artists talk about their art is fascinating and illuminating.

9. You know how big a role music plays in my life; I listen to it all day, which is why I don't watch that much TV. I love this piece by the Canadian Brass Project O Magnum Mysterium that I heard on CBC Music's About Time. I do like that show and its host Tom Allen.

I was shocked and deeply saddened, (actually couldn't believe just how sad) to learn of the death of Jocelyn Morlock, announced late on the evening of March 28, renowned Canadian composer, at the young age of 53. I had heard her music on CBC of course, (originally thought her last name was warlock, grin) but she really made a profound impression on me, along with many Canadians, with her composition, My Name is Amanda Todd

10. One of the things I like the most about being in this group of grateful people is the books that get recommended. Diann of Little Penguin Quilts has sent some fantastic titles my way. I got our library to buy A Million Things by Emily Spurr, took it to Cuba and read it in less than two days. It has a child protagonist, and what a child. What a great read. Leanne of Devoted Quilter posted on Instagram that she had just finished The Stardust Thief and was itching to get her hands on the sequel. She and I DM-ed and I asked her about it and, you guessed it, it went to Cuba with me as well. I'd started it before we left in hard cover, but decided to get it out in digital format for less bulk and weight for travelling. I like that option! 

11. I like book clubs! I joined my alma mater, The University of Alberta, alumni club last summer and it has pointed me in the direction of books I might not ever have read. Last month's read I absolutely LOVED: Horse by Geraldine Brooks. When I live in, dream about, a book I'm reading, I know it's a good one. I've read two or maybe three of Geraldine's in the past and really enjoyed them, but this one was my favourite. Highly recommend. It's the true story of Lexington, an incredible horse who lived in the second half of the 19th century, but it also is about racism, then and now, and the bond between human and animal. Through my library's book club (I'm not a part of it...yet... but pay attention to what they're reading), I found Brit Bennett. I just finished her first book The Mothers, very thought-provoking. The book club is reading The Vanishing Half, so I'll get that after I finish my U of A's current read, 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows by Ai Weiwei. Wow, I am learning a lot about the history of China, especially within the last century. 

12. Finally I am thrilled with the interest shown in my Quilt Along that officially starts on Monday! I like the graphic I designed in Canva.


  1. We stream our TV mostly and have enjoyed a lot of British, Australian, and New Zezland shows that way. Maybe I should look into some Canadian TV! Love your photos of Cuba - so beautiful. So glad you enjoyed A Million Things! I read it that fast, too. I was a 5th grade teacher, so the main character being 10 really resonated with me, wondering if I had a student dealing with something like that and didn't even know. Looking forward to your QAL!

  2. awe, that was so good! Cuba! I grew up in Tampa with a LOT of expats from Cuba and never considered going there. Thanks for the books

  3. My book group just discussed "Looking for Jane" by Heather Marshall. It's a novel focusing on women's reproductive rights in the sixties and seventies into the early eighties. Book takes place in Toronto, and we found the book gripping as well as thought provoking.

  4. Wow, that's so wonderful that the person let you know you could move over and charge for free. I think the world is full of goodness, and the more we look for it, the more we see it. I set an intention every time I leave home. It's usually something like, "I am going to come home feeling more content than when I leave," and I have found that I almost always can't wait to tell Michael of one or two special interactions when I really consciously do this.

  5. A very interesting 'gratitude' post & although I rarely read books these days, I find I like hearing about these things. We watch very little TV, only of a night when I can do some hand craft work too. I can understand so much about seeing all people as human beings, as I grew up with an intellectually disabled brother & know how much hurt are thrown at anyone classed as different. We all are in our own way, different anyway. Thanks for a thoughtful post, take care & hugs. BTW, will work on downloading the pattern later today. Thanks for the info.

  6. Again another wonderful and thought provoking post. All of your photos are so nice and I love the colorful logo for the quilt-along. You are such a prolific creator and a book lover. I sew to audio book but always have several books going so I can touch the paper. More and more, I think I need large print books so I might have to go to the Kindle since the library doesn't invest much $$ in LP books.