Friday, June 2, 2023

More DrEAMi Makeup Bags

Two Drop Everything And Make it! moments happened to me this past week, both the fault of my stock person in my Etsy shop sandrajanequilts. Wow, you may be thinking, you have a stock person? I sure do–ME! Don’t worry, I’ve talked to ME about it and hopefully the issue won’t happen again, though in reality it is a very good issue to have!

This one was DrEAMi #2. I added a pretty green fancy bead zipper pull after I took the photo for the customer. It was well after supper, so I took it outside to the front of the house which faces west and has our rhodo in all her stunning glory at present as a supreme backdrop.   

Here is the inside. I had run out of the green print I used for the one shown in my Etsy shop, so I wanted to be sure she was okay with this very similar swirls, as opposed to leaves, print. She loved it. I made the Noodlehead zipper application in hers as well, which isn’t the way I did the Etsy shop forest green one. 

Ah, forest green. It’s a lovely colour, isn’t it? Back in February I sold the forest green makeup bag that’s showing in the listing. I totally forgot to mark it as sold, and totally forgot to remove that colour as one of the variation choices.

Last weekend, I had even thought to myself, gosh, it’s been a while since I have sold any makeup bags. Well, within three days of that thought, I sold two! The first one was bought on Monday, and she chose the colour forest green. That was when I realized oh no! I don’t have it, and oh (insert bad sh word)! I forgot to remove that colour choice! Okay breathe, I can make one within the two day window to ship it. I was off to the races. I had hers nearly made on Tuesday, when that evening I saw an email at 10:06 pm for a new order. My phone is on Do Not Disturb then so it was a fluke, and I’m not usually on my phone at that time. I opened my Etsy app, and there was an order for a forest green makeup bag. Of course, I was completely baffled, thinking that’s the one I’m working on; this must be it. But no, totally different address, though still in Ontario, and yes, you guessed it, in the flurry of making the original forest green makeup bag I’d still not removed the colour! And within 24 hours of a forest green one being sold, someone had ordered another! You can’t make this up!

So here is that first DrEAMi forest green bag. It is almost the same as the original in the listing except for two squares.

Here is the boxed bottom. You can see I did the open-wide zipper here too.

And here is the inside using the same fabric as the original in the listing. 

They are both on their way, one near Toronto and the other near Ottawa. And I do have the squares cut and laid out ready to stitch up another forest green. Don’t worry, I did mark it as sold, and removed the forest green colour option!

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  1. OH!.............busy little beaver for a few days and hope ME makes sure there are no more glitches in the Etsy shop.(smile) Take care & hugs.

  2. Thankfully you could get them made and shipped. That stock person may have needed a little talking too but it all ended well.

  3. Murphy's Law in action. The one color you don't have, everyone wants. Glad you were able to quickly make the orders.

  4. Love those cute patchwork pouches.

  5. I understand that help is hard to find these days (at least in the US), so perhaps you should show the stock person a little grace. We went from near 90 F yesterday to the 60's today, but still no rain. It's getting very dry and my gardens are not happy.

  6. We’ve all had those oh SH moments! Maybe not in the Etsy shop area a, but certainly in other areas! I agree with MissPat! A little grace is in order! Have a good rest of the weekend!

  7. I’m glad you work well under pressure and could assemble the bags. And everyone was happy!

  8. Okay, You've done a great job of convincing me to never open an Etsy shop! :-) I can't imagine the pressure of having to come up with not only one, but two similar bags within such a narrow time frame. That doesn't sound at all fun. But you managed it in the end, and both bags are beautiful. No doubt your customers are happy.

  9. I love the bags Sandra. Good for you for working through an oh-oh moment.

  10. That is perfect. Glad you had a talk with you stock person! Your rhodies are gorgeous...mine are too light this year, not sure what happened.