Friday, June 30, 2023

Rainbow Neighbourhood Final Parade

It’s here and I am late to post this! (Smacks self in forehead) I remembered… and then promptly forgot. My own quilt is not completely finished but the linkup for flimsies and finishes that I have on the June 15 post and also here below was originally open until midnight July 1. I may just extend it through the weekend though; what do you think? Canada Day is an auspicious day to end the celebration of the ‘Famous Canadian’ 😉 upon whose birthday this QAL usually ends, but I think he’d be just fine with a wee extension. 

I actually have stuck to the decision to do an all-over design. Well mostly!

I love the way Kathy quilted hers with swirls and that clinched the thought that I really should do an all-over. Time was running out for one reason, but another is that I also had custom-quilted the throw. However there are a couple of areas where I did some fancy quilting. One is the two hearts in the quilt centre.

This is the view from underneath the quilt. The pink Aurifil thread are used blends in so well to the pink batik that it does not show well on a photograph. Hopefully once it’s off the frame that quilting will show. To do it I traced the heart shape from the book this design is in onto paper, outlines it with a chalk pencil and then FMQ-ed the outline, then freehand quilted feathers inside and out, as well as the echoes. All the little misses show here but this is just a few inches away; step back, and with matching thread, it will look just fine! I am outlining each house by stitching, and I also did and am doing a little dot to dot in the small trees. It is hard to ‘not see’ the elements of the houses and flowers that I could enhance with custom quilting! 

Okay, better drink up the rest of my afternoon tea, and get this post live! Let me know in the comments or by email if you’d like the 24-hour or a little more (wink) extension!

I am SWOONING like did a little audible squeal at seeing all the links! 

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  1. Looks good Sandra and I'm definitely going to do an allover now, one called Giggle & hopefully it turns out alright. Thanks so much for our annual QAL. Talk soon, take care & hugs. Oh, BTW, I've browsed all the lovely quilts above & they all look fabulous.

  2. Oh that heart is lovely. As are all the quilts in the linkup. Happy Canada Day Sandra!

  3. It is so good to see them all together. Happy Canada Day!

  4. So great to see the many different quilts. Yours looks so lovely. The quilting, as always, just blows me away. BTW, I'm from Nevada.

  5. Happy Canada Day! What a lovely parade of Rainbow houses. I think everyone had fun with this one.

  6. I have to come back and visit them all but just wanted to say thank you! Happy Canada Day, too.

  7. Love the heart! What a lovely parade of houses!