Sunday, February 18, 2024

SAHRR Round 4 Square in a Square

I had intended to add more fish in a subsequent round, and this round was perfect for it! Brenda of Songbird Designs is this week’s host who gave us the directive: add Square in a Square blocks in this round. 

Along with the fish which are the SiaS block, I made three more plain SiaS blocks, pulling in two fabrics from previous rounds as well as introducing the bubbles shimmery water-like fabric.

If you look closely at last week’s fish, you’ll see they are square in a square.

In Carol Doak’s book there are two paper-pieced fish patterns, both 4” finished, so I had planned to make the second one, and even had already traced it onto freezer paper. However, it is not a square in a square. Basically I took her three-piece fish body pattern, and changed up the tail a little bit so it would fit in the SiaS design.

As before, I made two and flipped the second one so they could face each other. Just one of the fabrics is common to both fish.

I wasn’t liking how very ‘white’ the quilt was going so I thought this round should go a bit darker but how to do that since the fish needed to float on the white with turquoise fabric? When I was looking through my turquoise scraps box, I saw the roll of 10” by WOF strips Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict had sent me as a prize for one of the years I participated in Hands2Help. I thought it would work perfectly for one of the plain SiaS blocks I planned to do and then I thought it would be a good transition to putting more of that fabric in this round.

Building on the design wall

Once I had placed the fish off-centre with the SiaS plain block between them, I saw how the new turquoise shimmery fabric was also bubble-esque, so I knew I had to make a couple more fish bubbles to rise up into this round. And I now know that when I quilt this, it is going to get fat bubbles quilted into it randomly too!

Because I want this to be a baby size quilt I elected to just add at the top for this round. It now measures 29.5” by 34.5”. 


  1. I just love the bubbles in your quilt, Sandra! So whimsical! Your fish are fun, too. That's neat that they fit with the SiaS prompt!

  2. It’s so much fun to see where the bubbles show up on your quilt. And I know your bubble quilting will be fabulous.

  3. You've made some very fun design decisions! Just 2 more borders and we are done.

  4. The addition of two more fish is great, and perfect find/addition for the darker turquoise fabric!

  5. I love your fish and the perfect bubble fabric. Another fabulous round!

  6. Your little fish square in a square blocks are wonderful, Sandra!!

  7. Im' so behind on reading your SAHRR posts (sorry), but I've been following your progress on IG. Such a fun quilt! I love the little fish square in a square!

  8. I love those cute fish and reading your creative's looking great!