Sunday, January 19, 2014

Benefits of a Board - Aha Moment Tip #4

I thought I'd have written my post about using the QBS on my Laurel Burch quilt by now, but I confess, I've gone a little crazy with creating a cool back, so it is not quite at the basting stage yet.

Here is my revelation that happened, as so many "Aha!" moments do, by accident.  My sister and I had had a garage sale in late summer where I spied a small old ironing board with little screw-in peg-legs of hers.  I saw it and thought, "Perfect to take to my guild's Fall Retreat!" which was coming up.  So she said to just take it, which I most happily did!  It changed my pressing life.

Any awkwardness at the small size (maybe 2/3, if that, of a regular-sized ironing board) was overcome by the fanTAStic sharp seams I got with little pressure from my iron.  The firmness of the board was delightful. 

Once I got home, I set the little board on top of my regular ironing board, and there I had another revelation: the stability of the iron was greatly increased; no more grabbing it frantically if I bumped my ironing board, or pulled with a little too much oomph on a quilt top, sending the iron to wobbling alarmingly.

Later, once my darling husband built my beautiful sewing room in our acreage home in Alberta (such a view I had there, forest flora and fauna to die for), I put the little ironing board on one end of my large cutting table for a terrific pressing area. 


A different angle - December
Today,  in our new Kingsville home, I have it again at one end of a cutting table we fashioned out of two of the cabinets from the Alberta home with a piece of 3/4" particle board on top of them.  Outside of replacing the cover twice now, it continues to serve me very well.

Here, in the Florida condo, it wasn't long before I had to create a similar pressing surface, as the ironing board feels like a pillow after being so used to such a firm surface.  So, we went to Lowe's where we found a 3/4 X 12 X 36" knotty pine board.  I brought it home, covered it with some ironing board cover fabric from JoAnn's, followed by a piece of cotton,. I glued, with minimal success, the ironing board fabric to the board, but the cotton fabric is large enough to wrap underneath the pine, so it's held in place quite nicely.


  1. Neat! if you want the fabric to stay in place on your knotty board, you can buy metal clips (like chip clips) made to hold your duvet in place with a duvet cover.That may work! Or your handyman hubby lol may have 4 mini vice clamps!

  2. Ooh, that's a good idea! In quilting land, we have Wonder Clips
    that would probably do the same thing, duvet or knotty board-wise! Thank you!

  3. Oh yes, those look purrrrrrfect LOL!


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