Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tactile Healing

On a day that has been the worst day in a very long time in my life, it has been a small pleasure, but one I am very thankful for:  that of experiencing that excited feeling, small flutters in my belly, that I get when I am feeling the softness, the weight of a quilt in progress.  It is the change from quilt top to soon-to-be finished quilt that I realize I just love.  The anticipation is akin to that of a child in the midst of opening a present.  : -)

I am still at the outlining each "card" on the panel, using Sulky 40-wt gold rayon, but already I am loving the way it is quilting up, loving handling the layers.  I keep peaking at the back, and it gives me a small thrill too.

Although I LOVE my Avanté, and the (steep) learning curve I am on as I practise and practise on her, I will never lose my love of quilting on my DSM, my beloved Bernina.  The machine quilting set-up here is not the greatest, but as the music plays, and the rhythm of the machine soothes me, I find myself calming down and realizing this too, shall pass.

Sidenote about the QBS:  do you see those annoying wrinkles from excess fabric due to the wonky unsquare panel?  I was able to gently lift and smooth out one or two here and there.  I will continue to do so as I work on this quilt.  I am hoping the quilting in the final border will help to distribute and/or disguise the fullness.  I wanted to point out that one is able to do this, that the QBS is still tacky, more than 24 hours after I basted this quilt.  In my past experience, it will continue to be tacky for many many days.

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  1. For you to correct an intrinsic error in the quilt that wasn't your doing must take talent. It'll turn out great!


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