Saturday, January 11, 2014

When something's bugging you. . .

Listen.  Fix it.  You'll feel so much better.

This has happened to me many times in my life.  Some of the time I don't listen, and I don't fix it.  And I am irritated ever after.  Not exactly true, as I can't right now, think of one thing that I am still irritated about becasue I didn't listen to my inner voice and fix it.

That's great!

However, remember my Snowman Placemats?  The one with the poinsettia on it had a grid behind the poinsettia.  My first instinct was to do Leah Day's Checkerboard design.  I even noted that on that post!  But laziness, a desire to get them all on the table, and sickness got in the way.  They have been on my kitchen table for nearly a month now, much used and admired.  But that one has continued to bug me....

So I fixed it last night:

I am SO HAPPY with the final result!  The 'not square' lines I followed don't even bug me anymore.  Acceptance.  It's okay.  More than okay!  I love this one now.  Moral of the story:  sometimes it's right to go back in a fix something that bugs you.  Sometimes the "ah, it's good enough" is NOT good enough.  It was so worth it to spend the actually small amount of time going back in to put this right.

I'm off to quilt now!


  1. Oh I loved it before too, but this is really pretty :)

  2. Why thank you. Yeah, it makes the poinsettia pop, but it is such a pretty background filler. So simple but so effective. Joe really likes this one too. And tree bark. I'm serious.


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