Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Stretch for Sewists #5

I know, I know I had stash additions to show you today, but those will wait until next Sunday.  I try to do one of these stretches on the last Sunday of the month, and here we are. This is the last of the three poses of which Dayna shot photos back at the end of September.  Oh heat! Oh warmth! I miss you!

If you have trouble sleeping this is one pose that can help you, especially if you do it right before bed.  (update: I just found a link with a video; according to Rodney Yee, this is "the most therapeutic yoga pose."  :-)

1.  Sit on the floor, sideways to the wall, with one hip against the baseboard and your shoulder touching the wall.

2.  Lie down.

3.  Swivel your butt around, so it is as if you are sitting on the wall.  Use your elbows to help wiggle in tight as you do want your sit bones actually against the wall.  Straighten your legs.

Let your arms relax out to the sides, palms up or down.  Let your shoulders come away from your ears and tuck your chin slightly so the back of the neck lengthens.  Either breathe normally, or pull your breath in through your nose to a slow count of 3 or 4, and send it back out through your nose to that same steady count of 3 or 4.  Relax your legs.  The wall supports them, so there is no tension in your low back here.  If you can't straighten your legs, it's okay to wiggle a little away from the wall.  Bernie Clark says a nice option is to place a cushion under your sacrum.

Especially if you stand all day, walk a lot, or even sit for long periods of time, energy, or chi as the Daoists call it, pools in the legs, along with the blood.  This reverses that downward pull.  You are actually getting many of the benefits of inverted (upside down) poses with the added benefits of resting and letting go.  If you add in that slow and steady nose-breathing, this helps kick in your parasympathetic nervous system, that "rest and digest" system where our bodies have time to reset, to restore, to heal.

To come out, bring your legs into your chest. You might want to wrap your arms around your shins and give yourself a hug, but it is not necessary.  Roll to one side, pause there for a few breaths, then push gently away from the wall and sit up.  For a brief, but great article about several benefits to this pose, aka Viparita Karani, go here.

Yesterday I worked most of the day on Brady's stocking.  It's nearing completion and I am pretty pleased.  Since this is Sunday Stash day, I'll give you a peek at some of the fabrics I bought in Florida.  This little collection is all in his stocking.  (and more, but I'll save that for the post which might just be tomorrow!)

Most are visible on the selvages, but the trees and the aqua dots, stars and birds print are both Joy by Kate Spain. The top lovely soft mint with white trees is Winterberry by Kate and Birdie.  Have I mentioned that I really really love Moda fabrics?!

Looks like lots ahead this week: a finish for sure, stash sharing, Throwback Thursday for Christmas projects with Jenn at A Quarter Inch from the Edge, (I remembered!), the start of a new month, which has me thinking (I'm nuts I know) I might add a small project to ALYOF at Sew BitterSweet Designs...

And now I'm off to teach yoga!

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  1. I've forgotten the name my chiropractor gave that pose but he definitely recommended it for relieving stress. He also recommended doing it several times a day. Well, that isn't going to happen. :D

  2. Great post! And Brady's stocking is going to be beautiful (lucky me getting a preview yesterday, thank you)! :D

  3. I really enjoy this series as it always reminds me of something new. I'm excited to say that I have just joined a new gym (after the gym I was a member of for 6+ years closed unexpectedly) and the new gym offers yoga 6 days a week. I was able to go to 3 classes last week (3 were canceled for the holiday), and I am looking forward to being more balanced and using these poses more often just from active participation. All that being said... I will definitely use this pose today. Thanks!

  4. Okay, I actually just did this. Really! And, Yes, it's as good as you say. I have been a stationary for the last week while nursing a bad cold, and now dh has it. I've been keeping him company, too, but finally feel that need to be up and moving. It true how sitting for so long makes you feel blah, tired, and uninspired. I appreciate your compromise to only show a bit of your new stash to work this stretch in. I, for one, needed it. Thank you!

  5. I'm definitely doing this tonight. How long do you stay in this pose? I could be in danger of falling asleep like it 😂 Can you recommend any good yoga dvds for beginners? I drive to work each day, sit at a desk all day and then drive home, I feel in desperate need of a good stretching out!! :0) xx

  6. I am going to have to try this one. I love the fabric for Brady's stocking.

  7. I need to try this pose -- anything to help me sleep. Thanks for sharing all these great poses. I don't always remember to do them though.....

  8. I'm going to print out these yoga posts and try to incorporate them come January . I think stretching exercises would help my sluggish circulation . Thank you