Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Stretch for Sewists #4

This is a great stretch for wrists.  A warning from Bernie Clark, who writes, "You want sensation, but don't make it sensational!"  In other words, easy does it.

Start by sitting on the floor.  Are you finding 5 minutes a day to do just that?!  Put your arms straight out in front of you, palms up.

Send your fingertips towards the floor, keeping your palms away from you.  You may lean forward a bit here.

Gently put some pressure into your hands, imagining that you could put them flat.  You will feel quite an intense stretch through your wrists and along the inside of your forearms.
Try to keep your elbows straight.  It feels good in the finger joints too.  Hold for 1-2 minutes, or even 30 seconds in the beginning.  When done, release, and make tight fists. Squeeze tight!  Then shake it out gently.

Now we'll go the opposite way.
Put your arms back out in front of you, this time palms down.
Dragonfly will give a nice tug along the insides of your legs and groin; good abduction (moving apart) of the hip joints too.

Once again, send your fingertips towards the floor.
Try to ignore any incoming felines.  This is Harper, Dayna's cat :-)
Now send the backs of your hands towards the floor away from you.
Does she have a toy there?  Is she trapping a bug? A mousie?
Again try to keep your elbows from bending.  This increases the tugging/tension in your wrists as well as the top side of your forearms.  Hold for the same time as the first one. When done, once again, make tight fists and squeeze, then shake out.
Mm-kay, just what ARE you guys doing?

Both of these wrists stretches can be done with your legs in Butterfly if you prefer.  Or do one in Butterfly, one in Dragonfly, aka Straddle. 
Butterfly gives a nice outer rotation through the hip joint.
Thanks, Dayna, for taking the pics back in September!  She took some for one more pose, which I'll post at the end of November.

Bento Box is next on the Q4 List, so I did some starching and ironing of fabrics on Halloween day.  I also loaded the quilt I've named Rosewater, and had some fun.  So much for a quick meander and get it done and dusted in an afternoon.

Avril and I are loving the Aurifil threads on this

In other news, not one kid came last night.  That is a record.  It rained and the wind got even worse, so I'm sure that was a factor.  Today of course, outside of the wind, is gorgeous and sunny.


  1. We didn't have any kids come either. That comes with living in the country. Other years I prepared and then had to eat the Halloween candy myself. This year, I just found some I had bought earlier, and kept hidden from myself, so planned to use that. Oh, dear, now I guess I'll have to do my part and consume it. Rosewater sure is cute. My goodness you get a lot done.

  2. Love your yoga suggestions. They help me remember to stop and stretch. I needed this one today. Thanks!

  3. I love both of those stretches. I tend to do them when sitting on my ankles and then raising my butt of my ankles and rounding my back up into cat pose for double duty!

  4. I love this! Thank you for showing us these poses. You are such an inspiration to me! Now, what do you have for bunion pain? LOL! Suddenly my foot is killing me!

  5. I'm impressed that you can sit on the floor like that! ;D

  6. Love the intruding photo bombing feline. Though I'm sure Harper is thinking - as cats do you know - that YOU'RE the one photo bombing LOL. The askance glare says it all.

  7. I stretch my wrist for piano and violin playing. Thank you so much for sharing these. I will try these out. Love the amusing look Harper's face :)