Monday, January 4, 2016

Mystery Quilt Progress

I was behind, and technically, I guess I still am, but I wanted to post my progress on Cheryl's Meadow Mist Designs mystery quilt.  I am in love with these blocks!!  I haven't peeked at anyone's posts about theirs, as I love a mystery and I especially love a surprise!
Here is November's step:
Units 1, 2 and 3
At this point I did not have a clue, just knew the massive 19" squares (not shown) were going to be cut down somehow...did not even see that the two bottom strips sets formed the two halves of the unit you see on its side until I inserted this photo into my post! Duh.

December's step:
SO purty!! And the centres are STARS!!! My favourite block.
I had figured the 19" squares would be cut on the diagonal and the quilt would be on point.  Cheryl still has me mystified to some degree as to how this thing is all going to fit together, because the other part of December's instructions had us make two half block units:

In full disclosure, I do only have two of the eight blocks sewn together.  This is because A) I have a bad head cold and the other night couldn't face, make that didn't want to risk, quilting on Dayna's quilt so I made up a couple of these, and B) almost all day today I have been quilting on Dayna's quilt, which is why I don't have the other 6 done.  I started off today in a bit of a "nose taps on full blast", snot-gobbling way, so I thought I'd ease into my day after last night where I maybe had 3 hours of solid sleep, by making the half blocks. 

Remember I did not have enough of the taupe-ish background, so I added in the ivory cats, since it matched the theme of the red cats looks worse on these photos than in person, at least to my bleary eyes, lol.  Once it is quilted, hopefully it will all read okay.

I apologize for being behind in responding to comments and in visiting your blogs.  As you know, I had 8 lovely days with the best grandson on the planet, bar none, and now I have a graduation quilt that needs to be finished asap.  Here's a sneak peek, (Dayna stop reading!!) of the early progress:

I haven't put anything much on lately about her quilt because she wants to be surprised, but oh, it has been causing me serious angst.  Kind of similar to the angst daughters can cause... never mind; the angst dissolves when you think of the deep boundless love you have as a mother for your daughters...

Angela Walters, my heroine, always says you have to love the person very much if you're adding in a ton of fine detail...well I think you get the idea of how very very much I love Dayna (I know she's going "meh, yeah, yeah, Mum, stop")

This quilt, which is for my darling daughter, of whom I am so very proud (I know you're still reading, Dayna ;-) who has accomplished so very much in the past 5 years especially, is my main crush of late.  Well, no Brady is. Ha.  Anyhow, I can't wait to show you more once this is done. I'm linking up with Beth at Cooking Up Quilts for the first time for her Main Crush Monday linky.
And also with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday!


  1. The quilting looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Good luck with your mystery blocks. You're not that far behind. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I am doing the mystery quilt too and I love those big big blocks - can't wait to see how it all unfolds (but I am hoping that we use them whole and don't cut them down!

  3. Great progress on both. Quilting with a runny nose is the pits! Hope you get feeling better soon.

  4. Your quilting looks so fabulous! That quilt is going to be so gorgeous. I've had so much fun following everyone's progress on the mystery quilt. My pieces are cut and I think I only have the first two months finished. My mystery quilt will be an un-mystery! :) Feel better soon, and thanks for linking up to MCM!

  5. I think your blocks are going to work really well in the end for the Midnight Mystery quilt. I can't believe we are almost ready to get our last set of instructions - eeep!
    And my goodness, that quilting is beautiful. She is going to love it. :)

  6. The quilting on Dayna's quilt is beautiful. I think your fabrics in the mystery quilt will be okay once it is quilted. A runny nose is the pits anytime...

  7. Your mystery blocks turned out fabulous! I love your color choices!

  8. I really really like what you are quilting on Dayna's quilt-lucky girl!! Those mystery blocks are so pretty! Feel better soon:-)

  9. Love the mystery block, you are very good at quilting

  10. I'm behind you in the mystery but hoping to catch up soon. I love your quilting on your purple quilt.

  11. Dayna is going to adore her quilt Sandra and she'll see how much you poured into it and know all the love that represents.
    Your mystery quilt looks fabulous! I am even more of a behinder than you, but we'll both catch up. That is one of the many things I love about Cheryl's Mystery -how flexible and forgiving it is.

  12. Forgot to add I love how dayna's quilt is coming along

  13. Your quilting is beautiful! I can see the love. And your blocks are looking good too. Hope you are feeling better.


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