Saturday, May 27, 2017

DrEAMi! Linky #5

I can't believe I am about to write this, but I am glad that May is drawing to a close, and it is usually one of my favourite months of the year. This year it has been colder than normal, with 4" more rain than normal, and gloomier as well. I would definitely not make a good vampire: for one, I'm vegetarian, so drinking blood ain't gonna happen, and for another, I need and crave sunshine and blue skies, and finally, I am most definitely not a night person.

All right how did I go from starting a DrEAMi! post to talking about vampires? (shakes head to clear it)

Two months in a row. TWO MONTHS! and no DrEAMi!  The only time I think that has happened in my quilting life is when I had to pack up my sewing stuff before we made the big move from Alberta to southern Ontario. I'm staying focused on two projects, the 150 Canadian Women and my two charity quilts for Hands2Help.

I'm behind in both.

Sigh.  One quilt is complete and written about in the previous post; the other has made it to flimsy stage and is currently on the frame and will be quilted this weekend.
Apologies for this horribly-lit photo, but it was raining and gloomy outside that day, and so this is an indoor shot. The solid is really a gorgeous rich burgundy, not brown!
I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I am even more pleased that the entire quilt, top and back, was sewn on my two Featherweight girls. This will be going to Windsor for a Syrian refugee family. There are some very old fabrics and some very new in it, something I love even more about it.

I apologize for the tantalizing teasers for post topics for this past week, and not one of those posts written.  I've covered extra yoga classes for the other instructor all this week with one more to go on Monday night, so it's been a bit more hectic, with disjointed days.

If you aren't on the Connecting Threads (affiliate link) email list, then be aware that all this weekend, Memorial Day for my neighbours to the north in Michigan and to the south in Ohio, (take a look at a map where Kingsville, Ontario, is if that makes you go, 'say what?') they are giving an extra 20% off your entire order.  That is pretty sweet. They have some pretty nice patriotic fabrics for $6.96/yard.  Minus 20% of course. Just in case.. you might need a squirrel for a certain July holiday.

All right, let's see what has turned your head, made you stop what you should be sewing, and dive headlong into a new, all-consuming project this past month!


  1. Love the flimsy! I too could use some much needed sun.

  2. Great looking flimsy. I'm just trying to stay on message and complete some WIPs. I agree on the weather although I was grateful for a week of cool/clouds/rain so my flower boxes got a chance to take hold. Then yesterday the wind came along and practically beat everything to death. Yikes!! Seems to have settled down this morning so fingers crossed. :-)

  3. This is a gorgeous piece! I like scrappy quilts and this one is scrappiness peronified--so lovely; some lucky person will love this hugs, Julierose

  4. I really like how that turned out. The brown really brought out the colors of the prints and made it a little extra special by not being black.

  5. I really, really love this flimsy; I love all of the fabrics--what a great pattern for using up the scraps.

  6. So beautiful quilt.I love scrappy and this is a great design!

  7. lovely design, and fab fabrics to make those blocks stand out so well, what a gift that will be so treasured.

  8. I'm ready for sunshine and warmth, too - maybe in June! It sounds to me like you are doing a good job keeping up with your Canadian Women blocks and the H2H quilt. Sometimes life is just like that!

  9. Hopefully the squirrels will return once you finish your "have to" sewing. Your scrappy quilt is very fun and bright. Congrats on using up some of your older scraps.

  10. Lots of bargains there this weekend . Bank holiday today and it rained all day here , I sewed and he read and the day passed very quietly . And I don't think I have a squirrel moment this month . I think my squirrel has gone on it's holiday


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