Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Stash

Have you seen my brain? Tell it I'd like it back please? ASAP?  As I opened a new post in Blogger, and went to type "Sunday Stash", zap! Into my head went, "Wait a's the end of May, Sunday...I'm supposed to have a Sunday Stretch post for today!"  Erk.  So I will have one tomorrow most likely, or maybe later today, depending on how the quilting goes on the H2H quilt.  For now, let me massage your sense of creativity, inspiration and 'ahh' feeling we get when we pet or ogle fabric.

Well Hello.  This is Studio Stash by Jennifer Sampou, on last weekend at a screaming good price on Craftsy. (affiliate link)  I told you one had jumped into my cart when I was casing the site for deals.
I took it out of its plastic, intending to unwind it and show you all the strips, laid out flat, but I just couldn't do it, knowing I'd never get them to wind back up so pretty.  I love the pinky reds with the pinks and pinky mauves along with the yellows and golds, into orange and neutrals ... going to be a warm quilt I'm feeling.  And yes, there is a plan.  Kind of jelly roll race, but kind of strips, and sprinkle some stars in for good measure.  Can't go wrong with stars.  Ever.

I also snagged this kit, which was a massive disappointment when I opened the box and saw wtf FIVE charm packs??
It said 4 2/3 yards total yardage, so I assumed I would get cut yardage to make the quilt,
Dutch Garden Charm Stars 

which I didn't intend to make; I have another idea in mind, but it won't work with all charm packs.  Maybe the word 'Charm' in the title should have been a clue as to the kit contents... So I'm unsure whether I will keep this, make what I have in mind (two ideas now that I've seen the kit) and add yardage from my stash, or send it back.  I do have to say the colours are rich, perfect for the aunt to whom this is going, who loves blue in particular, and blue and yellow together.  The hand of the fabric is also beautiful, so quality is not the issue, clarity of kit contents is.  I actually made a quilt very similar to this for the Henry Glass Fabrics Challenge last June:

And well, you never know, maybe I'll end up making the pattern for the kit after all, as, what I just said: can't go wrong with stars.

I also acquired this stack which I may have showed you in an earlier post when I was in the #30quiltdesignschallenge with Lisa of Sunlight In Winter Quilts.  I designed a couple of quilts using it!
This is Kate Spain's Paradiso, which I found in the sale section of my LQS in Port Charlotte, FL, this past March and snagged a bunch of it, thinking of aforementioned aunt.  When it was just too pink, I went back and got the Moda Grunge in New Delft you see here, but it still felt too pink.  So when I spied the Dutch Garden by Boundless at Craftsy, I knew that would maybe be better, and one of her daughters has assured me it is perfect.  You may recall my despondency at putting a different kit in my cart using this fabric, only to go back the next day to finish the order and check out, and it was sold out.  Lesson learned, don't dilly-dally, fiddle-faddle around, Sandra, make the decision, and make the purchase!  What do I do now with all this gorgeous Paradiso? Oh, I'm sure I can find someone to sew up a quilt for...I've loved this line since I first spied it and got some to make Tish her pillow cover.

Okay, off to quilt away on Avril to finish up H2H quilt #2.  One more recent purchase from my other affiliate online quilt shop, Connecting Threads. They have a '20% off your total purchase' sale on until May 31, so don't dither if you were thinking of getting something.  I snagged this wide back for the back of my aunt's quilt at their last wide back sale, and it will be terrific with the Dutch Garden fabric:

Thank you to those who have made a purchase through my links.  I truly appreciate it.  Please remember to at least purchase through someone's link, doesn't have to be mine, if you'd rather support a different blogger! 😉

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  1. Your backing fabric, beautiful, and how can material just hop into your basket?? When it knows a good home I guess, and what amazing bargains you have there. A shame that postage to down here would be so expensive. Have a wonderful week by the lake.

  2. Great fabric additions! I love the wide back fabrics and the Kate Spain Paradiso was always one of my favorites.

  3. I have never bought a kit, but can feel your angst over the charm packs.

  4. I have to admit I would have been frustrated with that kit as well. I don't think I would've picked up on the word "charm" in the title meaning charm packs in the kit. I really like that Kate Spain fabric combo you have there. I'm just going to look at it for awhile :-)

  5. I'm sure whatever you make will be stunning!

  6. Ooh, lots of pretties. Sorry about the charm packs. I ran into something similar with my order from Craftsy. I thought I was getting fat quarters and ended up with a kit. I should have read the details.

  7. I loved your Henry glass quilt , still do . That was so disappointing with the charm pack . I would certainly never think of charm packs in terms of yardage . Mind you my brain has gone to mush too . I keep buying things which turn out to be much more expensive than I thought


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