Friday, October 6, 2017

Q4 Finish Along My List

Somehow I missed joining up for both Q2 and 3, well I know how, major life changes. Moving was the reason for Q2, as our possession was April 1 and we came back home from Florida a week ahead of that, so lots of instability then. Doesn't seem 6 months ago. The reason for Q3 was another major life change, the sudden death of our son-in-law, Brady's dad. Still have a hard time writing that. So here's my little list for Q4.

1. This Craftsy kit I bought last year:

Still not all cut but I did a test block and love the wild crazy of Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably

2.  A quilt for another aunt.
This annoys me each time I look at it because it was not made clear that you were not getting yardage, but five charm packs and one yard to make the quilt. I bought the kit with a different pattern in mind...Jenny Doan to the rescue methinks. The fabrics are perfect for her which is why I've kept it.

3. ONE of these RSC2017 projects; yup! cannot make up my mind.
This one...
Rainbow strings
OR ...
Migrating Geese (a couple rows not shown in this photo)

4.  A quilt for Brady. I have two in mind, both of which I'm embarrassed to say, have been on a FAL list.  It's been over a year since I made him a quilt; he did get his lap placemat for his birthday, but this is not acceptable to not have a quilt a year for a quilt-loving little boy!
A quilt that connects him to his great-grandfather, my dad.
 OR this...
A football quilt, pattern that I bought from Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew.

5.  Finish assembling and then quilt this one:
Not 100% sold that this will be the final layout
As usual, there will be others that crop up/get in the way of me being focused, but I will try my best! i looked back at my Q1 list and I'm pretty pleased to see that 6 of 7 quilts are complete and 1 of 1 cushion. So even though I feel a bit deflated when my finish rate is often 50% give or take, at the end of the year it's worth looking back and seeing all I did accomplish in the end!

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  1. A 50% finish rate is better than no finishes. Life happens. I have to make another quilt for my nephew -- for high school graduation in June. No clue what to make. Better start looking for a pattern. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Kaffee fabrics, delightful. Migrating geese is my choice, and for Brady?? Cannot pick one or the other, what are his favourite colours or team colours? #5, lovely and bright, that will add a lot of colour for someone's life.

  3. Such pretty projects. I love the looks of the first block. Gorgeous and bright. I have made plus quilts out of five charm packs, but you know me and my tendency to simplify. I look forward to seeing Brady's quilt. It is wonderful making things for those who love and appreciate them.

  4. Those charm packs and fabric are pretty. I reall y want to see Migrating geese finished and as for Brady I like the football theme.

  5. I have missed the last 2 Q's also and not participating in this one. Just don't have the time to figure it out. I know I will be making and making anyways-just not UFO's.
    You have a great list and I vote for finishing migrating geese~

  6. I love those two RSCs. Finish them first! LOL I want to see them finished!

  7. Don't be too hard on yourself . You have plenty of finishes . And some exciting projects to work on . I like those stars snd of course Brady needs another quilt

  8. You've got a list of AWESOME project (complete with options.) Best of luck to you!!

  9. Given everything, you did exceptionally well, Sandra! Lovely projects in your list. The fabrics you pulled for Brady's quilt are great. I know you will think of something fabulous to make for him.


  10. Hopefully this quarter is a peaceful down time that will allow you to quilt and work on many projects without too much life turmoil. Lots of lovely projects, good luck! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global finish-a-long hosts.

  11. A very ambitious list that will keep you plenty busy! All look like too much fun!

  12. You've got some fun projects on the books for fourth quarter. Sometimes life just doesn't let us achieve what we hoped. You've had a lot going on this year. Good luck with your 4th quarter finishes.

  13. make a list for finishing projects is a good idea!


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