Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wayward Transparency

I am really excited to be taking part in Yvonne's new QAL at Quilting Jetgirl. You know that I love shadow quilts, and I find transparency ones just as fascinating. I made her Triangle Transparency pattern that I named Radiance, love the way it turned out. This one should be just as lovely.

Shocker alert: Sandra cannot make up her mind. You’d think pulling three fabrics, just three, ranging from light to dark in one colourway, especially when one of the colourways is blue, of which I have an abundance, would be a snap. Note, never overabundance because one can never have an overabundance of fabric, right?

It wasn't.

A snap.

First of all, I got sidetracked (shocker #2 I know; sorry to lay all this on you).

It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as I walked over to the blues cupboard (cough..yup they have their own cupboard) I spied my pinks shelf and thought, I wonder...  This is a cause very near to my heart, and to which I contribute monthly. It has touched and taken too many of my friends and family. The top fabric I had just got, like that very day, from the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop clearance sale, a Joel Dewberry. Not sure I have enough of it however, but I do have enough of Kona in dusty pink.

I put them in the monochromatic setting, always a great idea if you are doing a quilt with value. When I took a Colourwash class many years ago, we used a Ruby Beholder, which is a red see-through thick plastic viewer that takes out the colour. You can also view a quilt in very dim lighting, something I wrote about here. These days, if you have a smartphone, which most of us do, it's a snap to take the photo, tap edit and set the filter to monochromatic.

Here is that run of fabrics. Not bad, although I see that areas of the pink bubbles fabric might blend into my medium fabric. The bubbles fabric is left over from my first Benartex e-zine publication, Coins of the Atocha, aka On the Plus Side, and the medium is left over from a quilt I made for Brianne 10+ years ago.

Okay, well, let's go back to the first plan and pull out three blues.
This is an older Fabricland navy, an Essex linen from Canton Village Quilt Works, and 'Winterfall' by Lecien from Fat Quarter Shop. I could run them either way, from light to dark, or from dark to light.

Here they are in monochromatic:
These work well; however, I'm a little concerned about the stripe in the Lecien Fabrics one.

Guess I'll just wait until October 13 to see the cutting instructions, and make a decision! That, or I have yet to investigate my batik potential candidates.

I have a little happy dance to share. Tish messaged me last night that I, well, my quilt, is a covergirl!
Let Your Star Shine is in the top left corner of Benartex's contest announcement. Well that made my day! You may want to check out their contest; looks to be some terrific prizes.

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  1. How neat to be on the contest ad. Your quilt is gorgeous! I always get distracted when pulling out fabric. It is so much fun to sit and look at pretty stacks.

  2. No surprise that your quilt is a covergirl, it's a beauty! As to the color choices, I'm not a fan of pink unless it is fairly intense (no pastels here), but that bubbles pink is fantastic. I see what you mean about it blending with the medium, though. Hmm. I do like the pinks better than the blue. I ended up choosing one of the Kona colorways Yvonne had posted due to being gone and not able to spend enough time at a shop. I may change my mind though. We'll see.

  3. Pink for Breastcancer Awareness is such a lovely idea. I am betting the cutting instructions will help clarify if you want to stick with the pink based on the size of the blocks. Fingers crossed it will, anyway!!! :)

  4. Congrats on being a Cover Girl! Personally, I'd go with the pinks, not that I'm partial or anything. Thanks for sharing today!

  5. Those pinks are speaking to me, and I'm not a pink gal at all. If they beckoned to you from their shelf on your way to the blues, that's a pretty strong sign. AND you mentioned using the Ruby Beholder, another sign. AND October is Awareness Month. So, I gotta ask, how many dang signs do you NEED? :)

  6. CoverGirl!!! Well done, I like that design so much. And you last three as a combination, they would be my pick.

  7. Wow I know a covergirl... Congrats! My choice would be the pinks for breast cancer awareness.

  8. I just pulled a bunch of blues for a quilt-a-long myself. I always seem to end up with so many blues in my stash. Congratulations on being a Cover Girl! It is well deserved. Happy sewing! Andrea

  9. I love you and you know that I love you. Therefore forgive me for what I am about to write next. You are not there yet. Where, you may ask. You need to keep looking for the three colors in perfect gradation.
    You are a cover girl, always have been. It is about time that you received the recognition!!!

  10. Congratualtions on being on the cover. How awesome is that! I love the pink so I hope it works out for you. You are a whizz with the thread so maybe that could help out with the definition.

  11. Congrats, cover girl! You can't go wrong with the pink combo!

  12. It is always the best day ever when we get compliments on our work! Congrats cover girl;)

  13. Yep "Sidetracked is my middle name"

  14. oooh, make the pink one! Pink is one of my favorites, though. Congratulations on your cover-- well deserved!

  15. I'm a big fan of blue, but I really like those pinks! Looking forward to seeing which one you decide on.

  16. A cover girl! Wow! Every girls' dream! Congratulations!


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