Saturday, November 25, 2017

DrEAMi! Linky #10

Well are you feeling a little dazed after your Black Friday shopping craze? Or did you resist? Or did you stay at home and get your Amazon on? Or did you do both? (like, uh, me?!)

This funny but wise advice comes from Tish of Tish's Adventures In Wonderland, good advice for me. Yes, I dither.  Sigh. Overthink.  Second-guess--I'm the queen of it. One decision I'd made earlier this week was to support my LQS first. She had 30% off all fabrics and yarns (and she has loverly yarns and fabrics, she does, Preciousssss...ya, Gollum much) Look at these pretties...
Sorry, I cut off the Amy Butler one; it's "Violette". Doesn't it look scrumptious with the blue batik remnant I got? Remnant??! I may have to go back and see if she has any more, or a similar one....I started to twitch when I took them out of the bag and they fell together-LOVE! Not shown is a huge ball of yarn I bought to make Brady a slouchy tuque for Christmas, free pattern from the store.

Ya, it took me a wee while to make my decisions. Look at the plaid-looking one from the 'With Glowing Hearts' line, the black, grey and red maple leaves. It is going to be the cornerstones for my 150 Canadian Women quilt! Perfection! I was going mainly for two things: a couple more pieces of that Canada 150 line, so yay, mission accomplished, and a good Minky for a quilt backing that is in the works, (she has a fantastic assortment of Minky, like an entire little room, I kid you not) and that grey is just gorgeous, think the plush richness comes right off the computer screen at you, doesn't it? I have petted it uh, a lot? 😬 Might sleep with it, just saying'.

Longer in making my decisions was I online, sigh... However, I did get the Lily and Loom 'Modern Hand Drawn' from Craftsy (affiliate link) that I showed in yesterday's post. I investigated Fat Quarter Shop, and helped clear out some of their clearance section as well as took advantage of a couple of their Black Friday deals like a new rotary cutter. The two I have, a small and a large, are ancient, but still do the job. This one is turquoise, and has extra grooves for your fingers. We shall see. You will know!

So besides going down various rabbit holes and chasing various squirrels of sales, what has grabbed your attention this past month? I did have a squirrel, although it wasn't exactly unplanned, just a 'put to one side' idea that suddenly took over for a few days...
This is Little Green Cow, also named Jade. You can read about her here.

Remember that my own pattern is on sale through Monday for just $4 on Craftsy. That link will take you to my store where you will find it, and five other patterns that are all free.😊

Here are a couple of the squirrels from last month:

Elaine made an adorable witch's hat:
Check out her embroidery of the spider and her web:

This is Vicki's DrEAMi! just so adorable. Uh she's made more than one...I would hazard a guess that she's made a dozen of these this Fall??

Well, let's scurry on up a tree to see what we find has been furiously made from start to finish this month!


  1. That cow is just so fun! No Dreami moments for me this month. Maybe in December? But probably not, I really, really want to get the UFO list whittled down.

  2. Hey thanks for the feature my friend!! Between the 2 different snowmen in that style of runner I am sure it is closer to 20 now! We did go black Friday shopping to one store for a Christmas present for the Grandsons. I was going to go to JoAnns early this morning but when I woke up at 3am I made a decision not to go.

  3. My Dreami moment would have to be the pineapple quilt, but it's not done yet. I may not get back to it until after the holiday season. Vicki's runners are so cute -- she has been really busy this season! Jade the cow is adorable! If I could knit I'd make a slouch hat too!

  4. Ooh, I am in love with those fabric finds. The Amy Butler one will be fun for you to quilt around, and the turquoise flowers! So sweet. I'm glad you found the perfect cornerstones fabric for your 150 quilt. Ha! We are in competition. I thought I was the Queen of Dither. So I'm off to my LQS today for Shop Small Business Saturday. 20% off SALE fabrics! That almost never happens. I hope I'm not too late. I overslept. Much dithering there will be.

  5. Awww shucks! :)
    I would have gladly sent you the pic to include here on your blog.
    Meanwhile, I am pretty stoked to think that you mentioned lil ol' moi!
    Thank you for making my day!!!!!!!

  6. Jade the Cow is so darling! All those healthy green veggies that she's been ruminating on have clearly gone to her head. And that grey Minky looks like my little cat Angel's soft soft fur. Sigh. I must resist the temptation to purchase Minky after learning my lesson with flannel and fleece. Just no room in my little quilting space to store other types of stash than plain cottons...

  7. I love how you write about it all Sandra :-) Fabulous that you supported your local quilt store - they certainly seem to have lovely fabric!

  8. I was good on Black Friday - shopped at only one place - Joann Fabrics. Then on Cyber Monday, did not do too well. Bought shoes from Naturalizer. Bought restaurant gift card. They were giving $40 bonus cards for every $100. I caved. Flat Squirrels - now I can almost picture that. YECH!!!

  9. Almost fell off the sofa laughing at that quote. So very true!


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