Friday, November 16, 2018

Bijoux et Bisous Finish

Yay me! This was my November OMG and it is done and dusted...with snow!
Can you spot the butterfly I FMQ-ed in the approximate centre? More as to its significance later.
This is my RSC2018 quilt. That little cutie with her Detroit Lions toque and Canada Olympic mittens behind the quilt is the recipient of the quilt, my daughter Dayna. I took her up to Traverse City, Michigan, for a mama/daughter weekend away. We had fun. This little lake was the view from our Air BnB suite.
For those of you who maybe don't know, each month Angela, of soscrappy gives us (whoever wants to join in can) a colour to work with in our scraps for the month. We pick our own block and project, and on Saturdays she hosts a linky where we can link up a post about our progress. It's fun and although it would appear to put a major dent in one's scraps, it doesn't seem too...
A couple of days before we left for Traverse City, and before I'd washed the quilt, I pinned it onto the side of this old old barn (need to stop in and ask the story about it).
MacGyver: You did get permission to hang it there right?
Me: I used straight pins, so no damage was done, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind. They don't use it...
That right there is a magazine-worthy shot IMHO

It's near one of the walks we do, and I've known for some time it would make for a terrific quilt backdrop. It is right, and I mean right, on the side of the road. A mere couple of feet of grass is between the road and the structure as you can see.
Reminds me of several similar we saw on our drive to Finger Lakes, NY, a few years ago.

This trip was the opposite direction to Finger Lakes, and it involved snow. No, we didn't and we still don't, have snow down here. For those of you who are American and thinking, 'What is she talking about; isn't she Canadian and Canada is above us?' here is a map. (Just cannot stop loving to teach new things and see the light go on in people's faces!)

See my home, Kingsville, in southwestern Ontario, how we are south of nearly all of Michigan, and a ton of US states? You can see Toronto and the beginning of Lake Ontario, the fifth Great Lake on the far right side of the map.
The weather is a lot different in TC, partly because it is further north and mostly because of the Great Lakes, which create their own weather, no lie. Inland oceans they truly are.
This isn't the big lake itself but the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay, which one cannot see 'out' of. Check the map to get an idea of its incomprehensible size.
It was past the prime time for autumn colours, and my photos didn't do justice to what few intense reds and oranges were left. It snowed big fat flakes of snow that seem fake, even when you're walking in it, like you're living in a snow globe or at the North Pole.

 Just hear those sleigh bells jingling...🎶

When I posted the finished flimsy on Instagram, Dayna commented, "I claim that" or something to that effect.

And a seed was planted.
Signature quilting motif, ha, pun intended: lower right are my initials and 'Mum' with a 💜
Dayna is getting married at the end of the month, November 24. She didn't want any kind of shower. That is partly why I wanted to give her a little gift of an enjoyable time away, and with her claim to the quilt, I knew I'd give it to her on our weekend. Lots of the fabrics within this quilt will have meaning for her. In the photo above, the one red square and another HST with tiny blue, yellow and white flowers is from smocked dresses I made both girls:

She's so cute I just can't stand it. And why do I start to cry when I see these old photos? I'm not losing her, but maybe it's for those lost years, which aren't lost; they were treasured. It's why I only get a partial teacher's pension now, because I stayed home and/or worked part-time for a lot of their early years. I feel privileged to have had that option, and to have made do, as we did for so long. First family vacation on an airplane was in 2004, when the girls were 16 and 18. Prior to that we camped all over Alberta, and into Saskatchewan and BC. I wouldn't change a thing; those were awesome years. But I still get misty.
 Lots of purple squares are from her other quilts.
Something else I always do is FMQ the recipient's name into the quilt. It's a bit hard to tell, so find the lime green arrow that points to the 'D'.
Here are three I made specifically for her whose scraps can all be found within this quilt:

Dayna loves animals. We have always joked that we got a baby gate to keep our crawling baby daughter, who crawled at 5 months and never looked back as far as adventure and trying new things, away from our dogs and not the other way around! She is the proud mama of Harper, so I had to quilt a cat face by her name, similar to one of the low volume fabrics I used.
I drew it on with a blue marker, copying the fabric one, and then quilted it. 

I mentioned in the beginning that I also quilted a butterfly near the centre of the quilt. As you may know, we lost my mum, Dayna's nana, very suddenly in May this year. My last phone call with Mum was starting to plan her trip here for Dayna's wedding, and looking at flights. One of the symbols often noticed after a loved one's death is a butterfly; Mum sent a message to that effect through a psychic my brother saw this past summer. The butterflies that have appeared, in numbers and in kinds (remember that incredible Spicebush Swallowtail in my August I Like/Love post? Sidenote: the first photo in that post is of my blocks thus far in this very quilt, how interesting) all summer and into fall, to my family here, and my family out in Alberta, are remarkable. And most often at emotionally charged moments.

When I was looking for a suitable flannel backing for this quilt, having had to discard two cotton pieces I'd picked up with this and a 2017 RSC quilt in mind, because Dayna said how cuddly the quilt would be with a flannel backing, I spied a chunk I'd recently acquired at Connecting Threads. When I pulled it out, just a yard, drat, I couldn't believe the motif, and knew it would be for this quilt no matter what.
Butterflies! amongst the leaves on Dayna's lawn in southern Michigan.
I don't recall why I picked this up, and only a yard, what the purpose was, or if it was a remnant at a great price? Anyhow, I feel guided by Mum. I used the last bits of that lovely pink flannel, bought years ago on a Sisters, Oregon trip for Brianne's second quilt I made her. There still wasn't enough. However, I knew I had some of this green flannel from Earthly Goods in Edmonton from forever ago (vintage!) used on the back of a much-loved jeans rag quilt that went with us on many a camping trip (SO warm!) and which I still have, just mended a few days ago. Found it.  Mum's favourite colour was green, so it was fitting beside the butterflies fabric, as was the memory link back to the jeans quilt, which Dayna got without explanation. And.... there still wasn't enough!
Dug into my flannel remnants plastic drawer, and pulled out some beautiful burgundy from a flannel quilted jacket, and a bit of navy blue, Dayna's wedding colours! Done.

Here's a look at the label:
I love the snowflakes!
What is Bijoux? French for jewels; 'jewel-like tones' is what several people commented about this quilt, and I couldn't agree more. Both girls and now Brady, have attended French immersion schools and are fluent in French; I taught French along with English over my 30-year career; I know I lived more than one past life as a French person! Bisous is kisses. No explanation necessary.

I took a couple of post-laundering shots once we got to Dayna's after the trip. No snow here, as you can see, green grass still! You can also see the quilting texture. I did the flowers, leaves, loops FMQ design I showed in this post, and which I need to link up with the Fall 2018 Tips and Tutorials Festival. I need to update that post first though; I forgot that I love to echo those flowers, and it's a good way to travel to another spot. I also love to echo the loop-dee-loops, creating a ribbon-like effect.

Even pre-laundering against the barn, there was good texture. You can also see an echoed flower in the blue block, and more of the scrappy binding... of course, a scrappy binding!

We didn't just play and eat all weekend, we did a little wedding prep work together too:
Putting stickers on sunglasses for the wedding. She's already using her quilt!

I think Dayna was pretty happy she got the quilt...
Oh how, she loves it; oh how I love my quilt-loving daughter.
I gave her another special gift I made...but that will be revealed in the DrEAMi! post on Saturday, November 24, the date of her wedding! It was a squirrel for sure, a pretty white one...

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Arkansas Crossroads block, inspired by Ariane's at Ariane Quilts RSC2017 quilt
Size: 48 x 60"
Fabric: scraps
Backing: Flannel from Connecting Threads; other flannel scraps
Batting: Fairfield 80/20 cotton/polyester
Quilted: on Avril, FMQ
Threads: pieced on my Bernina and Featherweights with various cottons; quilted with Essential from Connecting Threads #20858 Stone; The Bottom Line polyester in the bobbin..
Stitch Count: 64 307

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I hope you won't mind if I'm a bit quiet this next little bit with her wedding and all. Might not be on top of responding to comments, and still have the commenting issue on some blogger blogs.

A quiet little reminder about the deals on at bluprint and Craftsy (affiliate link) right now. Think $1 first month subscription of bluprint; up to 85% off courses at Craftsy; up to 60% off supplies and kits. I know I always take advantage of their sales this time of year, as they are the best deals. I will write a post of some of my meandering in bluprint; it's nice to have that option now!


  1. What a perfect gift and the weekend trip away sounds perfect. I hope you have a great wedding and celebration in just over a week!

  2. Oh that is gorgeous, and the perfect gift for your daughter, Sandra! I love that you put scraps from her little dress in it. You made me a little misty thinking about those times when the kids were little and we did without so that I could be home with them. I'll never regret that either! Have a wonderful rest of November, mother of the bride!

  3. What a lovely post. Happy Wedding, Dayna, and Happy LIfe.
    Sandra, I love the quilt. I don't have enough scraps to do something like that. Guess I haven't been quilting long enough, but yours (Dayna's!) is just lovely. And thanks for the geography lesson. I wasn't quite sure where you were. :)

  4. Beautiful quilt! Great post on the fabrics in it, and about the person receiving it - it will be well loved! And the name is perfect!

  5. What a great story and a great quilt! I get teary when I look at old pictures, too. Did we know then that they were tue best years? Have a wonderful wedding! Take the quilt with you!

  6. Love Love Love, your post! I have been watching your progress on the Arkansas Crossroads blocks at RSC 18. Next time, I am doing that block! Thanks for the inclusion of the map and the French lesson. I knew you were in Canada, but close to the US. Now I have to give a full map a look, to see how much farther North I am here in Wyoming.
    Have a wonderful wedding weekend!

  7. Love all your photos! And the story. Your quilt is beautiful, as is the recipient! Have a happy wedding!

  8. Beautiful quilt of quilted memories for Dayna to treasure. Beautiful daughter! Have fun making more memories at her wedding!

  9. Wonderful memories and a very special quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  10. A very fun post. It's always nice when a family member grabs a quilt that's in the works. The SIT has definitely walked away with a couple that needed someone to cuddle them up. I didn't realize how close Canada is to Michigan (comes from living most of my adult life in the mid south of the US). We visited Traverse City a couple of years ago, it's a very fun place to visit. Enjoy all the wedding prep and madness. Hope to see back to blogging soon.

  11. The quilt is wonderful, loved the pic's of her with it. Enjoy the time of wedding planning! And that barn is the coolest:)

  12. As always, thank you for your inspiration! What a beautiful quilt your daughter has, and she will always be wrapped in such goodness and love.

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  15. What a special quilt in every way. The butterfly connection reminded me of the time we were at the graveside service of a wonderful friend who died suddenly. As we stood listening to the pastor, a butterfly landed on her husband's shoulder, then flitted around her son's marker. It was a touching and emotional moment.
    Enjoy the wedding.

  16. Just love that quilt and all the memories behind it. I know you will be busy with the wedding and enjoying it all. So happy you could have that wonderful time with your quilt-loving daughter.

  17. Beautiful quilt, beautiful, daughter and beautiful memories. Brought me to tears with your butterflies! They do the same to me....thinking of those who are gone when I see flutterbies (my Mom,s name for them).

  18. This is such a perfect gift and a beautiful post! It warmed my heart! My mom always said yellow butterflies were a sign of fall, and now all butterflies remind me of her! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt and memories! I saw all those FMQ delights you quilted in! Fantastic!

  19. I truly enjoyed the story of your quilt along with the photos. Loved the quilting--all the little special motifs and touches! Your daughter is beautiful, and her joy in her quilt is quite evident. Thank you for the geography lesson!

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  21. P. S. Great little geography lesson!

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  26. What a special quilt - and your story of how it all came together! I loved it, yes you are allowed to get teary eyes at those baby photos!! Glad you had a weekend together to celebrate her!!

  27. It look incredible. The colours against the backdrop of snow is stunning. The quilt looks amazing by the barn too. Such a photogenic quilt! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love winter, so the snow scenes put a smile on my face :) I would say those are happy tears when you see her childhood photos. I am glad you were able to pack in many memories into that quilt, and needless to say, I love your quilting. A great gift and a perfect name. Have a lovely time at the wedding and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.


  28. What a perfect gift - lots of memories, stories and symbols quilted right in. Lovely!

  29. What a wonderful quilt, some snow,and the wedding, yes, keep that news all secret for now.I will think of you on that special day, when our younger daughter was married in March this year, my Mum who passed away in 1981 was there, with part of her wedding gown, her pearls, and part of my gown from 1962 all gathered in one memory. Have a wonderful day, with heap of love and so many wonderful wishes to you all.XXXX

  30. The quilt is beautiful Sandra! I went through the whole gamut of emotions reading this post, and I must thank you since it really made my day - thanks for sharing. I love your butterfly and the cat, and I wish I was as adept at FMQ, but maybe one day . . . I just have to force myself to try and practice. All the best to Dayna, and I hope you all enjoy the wedding.

  31. It's beautiful Sandra. I love the shot.

  32. A lovely quilt, so full of memories! And I loved all the snow pics as we head into summer over here in NZ!

  33. I was thinking the wedding was soon....I feel I am a little late getting to this post. Wonderful time for you and Dayna. That quilt is just stunning - and so interesting to see all the fabrics from her past. I love how the water changes the weather, although winter is not my favorite. The memories of your mom that are woven/sewn into this quilt are fabulous. Have a terrific weekend with Dayna and her new husband! I am sure it will be a lovely day - hope we get to see some pictures.

  34. Oh, I love this post—and this quilt! It’s the perfect shower/not shower present. I’m just tickled that you had that little foretaste of winter in TC. It made the best backdrop for the quilt photos. (Although I also love the photos—yes, magazine worthy—on the barn, too.) So special that you had that time away together. That will just add to all the memories sticking to the fabrics and quilting designs in the quilt. You and I followed the same career “path.” I don’t mind the reduced pension at all. (And there are lots of fun memories of those low-budget camping vacations!) And the butterflies! And the quilt name! And that last joyous photo! Ooh la la! ( That’s the extent of my “French.” 😊) Have a lovely weekend celebrating! I can’t wait to hear all about the wedding.

  35. Dayna was a very cute baby and she is fabulous as a bride-to-be. And the quilt is a celebration of your special relationship. Finding the butterfly was fun just as it was to see the multicolored pieced binding, all pictured perfectly against the snowy backdrop. May the wedding be even more beautiful than you imagined.

  36. You know, I totally didn't make it through the post without tearing up, right? What a special gift for Dayna! She is so lucky to have a mom like you <3 This quilt has so much love stitched into and the symbolism of the tiny details just melts me. Great job, my friend!

  37. Gorgeous quilt and love all the photos! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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