Thursday, August 30, 2018

I Like/Love #19

1. I like rainbows. I really like rainbow quilts; they never get old to me. Here are my blocks for January to August in order.
I can't wait to find out September's colour. These are split 9-patch, four put together. I got the idea from Ariane of Ariane Quilts.

2. I was so surprised and happy to find this old quilt in the 1850 cabin at the North Buxton Museum. I love history. I also am a big advocate for the downtrodden, the misunderstood. So visiting this museum made my heart sing. I found out about the community through a Young Adult book I read several years ago, Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis, as well as an adult one, Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens. A Scots/Irish/American minister got the Elgin Association to buy 9000 acres of land where he and any escaped slaves from America could have their own house on their own land, and establish themselves. It was marvellous, and a resounding success. I like this clock on the wall in the 1861 schoolhouse there:

There is lots of information online about the town, and I was so happy to actually get to visit it, which was when we took Avril in for her spa day.

3. I like the new quilt shop in Chatham, The Quilting Studio, where Avril got all fixed up. It was a simple timing issue and she now has a thumbscrew that I can tighten with an Allen wrench so the needle won't drop out at high speeds. I also like that a few weeks after I first found the shop, Cindy of Stitchin' at Home and I are meeting for lunch and to visit it and the other quilt shop in Chatham... today! The day this post is published (yay for scheduling).

4. I love big dogs and I cannot lie, ha. I have a particular love for pitbulls, another group that is misunderstood, mistrusted because of prejudice and misinformation. I got to meet a dog whose owner/company, Elite K9K, I admire, and who I follow on Instagram, the wonderful big ol' softie, Tank:

They tried to get him to park his muscle-rippling haunches beside me (he weighs more than I do by a good 20 pounds) but instead he sat and immediately flopped over for a tummy rub. He is an XXL Bully. He LOVES to run! Check out Elite K9K on Instagram for some awesome videos of him playing fetch, little parachute attached to his back to make him work harder. This is the most wonderful organization dedicated to the owner's passion, bully breeds. He even has a swimming pond for the dogs, where three turtles and several fish live. In our province, we have BSL, Breed Specific Legislation, which is not supported by our veterinary association, nor by any doglover who is educated. Education is the key to eradicating prejudice, not just against pibbles, as I and other pittie advocates affectionately refer to them, but also to eradicating prejudice against our fellow and sister humans. These are just dogs; all people are just people, with a beating heart, a thinking brain and a worthy personality. He has Rotties (ya!), mastiffs, XXL Bullies, and pocket bullies, oh my. Personal trainers, groomers, makes his own dog food with locally sourced ingredients, it's jaw-dropping amazing!

5. I love this sign.

There are several like it on various roads, especially along those such as this one, the Heritage Trail, aka County Rd 50, part of the Waterfront Trail system.

6. I love barn quilts. This one is on the barn at the John R. Park Homestead in Essex County.

It reminds me of my Maple Leaf Rag quilt, where there is a giveaway with time to enter until this weekend!
Pattern by Canuck Quilter Designs

5. I love the colours in this leaf! I believe it's a sumac. No the leaves aren't changing, yes we are still living in AC as the 'feels like' aka humidex temperature is still in the 32-43C range (90-110F).

6. Similar vibrant colours are in this beautiful little moth who somehow got into our house and was sleeping on the ceiling. I like moths!
Just found out that this is a day flying moth
I did the 'place a container over her, slide a paper between, and carefully release her outside' trick. I love her antennae! So furry. And the red stripes across her yellow/orange wings-wow!

7. I love butterflies. I've seen so many more Monarch butterflies this year, another thing that makes my heart sing. Once MacGyver gets our fencing finished, (I like the fence he built, which will have shrubs and lush plants on either side next year, and something where the wood panels are, not quite sure what, maybe an etched 'W', or tile):
MacGyver did it all himself digging by hand (this is incredibly sandy soil, well basically sand, not really soil!) cementing in the fence posts, and building the steel sections from long pieces of different diameters of steel he bought, welding them together. The gate (boards section) has been finished yet).

He has now run chainlink fencing down the north side of the yard, rented a power auger to do those holes (he's a real keeper!) so we can start landscaping a bit. I plan to have a butterfly garden with milkweed for sure and other plants that all butterflies, not just Monarchs, love...

such as this beauty, which is a Spicebush Swallowtail. She is beyond stunning.

I have never seen one, so I googled her by colour. I found out that there is a Pipevine Swallowtail, who has one row of orange spots by the blue ones; those with two rows of orange are Spicebush. They are common in Point Pelee National Park which is about a 20-minute drive from where we live, not so common outside of it. She is huge, bigger than a Monarch.

I was sitting on the deck with a cup of tea, a piece of marzipan chocolate, burning Sai Baba incense, being with my siblings in spirit, who were burying the urn with my mum's ashes in the little local cemetery where my dad's side are all buried, 3000 km away in Alberta. Without getting into the personal details, this gorgeous being floated quite literally into my view, hanging around for almost four minutes (I know from the time stamps on the photos) and letting me get so close to her to not only take several photographs, but also a 14-second video. Those two photos are not zoomed in. It all took place during the moments that they were placing the urn in the ground. It was a sign from Mum, and it was magical and moving.

8. I love the Greenway. Like Lake Erie, it's a regular feature in these I Like/Love posts.

It's a magical place. You just have to notice.
This caught my eye, and I doubled back to take a photo. That right there is the definition of GLOW.

8b. I like this couple I see regularly on the Greenway, who often have a plastic shopping bag in hand. I found out last week that it's for garbage they pick up along their walk. How wonderful. What's not wonderful is that we don't have garbage receptacles all the length of the Greenway. I plan to contact the Conservation Authority who manages the trail to suggest this; putting them at road intersections would be easy for garbage trucks to stop and pick up.

9. I just love all the wildflowers I spy on my walks with my dog on the Greenway. Such colours!

If you know what these are, please tell me in the comments. The bottom row third one over is not on the Greenway but on a creek/pond area that flows into or out of Lake Erie. I have never seen such Jurassic Park style lilypads(?) if that is what these are with flowers! Oh, the FLOWERS. They had to be 10" across with large daffodil-type trumpets poking out the centre of the dinner plate sized lotus-type flower. That photo does not do them justice. I literally stopped the car on the side of the road on the way to my friend's house, to cross the road on foot to marvel and to take a photo.
** Before publishing, I googled the lotus-type flowers, as I called them, and, wow, I believe these are American Lotus, see here and here (terrific description of seeing these huge flowers and their leaves) and here (fabulous photos of them from the Ohio side of Lake Erie). Also note that the photo on the right of the lotus is some kind of dark berry-bearing plant with rhubarb-like rich burgundy stalks.

9. I like Glennon Doyle. I like a phrase she used yesterday in her Instagram story, "I'm praying attention." She meant that that is how she prays these days; instead of sitting and praying to God or Goddess, she tries to always be fully aware, to pay attention, or, as she said she likes to refer to it, "praying attention." Isn't that great? Isn't that what we are doing when we write these posts? Showing that we've 'prayed attention'. Yoga teaches that very thing, to live in the moment, being fully present. Hard, but so invaluable a practice.

10. Another quiet moment yesterday sitting outside on our deck in the morning with my coffee and scone, and what floated into view? Another huge butterfly, this time an Easter Tiger Swallowtail, who once again posed so prettily for me, let me get so close, and hung around for well over a minute.
Not zoomed in!
She actually sat on the roof in the sun for about 20 seconds after eating dandelion nectar! I've never had that happen before, and it felt like a blessing.

Please visit the other lovely praying attention 😄🙏 peeps at LeeAnna's blog,
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I am also linking up with Soma at
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  1. I really believe that nature can bless us so much. I have friends who lost a baby at only a few days age, and lady bugs seem to be her way of connecting with them. <3 I love that turtle crossing sign, too! So much lovely here. Hugs to you, Sandra.

  2. That turtle sign made me (and hubby) LOL! We've never seen one like that before! Love all your photos. My favs are the butterflies and moth. Thanks for a smile today!

  3. Here in the south, we see lots of deer crossing and cattle crossing signs, but I do believe that's my first turtle crossing sign! Love it!! I have a friend who lost her fiance a few months ago to a lung infection. She always called him "Turtle" and not long ago as they were driving, she stopped in the middle of the road and made my goddaughter, her best friend, get out of the car and move a turtle across the road to safety! Gotta love 'em!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your beautiful post Sandra. I call these observations that bring joy "little bits of lovely". Taking moments to see and appreciate the beauty in this world one moment at a time makes my heart sing.

  5. There is nothing prettier to me than light coming through green leaves. I love that glow photo! My morning view from my chair is the sunlight playing on the green leaves of our trees, and it calms me. The turtle crossing sign reminded me of growing up and finding turtles sunning themselves on our country roads. Fun memories.

  6. Great post, Sandra. I haven’t seen many butterflies out West this year. There has been a few yellow ones but I haven’t noticed any monarchs. Beautiful pictures and I thank you for sharing. I will be leaving in a few days for home so watch for me waving 👋 from the Toronto airport.

  7. Lovely post - you've taken time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Where you live looks quiet and peaceful, and full of beautiful butterflies. As I write this, I'm watching the kids and school traffic rush by my house - maybe I need to move.

  8. Lovely post Sandra, thanks for sharing. As an ALL dog lover, I love that term "pibbles" - I don't see many here in St Catharine, On., must be the BSL. But, like you, I love big dogs, and specifically my Belgian Shepherd Tervuren. Your butterfly pics (and I won't leave out the wonderful moth) are beautiful, I didn't realize there were different swallowtails. The top left flowers are Chicory, top right is Queen Anne's Lace, and the center is a Michlemas Daisy. Again, thank you for a lovely post.

  9. I'm so glad you had that magical and moving experience! Your entire post was so peaceful and calming, a view into the window of your life. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I love that fence!

  10. Bright rainbows, big dogs, butterflies, blossoms and bizarre signs - what's not to love? The turtle sign I have seen before, in NJ where the tidal bays/wetlands are there are often turtles. We have stopped and moved them, too, to save them - brought back lovely memories of the times at the Jersey shore with family.

  11. I hope you have a wonderful day exploring quilt shops with your new friend. Your post was filled with such lovely pictures and experiences. How wonderful to have a visit from a beautiful butterfly perhaps sent by your mother to bring joy to a sad time. All the butterflies and moths are a gift and if we don't open our eyes we miss them. The flowers are so lovely and the idea of prayering attention is wonderful. I was out talking to my sunflowers this morning. They are such a miracle and I feel blessed that they grow for me.

  12. lots to like! You most of all! As to the moth, I've never seen one so striking! Love that you caught and released!

  13. What a lovely nature post, Sandra! So much to see and enjoy at the height of summer, isn't there? We keep hearing reports of whale sightings here around Boston, but haven't caught a glimpse yet ourselves. Maybe soon! :)

  14. Love all your likes, but especially came to attention when you started talking about butterflies! Had a monarch in my yard today, as a matter of fact. Don’t see them too often !

  15. Those quilt blocks are pretty! I like all the butterflies. I noticed one of the trees starting to change around here, too. It will be that time of year, soon.

  16. I like seeing that block in all the different colors. I made the same block in leftover scraps for our local family shelter.

  17. Your RSC blocks are favorites of mine! Such pretty color! How wonderful to get a visit from that beautiful butterfly just at the perfect moment. I also liked the idea of "praying attention" - such a great way to describe being in the moment which I am always trying to be. I enjoyed your post today, Sandra!

  18. Aww, Sandra. With misty tears in my eyes, I do believe that was a huge sign. {{Hugs}} Mum was with you and will always be. She doesn't want you to be distressed of that I'm 100% sure. She wants you to smile with so many pleasant memories that you shared. I can't believe how many butterflies you were able to see and photograph so well!! Beautiful. And I really love the pray attention idea. ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. I love having a great day shared by equally great friends!

  20. Again... LOVE this rainbow quilt!
    And the gorgeous sumac leaf... love it... brings back a memory. We had a sumac bush behind our house when I was growing up. The funny thing is... I thought it was pronounced "shoe-make-er" until I was an adult!

  21. I love butterflies too, but not dogs! The barn quilt is beautiful!

  22. What great photos. I love your Rainbow quilt. That pattern is one of my favorites.

  23. What a wonderfully refreshing post. It's so easy to focus on the negative sometimes, but so much more restful to hear all the positives. Love those butterfly photos!

  24. Lovely post with all kinds fo good stuff! love the Maple Leaf Rag quilt especially!

  25. So much to like/love in your post …. how touching and meaningful that the rare butterfly should show up at the moment your Mom's urn was being buried … in your flower collage, the center photo is an aster. Enjoy your week and month ahead!

  26. I love your I like/love posts. There is so much to love in this post, but I specially LOVE that you are a "big advocate for the downtrodden, the misunderstood." I don't know how can anyone dislike pitbulls. Look at that tummy rub! Love that there is place in this world with a "Turtle Crossing" sign. Spicebush Swallowtail is gorgeous. A magical October butterfly! How beautiful that she came at that very moment. I won't make this comment any longer than it already is, glad I took my time to read this post.

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


  27. Thank you for such a wonderful post, Sandra. There's beauty and love everywhere. We just need to slow down to notice them. I needed this post very much to feel grounded in a busy and crazy week.

  28. This is such a beautiful post, Sandra! Those butterflies are amazing, but your temperatures are not, lol :) I had the window open for a while today and thought, "the breeze feels so refreshing now that it's getting cool again." And we don't get anywhere near as hot as you mentioned. I loved the turtle crossing sign and your wildflower pictures, too.


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