Monday, January 28, 2019

Getaway Island Batik Bloghop & Giveaways Week 4

Wow! Inspiration overload, right? Wrong! One can never have too much quilt inspiration and eye candy, at least in my humble opinion. Fabulous fabrics, gorgeous, creative quilts, ahhh. We are entering the final week of the month-long hop. My own post where there are three giveaways (I remembered I have an extra copy of January/February American Patchwork & Quilting, so I'm giving it away too), can be found here. The finished quilt can be found here, and seen below!

Be sure to visit Island Batik's blog where you will find the entry form for their fantastic giveaway, two fat quarter bundles of a rainbow of batiks! Here's the list of all the ambassadors showcasing their line of fabric for the final challenge of our 2018 year:

Monday, January 7 - Crystal Ball

Tuesday, January 8  - Ditty

Wednesday, January 9 - Elk Lodge

Thursday, January 10 - Feline Fine

Friday, January 11 - Flea Market

Monday, January 14 - Fortune Teller

Tuesday, January 15  - Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, January 16 - Paisley Park

Thursday, January 17 - Soul Song

Friday, January 18 - Twilight Chic

Monday, January 21 - Winter Park

Tuesday, January 22  - Bazaar

Wednesday, January 23 - Blossom

Thursday, January 24 - Boho

Friday, January 25 - Brookview

Monday, January 28 - French Blue

Tuesday, January 29  - Midsummer Night

Wednesday, January 30 - Oh Deer

Thursday, January 31 - Snow Berry  

Friday, February 1-  Candy Cane Lane and Icicle
Anne Wiens- Icicle - Sweetgrass Creative Designs

Barbara Gaddy - Candy Cane Lane  -Bejeweled Quilts by Barb

As I said  I have actually been on a little getaway for a week... but heading home as you read this post. One of the highlights of the trip was a day trip to Chichén-Itzá, something we are both still processing, as it was a day filled with awe, education, good food, ending with a refreshing dip. We had no idea it is an entire city, well for those who didn't require a lot of room or land to make their living, like doctors, lawyers, priests, and nobility; the tradespeople, artisans and farmers lived outside the walls.
Main temple. We got there nice and early, before the crowds. Because it was an overcast day, it wasn't as busy. MacGyver needs to improve his iPhone camera aim methinks! You can see two people waaaay in the background to the left of the pyramid to give you a sense of the immense size of this temple.

Temple of the Warriors

I like that high priest seated cross-legged with his funky headdress. Again, lots of quilt shapes and motifs inspiration.

Another of the 2400+ (studied and known) cenotes. Estimates put their actual number at around 6000. They are holes in the ground, cave-like pools with crystal-clear waters of incredible colours, thanks to being filtered through limestone. They are connected by underground rivers; the Yucatán has no surface rivers! The theory is that these were created by the asteroid that hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. Here is a great article about it all. You betcha I swam in this one, Ik Kil. Altogether I swam and snorkelled in three, but saw many more.

Bougainvillea never gets old. This picture doesn't do justice to this brilliant long hedge of it, the other half of which continues on out the right side of the photo.