Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Green Scraps Box

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's a green scraps box! Squirrel!

I was checking back for the RSC2019 colours, since I am woefully behind, first time in four years of participating that I am this remiss in doing my monthly scraps homework. I was scrolling back in time on Angela's blog soscrappy, and that's when her squirrel bit me!
**Please come back tomorrow for the announcement post for the #30quiltdesigns challenge which I plan to start on March 15. Instagram went whacky today, and I'm waiting on another sponsor, so I couldn't post it today.

I never did write a goals post and a year review post this year, just too much going on in both real life and quilt life. That is not to say that I have no goals for this coming year. Making colour-coded scrap container boxes was one of them, and I'd even started sewing some similar-colours of scraps together improv style as leader/enders. So, when I saw Angela's tutorial for a scrap box, I just had to Drop Everything And Make it. This is known as a DrEAMi! a term I coined a couple of years ago because I am, well, was a lot better of a squirrel chaser; these days I seem to always have to focus on a deadline, sigh. The past couple of days I threw my must-do projects, of which I currently have three, two on my Q1FAL list...ha!! There are actually THREE more that I should be finishing up, so let's be brutally honest and rephrase that:
I currently have five must-do projects on the finish list, four before the end of March and a big one due in April. What did I do since returning from Cuba a few days ago? Tackle them, head down, butt up, like a good little quilter? Nope.

I chased this squirrel for two days. And I
I love it, and it felt SO GOOD. This is a true DrEAMi! my friends. At the risk of sounding all school-marm-ish, something I do from time to time, sorry, but a few people link up projects that they are currently working on, or projects that they finished, which have been an ongoing project over several months. These, I need to tell you, are NOT DrEAMi! projects. 
The lining is from a pack of green fat quarters I got at  Connecting Threads.


If you did, like I did, drop the construction of the quilt backing for your niece that you are supposed to be constructing so you can get her quilt quilted; if you ignored the two cushion covers, and one tabletopper; if you refused to start sewing the next magazine project that is due in April, and did nothing but work on one project with tunnel vision, like I did on this box, well, THAT is a true DrEAMi! If you are this kind of a squirrel-chaser, then I invite you to link up either a blog or Instagram post with the monthly link-up here on my blog on the last Saturday of each month. This month it'll be March 30.

Here are a couple of in-process photos. Angela's tutorial is excellent. Read it carefully though; don't do like I did on the lining and make the box just like you did the outside one; there's a 7" opening you need to have in one side for the turning right side out part!

Slabs done and squared to appropriate size.

Handle attached. I used Aurifil throughout, 50 wt for piecing, and for quilting 28 wt.

The quilted batting.
My Bernina is a GEM with specialty threads. I have never once regretted the purchase (back in 2003) of this girl. That tension is perfection, and I didn't adjust a thing, had 28 weight in the top and 50 weight in the bobbin. I used a regular Schmetz (love) size 80 needle. You can see I quilted a different motif on each of the four sides of the box. You can also see (no airbrushing or enhancing ha) that my Franken-batting slipped a bit and so there are some tiny gaps here and there. I didn't glue baste, just stuck a few pins in here and there, and really, I thought this is just a basket to hold and organize my scraps; it's not a quilt for a contest, so chill.

I certainly did not chill when I went into the library and this is the sight on the wall opposite the main doors that met me:

I may have squealed. Well, I contained myself; it is a library after all. However, I got the best compliment - well I got a few right there - but this was pretty neat: a man was at the desk, saying something about how wonderful the quilts were, and that he needed to bring his wife to see, and was the quilter local? And there I was, so the ladies at the desk said, yes, and turned and looked at me, (my cue) to which I said, "It's me!" It's pretty gratifying to see one's work displayed like this. All the designs are my own but for the pink and turquoise stars, and the fan cushion, which is based on one of Christina Cameli's wedge designs.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: tutorial on soscrappy blog
Size: 7X10X7"
Fabric: various
Lining: Tranquility by Connecting Threads
Batting: Warm n Natural scraps
Quilted: pieced and quilted on my Bernina with Aurifil thread; 50 wt for piecing, and 28 wt for quilting

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  1. The library display is awesome! Congrats! And good for you chasing that squirrel. Deadlines are for dull folks. Once in a while you have to prove you're not like them! (And the little basket was a perfect squirrel to chase!)

  2. Great library display! How nice to talk to someone who was admiring your library display. Love that green basket!!

  3. I'm trying so hard not to chase a squirrel lately. I have a little room to breathe, though, so maybe. If it's a little squirrel. There is a bigger one, arms crossed, toes tapping, standing in the corner of my quilt room. That little scrap box is so pretty in that bright, hopeful green! The quilts in the library made me grin big time, and knowing you got to hear positive comments is the best!

  4. The library display is so beautiful. Of course, folks will stop and gasp at the beauty. Love the scrap box. That is exactly the kind of squirrel-chasing I am going to avoid for now since I am very focused on AG Trinket SAL.

  5. Hi Sandra! I am so thrilled that you shared photos of the library display. You had mentioned it, but I was hoping you would show us. How cool!! Who knows where it just might lead. Hmm, do I need a scraps box?? No, not really but I sure enjoy seeing yours and it looks like it went together really quickly. On second thought, I just may need one of two. I'll go check out the link . . . it might make for a good 3/30 post especially since I'd be copying you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love the library display! How wonderful to have been there to hear that man sounding so impressed with your work (as he should be)! Your scrap box looks fantastic. I've been wanting to make something similar for a while, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. One of these days, lol :)

  7. Your library display looks beautiful and so professional. And I love your green scrap basket. I’ve been wanting to sew some improv blocks in monochromatic colors. Sometime I’ll get to it.

  8. Library display is fabulous and the gentleman's comments were well deserved. I think I will go and see if my local library does something similar and if not suggest it does.

    I'm sure you are aware but the email of the post still doesn't have a link to the reminder of the post. (I hope that makes sense :-) )

  9. Congrats on getting your quilts on display in the library...when did this happen, sorry I have been really remiss in reading since on this big road trip! The green basket is adorable too;)

  10. What fun to see your quilts on display at the library! I love the scrappy pieced scrap baskets - yours is great! I've been wanting to make some of those myself, so I should go check out Angela's tutorial - thanks for the link.

  11. I really need to break down and make some of those scrap bins, too. How nice would my storage shelves look! Thanks for the nudge, Sandra! What fun to have your quilts on display at the library! They look awesome!

  12. You are definitely good at chasing squirrels. And now you have such a fun basket. Score! And what fun to walk in and receive such nice compliments - like being the fly on the wall :)

  13. Well of course you had to chase that squirrel! You are the squirrel enabler so you must chase, too! I love the idea of making scrap bins from scraps. That is so cool that you came upon your quilts when you walked in the library—and then to overhear a comment and to be able to identify yourself—definitely squeal worthy—even out loud!

  14. How wonderful for you and the library patrons. Great grouping. I just started a DrEAMi last night. Should I be knitting on a cowl? Yes. Should I be casting on a toddler sweater? Yes. Did I do either of those things? NO! I started cutting pieces for the Elm Street Hand Pieced QAL that I am sewing by machine. Totally NOT on my list of things to do right now!!! But it will be fun!

  15. Sorry to hear about your squirrel bite, Sandra. Those Crumb panels look like you had some BIG fun with the quilting!! Enjoy your new scrap box.

  16. Love the improv work on the scrappy green fabric basket. what a fun project - sometimes when there is just too much to do, it is kinda nice to just chuck it all to the side and catch your breath. Now you can get back to work on the other projects.

    The library display is wonderful!! What a thrill to hear the man's opinion. I am sure you were filled with pride and satisfaction. :-)

  17. now then. I know we joke about having similar ideas. I have some charm squares I was thinking of making some baskets out of when I sew them together! Except I will get around to it eventually

  18. How exciting to see the library display!! And to get such positive feedback when they didn't even know it was you! Great Squirrel moment, although I did think, from the first photo, (and through not really thinking straight) that you had made yourself a letterbox cover - hehe

  19. Oh. My. Goodness! You have your very own quilt show! In a public place! And not just any public place, the LIBRARY! I squealed out here in Florida, I can't imagine how you controlled yourself in person :)


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