Saturday, June 27, 2020

DrEAMi! #41

This DrEAMi! is out a bit later than usual because I had a DrEAMi! yesterday, and I didn't write up my post until this morning, then had to stop to go practise yoga on Zoom... Did you have a squirrel moment or a Drop Everything And Make it moment this month?

Helen of Word Weaver Art sent me the link to this photo. Tom writes a blog called Piks of the Day, and Stuff. As she said to me, he must be the most patient man to capture some of the photos he does. Check out that link for photos before and after this one. Mesmerizing.
Image by: Piks of the Day and Stuff: Squirrel!

Isn't that really quite beautiful? Squirrels are, both of the furry and of the fabric kind!

Janine at Quilts from the Little House sewed these incredibly painstaking sails for a model ship, the Bluenose II. It was started by her father, and finished by his son, who is Janine's brother, during quarantine, with help for sewing the sails from Janine.
Isn't the entire thing a work of art? It reminds me of a ship, not a model like this at all, that my parents had...wonder what happened to it. I believe I have actually seen the Bluenose II in person. We get a lot of tallships here each year, and they never fail to impress me. The are marvelous, beautiful, otherworldy. I also had the privilege of going for a sail on one on Lake Erie several years ago. And in various Tallships Festivals we've had, or events where Tallships are an attraction, I've gone on many of them while they are moored at dock. Beautiful indeed.

My own DrEAMi was yesterday and took the entire afternoon! I don't know; I've made enough of this pattern you'd think I could whip them off, but for some reason I was not whipping but ripping more than once. These have a pocket for the nose wire in them and I really like that, being a glasses wearing person.

I still have to put in the elastic. So far MacGyver and I have only had one mask that I made and that we just wash after use. I lost my first one somehow between the back door and getting out of the truck in Windsor...I dunno. So I made another, this time with a pocket for a nose wire. I liked it a lot better, helps a lot with glasses fogging up. MacGyver liked the new one of mine better than his! So I decided to make him another, as well as myself, the pink one, both with wires. His is that cool skulls in flames fabric I've had for about four years now, one of several, the black paw prints another, for his quilt that he's patiently waiting for. The third one is for a friend. It's not unevenly shaped; it is flopped over on the nose part.

This mask DrEAMi! interrupted my quilting on the migrating geese RSC quilt, but here's a little update and it's got lots of pink in the photo, so I'll be linking this up at Angela's for the last pink Saturday in June, sniff. I really do love pink. I mean blue, especially turquoise, is my all-time favourite, but pink has brought me lots of joy this month. These four designs are all by Angela Walters from her Shape by Shape books.

There is a mistake here; do you see it? There are two designs in the white triangles, with two different fills. I repeated the figure eights instead of the swirls in one, ugh! I was going to just leave it, but it bugged me just before I fell asleep, so that told me, better make like a frog. So first thing yesterday morning I ripped, then I swirled. I've started the next row of white triangles, this time using two of Natalia's designs from her Let's Stitch a Block a Day 365
This isn't one that I'm using (yet!) but it's similar.

One other pink thing here and a little plug for my Etsy shop, Sandra Jane Quilts, and pattern selling, is my Grace quilt.
It's $10CA, and has sold a few copies this past week, yay. The previous week I donated all the profits from its sales to the GoFundMe for Chantel Moore, the young Indigenous woman who was murdered by police in her own home, when they were supposed to be doing a wellness check. This. HAS. To. Stop. I know we need police, but when I say 'Defund the Police' I mean it, and I mean to take away massive budgets for military-style equipment. Here in Essex County we have four of the safest cities in the top 16 in Canada, LaSalle at #1 and Essex #6, Amherstburg #13 and Kingsville #16; we do not need a tank, even though it was given to us for $1. Nope. Anyhow back to pink, and a little blue, the quilt I made for Gracie, Chantel's little girl who is now motherless:

Anyhow, 20 people have the pattern in their basket! The quilt can be made with a straight edge on the large half heart rather than the broken edge. It's a quilt that speaks to people I think. I also think I need to get some more of my shadow quilts into patterns.  This week maybe even tomorrow, I have another pattern to release, a stars quilt! Just need to write up a post...

Okay! That's my little DrEAMi and some pink stuff; now let's see if any squirrels popped up for you this past month. Link up below. I'm linking up with soscrappy!

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  1. Don't you hate it when you're working on something that you should be able to do in your sleep, and you keep making mistakes? Oh well, you stuck with it and got'em done! I started putting a nose wire in the ones I made, and they definitely work better! Thanks for hosting the link-up, Sandra!

  2. Thanks for sharing your PINK (quilting) progress on Migrating Geese, Sandra! I'm not sure I would have ripped out perfectly good quilting.

  3. The thought of ripping out quilting makes me shudder, but I get it. Sometimes you just gotta do what you need to do. Will be fun to see the pink project in its entirety!

  4. I can hardly wait to see what you do on the rest of the migrating geese. Which mask pattern are you making, I do like the nose wires.

  5. Wonderful quilting in that RSC quilt. Gotta see if I have a squirrel I can toss your way!

  6. Happy to see migrating geese being quilted. That pattern is still on my bucket list. Good luck and can't wait to see the finish.

  7. Your geese are looking finely feathered in their quilting. Um, I mean finely swirled! We've been enjoying lots of large flocks of Canada geese lately and watching the babies grow from fuzzy to gawky to elegant. So I have feathers on the brain :)

  8. My DrEAMi this week was like yours. Masks! Requested by my granddaughter in Phoenix for her SIL and her two littles. The grandma has tested positive for COVID-19. So scary. I whipped them up and mailed them quickly and forgot to take any photos. I had trouble this time with the nose wires. Do you have a link to a pattern or tutorial that might make that process a bit easier?