Monday, June 8, 2020

Centred Pattern Release and You Got This!

I am so pleased to release the quilt pattern for Centred, available as of today in my Etsy shop, Sandra Jane Quilts. I am doubly pleased to present the second version of my pattern, which I have named "You Got This".

This is the quilt I made during my Centred QAL.
It is hard to let this one go, as I love this multi-coloured version so much! However, thanks to a recent story on our local CBC Windsor News, I became aware of Launch Pad Recovery Center and its work with recovering addicts. I am so in awe of people who have chosen to beat their addiction problems which are often, but not always, caused by mental health issues. I love this part of their mandate: "Our holistic approach allows healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit."

The story of one young man, who has been doing really well and whose grandfather took him there, really resonated with me. What also resonated with me were the rooms within the home: they were rather stark and grey. I knew they needed a bright quilt. So I decided one of my H2H quilts would go there. Well, that was Elvira which you can read about by clicking that link. I've since decided, or maybe it is the quilt whispering once again in my ear, that this one needs to go there too.

The flimsy was done almost a month ago. I showed it on Instagram, but I guess I haven't put it here on my blog. Until today.
I quilted it the same way as I did the first one. It was fast and easy. Using the seamlines as my guide, I quilted horizontal lines 1" apart, and did rays emanating from the centre block. Again I just used seams or midpoints of 'logs' as my point at which to aim when I quilted. Oh there is a little FMQ custom quilting within the quilt. Did you notice the ribbon candy across the horizontal white strip?😇

All but the ribbon candy was done with a ruler. I decided to use the lime green thread in the package of three Aurifil threads I got in my first Island Batik box. I just love it! I even used it for the rays in the orange centre, and topstitched the binding down using that same lime green. It's terrific.
So was the after-supper light that highlights the quilting texture. 😍

Here's the back, an airplane print I got from Fat Quarter Shop (no affiliation) a few years ago in their sale section. I had one of my nephews in mind when I bought it, and he did get a pillowcase out of it but there was 1.5 yards left, perfect with just a bit left over for the backing for this quilt. Masculine too.

I retook that photo four times, thinking it was blurred. It is not. It is the airplane print that plays tricks on your eyes. Zoom in. That's how I could convince myself!

I did a scrappy binding using the 5" Stash Builder Strips from Island Batik that I used to construct the entire quilt. All five of the prints, make that chops, because they're batiks, are within the quilt.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Original design
Size: 40 x 40"
Fabric: Island Batik Stash Builder Strips
Backing: as above
Batting: Polyfil's Soft n Crafty 80/20 Cotton/polyester
Quilted: on Avril; 26 810 stitches
Threads: pieced with various threads on my Bernina; quilted with Aurifil 50 wt; The Bottom Line in the bobbin

So this makes four quilts for Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Hands2Help. I am so glad she lets us donate quilts within our own community when we see a need. Launch Pad does not ask for quilts, but when I called last week to find out if they'd be open to it and how to go about it, the secretary was really really excited about it. I'm meeting her this coming Friday to hand them over. I asked that the person they give them to gets to keep it forever and she said absolutely. I'm hoping one of the two I give them will go to that young man.

1. Smooches - donated to Windsor Sexual Assault Centre, designated for a child
2. Smooches 2 - donated to Kyra, a nurse working in Detroit Medical Center Hospital
3. Elvira - donated to Launch Pad Recovery Center
4. You Got This! - donated to Launch Pad Recovery Center

Thank you so very much to Sarah for all the hard work she puts in, enabling each of us, including her, to give back to our communities.

I'll be linking up with my own parade, ha! This was my fourth annual QAL, which started on my birthday, April 3, and will end on my father's birthday, the 'famous Canadian' that he was, June 15. He would love how 'famous' he has become! That is the day the parade of finished quilts will start and run for a week. So technically if you feel bitten by the Centred squirrel, it's not too late to join in, as the quilt sews up super-quick, and can be made entirely of 2.5" strips. There are lots of great prizes to win as well! As with other quilt-alongs, the instructions will remain here on the blog, but there is now a PDF pattern, tech-edited by the lovely Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl, available as of today in my Etsy shop.

It's on sale until June 15 for just $8CA.

Linking up
mmmquilts for the Centred QAL

Note: I've used the new blogger platform to write this post. It isn't very difficult to navigate, but there are several very annoying things I hope they fix. More another time.


  1. I too hope that young man gets your quilt it is stunning with that orange centre!

  2. That airplane print does make it look blurred. Interesting.
    The quilt looks great and the quilting accentuates it nicely.

  3. Both of your quilts are beautiful - each sending a different message - love the quilting!

  4. Love this version! That bright center, especially, is just so fun. I really like the variation of two different blocks in the corners. I hope that the young man you read about ends up with one of your beautiful quilts.

  5. Nice finish, Sandra. You know I like that bright center!

  6. Congratulations on the pattern release and thank you for your big heart and donations.

  7. Hi Sandra! Beautiful job on this second quilt and big congrats on getting your pattern complete. Yay you! I'm proud of you. This second quilt strikes me a bit as coming out of the darker addiction and into the lighter, eyes-open and cloud-free new way of life. I am certain that someone from Launch Pad will really appreciate this quilt so much. It's so thoughtful of you to share it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I suppose I better get crackin' on quilting my Centred quilt. Just not very motivated on doing anything these days. And now we have two more days of 90 degrees on the horizon which makes working in my studio impossible (no AC). Your second version is as good as the first.

  9. Congratulations, Sandra. That is a beautiful quilt and I can only imagine how appreciative some young man will be to have something so lovely to bring hope and cheer. Your pattern WAS super easy to sew and the quilt along was wonderful. I'm pleased for you that your pattern is up on the Etsy site.

  10. I do like this version & so glad you've run this quiltalong. I love the "hero" shots & havebeen sussing out various places to do mine, now that we have a slight lifting of restrictions. Can't wait to see the other Centred quilts on the 15th. Thanks, take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

  11. I love how your pattern looks in all these different colors! It really makes the reds of the center square burn brightly. That radiating lines quilting doesn't hurt, either! And I love thinking about it greeting a man who is facing some really hard work to beat his addiction. A bit of soft, easy and safe comfort for him!

  12. Seeing your post spurred on to make the backing for my Centred top. Must get it moving toward quilting! Your newest version with the contrasting center is beautiful!

  13. Congrats on another pattern and a wonderful finish! My quilts were mailed today for H2H but there's a story, we hope it will all work out. Trying to figure out if I will quilt on not; not sure I have my backing (although the binding is ready)!

  14. Another lovely quilt for Hands2Help, Sandra! Congrats on the release of your Centered pattern, as well.

  15. I like this version. Congrats on the pattern release. It's an awesome pattern.

  16. It's stunning. The quilting looks totally transforms it.

  17. I have loved every single one of your Centered quilts - but I think this one is my favourite!
    it's a great pattern!

  18. Addiction is certainly not an easy thing and takes a lot of courage to admit and then get help and finally recover. This beautiful quilt will not only brighten the person day but might serve as an anchor in the future. Well Done, Sandra!!