Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Cat Mats Installment 2 of 3, Centred Winners and a Coupon Code!

Another item on my Q2FAL list is to make a (ahem) rather long overdue cat mat for Harper, my grand-cat. I am happy to report it is now done.
This fabric was given to me a few years ago, so it's high time to get it off the shelf and into use. It was a panel, Cat-I-Tude by Ann Lauer for Benartex. I debated on putting two of the cats on the front but it would have been rather large then, so I decided to have a reversible mat, and use one cat on the front and one on the back. Harper is a girl, and Dayna likes pink, so pink is the 'right' side. I simply added some pink strips to the sides and purple strips, left over from Dayna's graduation from university quilt, Shoot for the Moon, to the top and bottom to make a rectangle approximately 13" x 19".

Here is the back:
More purple left over from her grad quilt, and the multi-colour border that is along the panel edge at the top and bottom made the purple cat side into a rectangle. All I did for quilting in the centre was go around the pink cat's raised tail, down her back and across the top of her head. It was simply to hold in place the layers of batting beneath. I like the echo of that tail on the purple side. Another two lines of quilting went on the inside of the rolls.

Strips that are in my 'scraps for stuffing cat mats' bag got layered onto a small square of batting and then quilted through to hold them together. Further quilting was the tail and back on the mat after stuffing this inside.

Within the two 'rolls' that are the sides of the mat are fabric scraps, those that are too small to use. Bella actually hit upon this design when I was making the cats mat for my friend Linda's cats, that would match her Cat-Eye-doscope quilt. You'll see more of those cat mats and their owners in the third installment of these three posts.

I disturbed Bella (I know! The cheek!) from her morning nap on my sewing chair where she is actually using a mat I made her. She and I fight over this chair all day long, so I gave up, put her cat mat on it, and use a second chair I have, which yep, she will still lie on from time to time even though she's got the good chair. Cats. They certainly do have attitude.
Said attitude is glaringly apparent here. How dare I disturb her?

It didn't take more than a few minutes if that after the above photo for her to think, "Wow, double mats? And this kind with the pillow-roll head (or shoulder or arm) rest? Sweet!"

When she isn't looking, I'll hide it and put it on the pile for Dayna for whenever the border does re-open that I can take her her stuff. Shhh.

In the meantime, Harper is relegated to lounging/sleeping on my quilt that got mailed back to Dayna a couple of weeks ago.
The pattern for this quilt will be released at the end of this week! I'm very excited, as it's another 'Sandra' style pattern. Yep, those are stars.

The other part of this post is to announce the winners in my Centred QAL, and to offer up a special coupon code to my readers from one of my long-time sponsors, Canuck Quilter Designs.

15% off your purchase with code: MMM2020

This code is good through June 30, so you've got one entire week! She has some really beautiful designs, so be sure to check her out!

Here are the sponsors.

There were 18 participants, counting me. I did make a second quilt and quilted along. That is fabulous, and thank you to all of you for giving your time to do this with me. Note that I am not in the running or prizes! The quilts are so beautiful. The parade post is here, in case you missed it. The pattern is available here in my Etsy shop

And the winners, with links to their quilt, are:

1. Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics: $35 gift certificate: Kathleen 
2. Mad About Patchwork: $25 gift certificate: Jean 
3. Canuck Quilter Designs: one free PDF pattern: Deb
4. Quilting Jet Girl: two free PDF patterns: Ioleen
5. Devoted Quilter: two free PDF patterns: Linda
6. Make Modern: a 6-month subscription to their ezine: Diann
7. Meadow Mist Designs: 2 PDF patterns: Pat
8. Sew Fresh Quilts: $50 gift certificate towards patterns: Rose
9. Stitchin at Home: one free PDF pattern: Jan
10. mmm quilts: one free PDF pattern: Vashudha

Brady was too busy outside playing, as boys his age should be, to draw numbers so I used the random number generator. Hilarious fact: it chose 13 as the #1 winner. 13 is me! It actually picked 13 twice, hahaha. I have or am in the process of emailing the winners! 

Remember to check out Canuck Quilter Designs, above, and take advantage of this 15% off code!


  1. Thanks Sandra and Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl.

    1. My pleasure. I just saw the announcement and will be in touch, Ioleen!

  2. That looks like a great cat bed and I love that it is Bella tested and approved! <3

  3. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again, Sandra! Your cat mats are such neat little projects, too. Bella sure loves them!

  4. Love the cat mat. Congrats to the winners. Thanks for another great QAL.

  5. Beautiful cat mat! I have a niece who has a new kitty, so that would be a very fun way to use up some batting leftovers.

  6. Congrats to the winners! Ahh Bella you sure know how to steal the show err mat.

  7. Another great quilt along, Sandra. Enjoyed it so much. Made pillowcases for my sister for Christmas from the Cat-i-tude line. She loved them. Someday we may have things a little more normal. In the meantime, I'm happy you have this wonderful blog filled with such beauty and love.

  8. Thanks, Sandra. I've already heard from Cheryl. Glad that Bella is breaking in the new mat for Harper.

  9. Thanks Sandra for another fun filled event, and to all the sponsors, we are so fortunate to have this during the covid crisis,. I have had an email from the team at Mad about Patchwork, many thanks.